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Since his transmigration, he has studied hard and entered Anaheim to design Gundam, do scientific research, study driving and the way of self-marketing. He could be called a great man among time travellers. Until one day, “that” appeared in front of him…

“Idiot, are robots all Gundams?!”

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Narlzes rated it
September 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Unlike usual transmigrator which usually have cheat then gradually stronger then dominate the world or universe.
This protagonist do have cheat but almost all his cheat make him suffer. He don't know his cheat until quite some time in story.

World setting is main U.C. Gundam with other character from series stuff in U.C. Make many of their setting become very wierd. Their story progress change tremendously that even certain character who is not in gundam series evolve in to newtype.

... more>>

Nanali (Code Geass) (


Since Everything is stuff in U.C. Almost every phenomenon have intersection with newtype. Even AT-Field can be explained in newtype based term.

included series

Mainly All U.C. Gundam, Gundam Seed, Gundam OO, Turn A Gundam, Code Geass, Evangalion, Cross Ange. Minor series is not included


if you can accept this quite wierd setting. This novel is very good at distorted emotional drama. Protagonist is not OP in fighting, he is mainly gundam creator and scientific support.

This novel has harem, but is not brainless one.

You could even say that the harem exist to stabilize protagonist insanity


Be warned, almost all Newtype and girl is this series is prone to mental-illness.


Include Protagonist

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LittleBigSnowFlower rated it
November 16, 2021
Status: Completed
Finished this through MTL (kinda regret the choice).

I could say for this is, I guess you could actually see the effort of the author (dunno if it's solely that the author combine it by himself or it's actually from SRW franchise) to mish-mash all the crossovers to one coherent ride of a fanfic novel.

... more>>

What can I say...

I actually love how author portray most of the characters here... Especially the heroines in this regard except for one.

It made them more humane (?), realistic but somewhat darker versions on what I think is on their canon versions.

Damn I love how the author portray Lacus' dynamics in here in the most part of the story... Maybe, it's just me being a lover of tragic heroines, her version really gives a sensible reason to be like that. Though for others it might destroy her canon version, for me it adds weight and humanity to her. Being a politician's daughter seems highlighted on how the author portray her... And her struggle to find her place as she comes in as a homewrecker, she even took the legal wife position CC should have. Sadly she came as an 'actor' for the most part and cannot distinguish their hearts till her dedicated arc later part of the story. Funnily that their positions were reverse when they affirm their first and their last vow.

The worst would be CC I guess? I kinda like her at the start but she got butchered on the latter parts of the story... If Lacus and CC's place got exchanged in their actions on the latter part, I would actually understand. She became Resurrection Version CC without the debilitating regret of reviving someone who does not wanted to be revived at all (funnily enough, the author made a Lelouch of the Ressurection-esque plot with MC near the end part, and it's actually Lacus who pushed through this and not CC LMAO)

Ange is the relief on the trio, and the surprise...

Mineva at the last part, I'm just surprised that she r*ped her most loved father-figure (Char be damned, she'll choose MC all the way)... I guess it's understandable on her part with how 'broken' the MC's harem in her eyes with her being a NT. She sense the suffering of MC the most (and how she sees on the middle part of the story that CC stabs MC and almost kill him), other than Ange, I think she thinks from 'I will protect MC' to 'I'm the only one (with Ange) worthy of the MC'.

Story-wise... It's not jumbled nicely when it added the 00 characters, honestly. The inclusion of Evangelion is really a massive letdown (the author also addressed it but he's too far to go back). The amount of tragic story gets added and added. And the reactions of CC and Lacus on MC coming dying on the latter part is the pure goodness for me.

And the end part... I just don't want to add but I don't know what to feel at the end lol


3.5/5 stars for me, rounded up so 4/5...

Decent start till the mid part... Becomes wayyyyyyyy better at the end with some setbacks and twists. <<less
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bakaemon rated it
May 22, 2022
Status: --
While the novel itself is a fun read, exceptional character realism. Unfortunately, the author's lack of understanding of characters butchered them to the point of unrecognisable. He ruined C.C character, Lacus, Lelouch, etc. The characters are mutated, forged, rewritten until they became different people with the same name with originals.

... more>>

I can't bear to see Lelouch became a weak will man who being threatened by his own sister, and his own sister became a pervert to has twist love for his brother, also being a hidden psychopath is not in line with Nunnally character.



The author clearly didn't have any respect for antagonists of different anime series. He made them ret*rded, has shallower ideology compare to his belove MC. Literally those ret*rds have no resistance to MC's talk to jutsu, which the MC himself didn't know what he is talking about.



