Now That I’m Dead, are you Satisfied?


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After being told by the crown prince that their engagement was to be annulled, Countess Lorona died.

Some were relieved that they didn’t have to go through the hassle of the engagement being annulled while the others were happy to get what they wanted for a long time. They thought everything would go well, but the impact of Lorona’s death was massive.

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Are You Satisfied With My Death?
Watashi ga shinde manzokudesu ka?
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New kavinh rated it
January 12, 2022
Status: c47
Nothing amazing but a nice short read. The series effectively takes place across 5 days following the death of Lorona. If there's a complaint it's that everything is way too convenient. Some incidents are triggered as a chain reaction to her death but there's others that borders on plot convenience ... more>>

her younger sister conveniently having her life ruined by a caravan crash, the entire plot is initiated entirely by an accident


The characters for the most part are at least more fleshed out then in a typical short story, the Father is actually written fairly well as a narcissist who grieves about his daughter's death only in so much as it affects his reputation. The former fiancee, step mom and younger sister are all at least fleshed out enough that they have personality and conflict with each other. Rather then the stereotypical everyone whose evil getting along and only being affected when someone outside their circle gets revenge.

All in all it's not bad, nothing amazing. And just comes down to everyone happening just being too convenient. But a decent short read none the less. <<less
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Fuchou rated it
December 11, 2021
Status: c48
Ohhh my god, this was so good. This entire novel is a face slapping novel from the get go. At first, they just give us crumbs about who the MC is seeing as she's recently deceased and then there's the people left behind who are either rejoicing, apathetic or mourning. I'm convinced MC is loved by God himself (or the author lol) since she's a very religious and kind person and there are awfully a lot of carriage accidents related to those who wants to harm her and a lot... more>> of coincidences that works in her favor.

It was short and very enjoyable! I mtl-ed it in one sitting.


The MC, Lorona, isn't dead. In fact she didn't even know that she's been declared as one. After the broken engagement, she went to the nursing home since it's the birthday of one of the kids there and she was burning with fever so she had to stay and she sent her maid back. Maid was a b*tch, a noble wannabe, and she wore MC's dress and dyed her hair silver to go to the shantytown and ruin MC's reputation further. She was the body recovered that everyone thought was the MC. MC had been down with fever for five days, and when she woke up, everything was over and everyone has gotten their just desserts.


For the ML

His name is Aslan. I honestly skipped a lot of his POVs since I read the novel to see scum suffer Aslan is the prince of a neighboring Empire and he's a very dedicated man. The whole entire downfall of MC's shitty family and prince can be attributed to his hardwork. In his words: "I wished I kidnapped her so she wouldn't have to die." He does whisk her away to the Empire after they have a heart-to-heart talk though.

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kurisomething rated it
December 4, 2021
Status: c48
This was really well made, or at least that is how Google Translate makes it fee like.

I want to call this a short story with how... simplistic the storyline is. We see a wide range of events occur due to the death of our MC, from her family and its estate, the royal family she was engaged to, and some mercantile company.

First of all, we really don’t get to know our MC, we get her POV like 3-4 times tops. She’s basically described as a beautiful and wise kuudere. Her... more>> family is disfunctional, like, no one in that family is OK in the head. Most of the significant characters are delusional in some style, some of them can grow as characters while others don’t.

There’s an amazing plot twist that is out of the blue but is reasonable at the same time.

She didn’t die, she wasn’t even on the carriage but it was her personal maid dressed as her trying to destroy her honor since getting her engagement broken in public wasn’t bad enough.


There’s also an overarching plot about an inheretance fight between the Empire and it spills into the Kingdom (where MC lives) but while it doesn’t get fully touched, it does get explained. It’s open ended but you have enough information to assume or imagine what will happen. <<less
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tasss rated it
December 11, 2021
Status: 16 (dropped)
I don’t usually write reviews but seeing as there aren’t any about this novel, I decided someone needed to say something.

First of all I would like to make it clear that I only read the mtl, so maybe things were lost in translation but I decided to give this a read and was disappointed.

I was intrigued because of the title. reading tragedies where everyone who wrongs a character suffers after their death is my guilty pleasure.

In this novel however, the characters are not only terrible (personality-wise) but also incredibly unrealistic.... more>> They feel one dimensional and only serve to highlight how pitiful the MC is for being surrounded by awful people. The motivations behind characters are too shallow for them to act out the way they do so it doesn’t make sense either.

Right from the start this novel uses cliches that you can find in every other broken-engagement novel. The cliches aren’t so much of a problem as the writing is though, because let’s be real, we all like a good cliche occasionally... if it’s executed well.

I don’t want to spoil anything so I’ll just leave it at if you’re new to these tropes and like angst you might enjoy this but if you’ve read enough novels with similar plots you’ll find that this one is a waste time

(Took at the look at the fan translation and it’s way better than mtl tho so maybe you guys will be fine) <<less
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All Night
All Night rated it
December 27, 2021
Status: Completed
A short story about a selfless character's death and the resulting repercussions.

Lorona Ruth is a selfless character. She deeply cares about those around her but is stoic in nature bottling her emotions up. This leads to many around her thinking poorly of her until her death, these same people never realized how much she carried on her shoulders. The father sees her as nothing but a trophy he can boast about to his friends, but he never shows her any fatherly love. The step-sister is a white lotus... pretty on... more>> the outside, but rotten on the inside. The same can be said about the shrewish step-mother who only cares about buying precious jewels and gaudy dresses regardless of the cost.


Lorona and the estate accountant both know that he estate finance are failing so Lorona finds a down on his luck business man to assist in improving his business in exchange for a 30% cut of the profits. All this so she can pay for her families reckless spending.


My biggest gripe with the story would be the fact that every character is one-dimensional they have only two states. Their either a**holes or regretful there isn't much range of emotion beyond that. The second would be the pacing of multiple POVs toward the end.


After some events nearing the ending of the story, both the step-mother and step-sister stop appearing. The father continues to appear up till the end, but the other two aren't even mentioned again. So we get a short glimpse of the white lotus feeling regret, but the step-mother never once shows any kind regrets before disappearing.



Lorona Ruth does get her own happy ending though with her childhood prince charming. Yes she didn't actually die.

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Ryuuseiboy1 rated it
December 18, 2021
Status: --
I like go give this 5 stars. This is good one but also have some flaw.

Spoiler :

... more>>

Basically, this is specifically story about how people that wrong MC got just desert. There isn't much cover backstory. Instead it has wide range cover many detail on everyone. Some characters is kinda forced and look unnatural. But the story interested me so I go ahead and read mtl of it

Real spoiler


MC isn't dead. I kinda predicted that but wrong about body that appear to be fake MC. The one really died is mc's personal maid and she is noble wannabe, stealing her master clothes and fake her identity to tried to ruin MC reputation more.


Anyways, good story with some decend buildup. Not many detail because it's short one. -1 for some 1-1.5 dimentional character <<less
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