Notes Exchange History Alteration


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The war with Russia is about to start.

Suddenly, such scribbles were written on the notebook of a present-day Japanese boy. As the boy thought it was a prank, he replied in the notebook as a joke, and as he did so, the other person started writing again.

What the other person wrote in the notebook was that the Russo-Japanese War was currently in progress!

The boy who thought of it as a prank, wrote down the background of the Russo-Japanese War, and thereafter, the other person asked him about the future Japan. Thus, unintentionally started the alteration of history.

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Nihon ga nichirosensou nochi tairiku riken wo baikyakushite itara? ~ Note ga tsunagu rekishi kaihen ~
What if Japan sold its interests after the Russo-Japanese war? ~Notes Exchange History Alteration~
日本が日露戦争後大陸利権を売却していたら? ~ノートが繋ぐ歴史改変~
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10/21/17 Isekai Summon Me! c4
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Nvelist rated it
February 27, 2018
Status: c4
Very sad that this either dropped by the translator or no longer hold interest translating this hidden gem.

Its a great time changing story on onwards on preventing the worst possible war happening on mankind 70 years ago. Where millions died in both sides either a civilians or soldiers. Although such recounting facts from history this changing might ceased in the existence of this modern boy, scurrying details in the notes of someone interacting him in the past before the World Wars. I highly no doubt many alteration would happen.

World Wars... more>> was the point that change mankind forever. Example it lead to an alliance against tyranny, equality in genders, advanced tech and etc. Provided the outcome lead the US effort in rising up from the Great Depression and become a great force the world had ever seen. Hinted also of this alteration not only Japan view but towards countries on the brink of close call such as Russia in the Revolutionary War and Germany impeding path towards conflict in its surrounding sides.

A marvelous novel with history and alteration. <<less
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Silverblood rated it
October 22, 2017
Status: c40
its a story simlar to that of older stories. No physical intervention but rather through communication and intervention. It has multiple pov from that of the MC and his father to that of those in the past. If you are looking for fast paced action packed story this not it. It paced normally while tacking history before it happens.

The story runs un the premise of preventing or circumventing world war and conflicts while trying to lessen the tension world wide from the rise of communism, fasicm and extermination. From world... more>> wars, depression and calamities. While trying to eliviate the life of the otherworld through a semi pacifism effort. While building relationship through trade and alliances rather than fear and force.

i am reading ahead through mtls and I am currently hooked. :) story wise its not action packed and more on history and what iff. But the premise itself is good what happens when most of the past disasters never happened from the rise of hitler to world war 2.

i truly love it but I am sure those who believe in communism and probably hate japanese wont like it :) <<less
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airesten rated it
December 17, 2017
Status: c4
A great novel so far, super-interesting to read. I also thought that the idea behind it is unique and the author did a great job to make the reader engrossed and make it easy on them. A very cool novel in my opinion. I have also had thought about hypothetical situations and if you like back-in-time or second chance novels then you are probably going to love it just as much as I do.
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