While the romance aspect is good, higher level of realism compare to another series, it is really superior in realism because it showed us truthfully how having multiple lovers can ruin everyone's happiness. The MC is a hypocrite who collect waifus like trophies. The fact that his lovers clearly saddened because of it and the MC doesn't even feel sorry for it ever again. I'm sorry. This is outrageous.



It is shown that the author fetish is incest. Multiple lovers appeared in this novel have sexual interested in their sister/brother (some even already crossed the line). One of MC lover is also his daughter from previous transmigration. The author try to justify it by telling that the previous him with him of the present is different person. The truth is still hold that both are from the same existence.

It's f*cked up.


I give this 2 star for the good writing and the plot. The rest can just go burn in hell. <<less
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Asf rated it
January 4, 2022
Status: c223
The title might sounds like a cheap japanese novel.

it being chinese might let you think that its garbage full of fillers.

But its actually a well written novel.

... more>> It has one of the best written harem ive redt as of yet.

Every girl in the harem has their own personality and agenda.

Conflict happens and even when they all love the MC it doesnt meen they get along with each other.

The characters can be said that its this novel universe version of it, but the author do make the effort to make them stay true to their original characters.

This novel can also be considered its own version of super robot wars story.. With its own original character MC.

All in all its a solid novel

People who enjoyed robot animes from the past will enjoyed it more tho. But you can always google anyone on this novel for their background story or appearance as referance. <<less
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SUKEBEPANDA888 rated it
October 18, 2021
Status: C45
It's basically a Gundam fanfiction, though there are some other series included.


Protagonist (whom I assume to be a Mecha otaku in real life) isekai'ed into a mixed up Gundam universe of different timelines (UC, Seed, Seed Destiny, Turn A, 00) with some addition series like Code:Geass and Evangelion. Conveniently, he gots a new identity, deceased parents, and develop himself into one of the smartest Mecha developer and got employed by Anaheim Electronics! (You know, the main Gundam developer in Gundam UC).

I think you will be able to enjoy this... more>> if:

    • You're a fans of Gundam franchise (or at least following the series mentioned above), Code Geass, and perhaps Evangelion, because there are some terms and glossary that only can be understood if you follow the above series (ex: mobile suit, newtype, geass, knightmares, TOKYO-3, terminal dogma, moonlight butterfly, etc.
    • You know the characters involved in above series, so you understand (at certain level) why and how these characters think and act accordingly in this fan fiction universe (ex: I like how the author shows Lacus as a calculative person in more detail compared to her depiction in the original series / Gundam Seed)
    • You don't mind the heroines from original stories got 'stolen' from their original partners by this 'original' protagonist. So far (ch.45) the protagonist already got C.C, and currently on progress of getting Lacus Clyne. Thankfully the protagonist is not some creepy guy who only wants to gets in the female's pants, as he just a guy who really wants to design and ride a very powerful Gundam. He never have any intention to approach any females he knews, in fact he is really wary of the heroines motives when they approached him first (I forgot to mention that the protagonist also the director of Mobile Suit Research in Anaheim Electronics at a very young age, thus catch the attention of C.C and Lacus).

Overal, it's a fun read, if you can just accept that the protagonist is 'the father of Gundam' because he's the one who designed them in this world. <<less
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Skoll028 rated it
October 14, 2021
Status: c42
I've gotta say, so far, once you get past the sci-fi mumbo jumbo, it's actually pretty good. See end for TLDR.

As stated by someone else, this is a fanfic, predominantly based in the Gundam Universe (though the author mashes a bunch of different timelines into this one series, making his own unique timeline), but this is still done pretty well.

Also, as stated before, this doesn't *just* include Gundam Universe (GU for short), as of 42, we have also seen ... more>>

Code Geass, and Neon Genesis Evangelion (though the latter was brought up only 2 or 3 times so far)


The series is a harem, according to the tags, and thus far, candidates are

C.C., Lacus Clyne, and (maybe, kinda hard to tell) Shin Asuka's younger sister (though she seems to be more of a brocon honestly)


For the main character, thus far, they aren't OP, but do have a genius level intellect, and ridiculous reflexes and physical conditioning. To the point they finished college at 9, and were called the father of Gundam by 11. This isn't a spoiler, covered in the first few chapters. The following is a bit of a spoiler about the main character as of chapter 42, and their abilities:

They are not a coordinator, they did a test, and MC is basically akin to a natural born (no alterations) coordinator. They become a NewType a few chapters in. Also gain a Geass ability (though it's undetermined at this point), are immune to other's Geass abilities, and have better marksmanship than some other ACE level pilots. Other skills in fighting are worse than ACE level, prolly elite Mook at best. ACE level are those like Char "Red makes me go zoooom" Aznable, Kira Yamato, Athrun Zala, Shin Asuka (you get the idea)

At this point, MC can fight, but he's more a thinker and builder than a fighter.

Regarding MC future knowledge cheats: it's there, but since the author made the series a medley of GU and a few others (like SEED, SEED destiny, Turn A, etc.), the MC has a hard time predicting certain courses of events.

Plot armor is there, but not like, "I need this one ingredient, lemme walk out the door, oh look, there's my ingredient!" Well, there was this one time... but I won't count that.

TLDR: Fanfic of Gundam Universe (a bunch of timelines in one), and a few others. Harem. Intelligent protagonist. Well written, but has typical Gundam level drama. Good job translator picking this one. I would strongly recommend searching the different Fandom wiki whenever a new character appears, both for pics, and to ensure you get the spelling. But that's a minor complaint, as I google all the names anyways. <<less
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Sion rated it
May 12, 2022
Status: c238
Great novel, one of my favorites in a long time.

Some of you won't like the fact that it's a harem, but unlike the usual generic harem, every heroine in this novel has a lot of depth, and even until the end, they are important for the story.

The world-building is awesome. The author used parts of several famous Gundam stories and mixed them together in a great way, creating a nice plot that surprised me. To be honest, I was not expecting such an awesome story when I started reading, but... more>> quickly, I was charmed by the characters.

The only bad thing is that the translation could have been better, but it's readable, though sometimes it breaks the immersion.

If you like sci-fi, Gundams, and action stories, then this novel is for you. Don't miss it. <<less
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Triarkdown rated it
May 3, 2022
Status: --
This is basically novel for ppl that think all mechas are gundam after just watching Iron blooded orphans and think barbatos the weakest gundam in all of Gundam series is powerful.

Chars changed entire course of war with mass produced Zaku

Barbatos struggles to kill single ship and a non gundam mecha.
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Archerreborn2 rated it
April 21, 2022
Status: Completed
Great Gundam fanfiction, at first I was put off by how the author mashed together all the different Gundam titles + some other unrelated stuff like Code Geass and Evangelion, but it actually came out pretty well. The author did an amazing job integrating the different power systems and background lore from the other fandoms into something believable.

I really liked the main cast of characters, the author managed to do most of them justice, the OC main character was also well written, with his own character flaws and things that... more>> he isn't good at. For the most part the author did the existing characters justice and I felt they behaved how the actual characters would behave rather than a OC insert with the same name although there were a couple exceptions.


I thought the author had a huge bias against Lelouch, his character was badly done and got walked over by pretty much everyone.


It also has one of the most interesting harems, if you're tired of generic harem trope where everyone gets along this is for you. Half of the problems of the story stem from the main characters harem and it takes a lot of work and effort in the part of the MC to get everyone to get along.


Lacus literally almost ends the human race by trying to turn everyone into LCL

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Draakon rated it
October 21, 2021
Status: c8
Doesn't seems to be a bad fic (and this is crossover-fusion fic), but surely looks machine translated. And even if translation seems to be more "intelligent" that is common in such cases it's still awfully wrong. Often translation is far in the meaning from the original and sometimes even character names are translated differently in the same chapter.

Frankly, no point to bother with this because there is better fic in the setting and even more among some parts of the setting which went into fusion what are written on english.
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Magicflier rated it
July 12, 2022
Status: Completed
Story mainly focus on mashing sci-fi worlds that are based from

... more>>

Various Gundam series, Code Geass, Evangelion, Cross Ange, some glimpses of Full Metal Panic, and other animes that have giant robots for battles and war.


So if you are a fan of these titles above, you might like it.

As a fanfiction, its quite enjoyable. There are a number of great twists and turns. However, I didn't like how the characters were depicted for the sake of introducing new story drama to unfold. I also didn't like how the novel ended. There were still so many more the story could have fleshed out, as the current ending felt undeserving. <<less
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FINN rated it
October 3, 2021
Status: c31
Seems good fanfics story about mecha or robots that using banprosta-something and not many that write something about mix mecha story mainly gundam, code geass, evangelion and many more.

If you read many mecha story novel that has been made by Chinese authors many has take the foundation from armored core robots, front mission robots and many more, but there is very rare authors who taking super robot wars as fanfics that started from gundam UC era and then being mixed with another robots like code geass, gundam seed, evangelion, and... more>> so on. <<less
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