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I knew the first time I saw you.

I want to ruin you, I want to dirty your body.

I want you to stay with me for the rest of your life. Only such a deep clamoring dark desire can be called love.

The so-called wishing you happiness and wishing you find your lover are all bullshit. I just want to possess you this entire life, I’m even jealous of the rain that falls on you.

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Seikai rated it
August 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Wow... Well, uh, don't expect a fluffy cute romance here. This one is DARK. It is unapologetically a hardcore hentai style story, so if you aren't into that, do not read this. Some of the s*x scenes (especially later on in the story) appealed to my fetishes and were pretty hot in my opinion. But a lot of them... Uh... the author has some pretty strange tastes (and weird understanding of health and sex). Like ... more>>

I am so not into the whole peeing in her then plugging her hole up overnight, like wtf author? And how does she not have permanent health side effects from this? That's freaking unsanitary and I'm surprised when she goes to the doctor later on, they're just like, "oh some tears, exhausted from too much s*x, no big deal just sleep a bit lol". That's not how any of this works!


For those of you who can put up with a hardcore messed up "romance" storyline, it DOES get better. Sort of. Slightly. In a very messed up way.

The ML is "in love" with her in the most messed up, yandere way possible. I thought he wasn't at first, but the story makes it pretty clear that, according to his definition, he's in love with her. The story tries to explain that he's most violent when he doesn't take his medication, as he has a mental illness (who'd have thought, right?). So the main character eventually uses s*x and manipulation (she calls it the carrot and stick method) to get him to keep his mental illness in check a bit, by giving or withholding s*x. I liked the parts where the situation flipped and SHE was in control, teasing him and abusing him. Turns out he's also a bit of an M. I also know it's horrible, but I'm messed up and love possessive yanderes, but I found the ending sweet in a messed up way. He managed to impregnate her (because he wanted to pin her down with a kid), and they have a son. The son is also a nasty yandere kid that is possessive over his sweet mommy, and his dad kicks himself for trying so hard to impregnate her only for the kid to be a mini him that makes his life miserable!


All in all, I liked it. But I know my tastes are pretty messed up. <<less
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emi.ying rated it
May 29, 2020
Status: c16
This novel has broadened my views... On just everything

So I read the raws... oML (~_~;)

bruh I feel like I want to puke. He pissed in her and plugged her up, and I'm pretty sure he made her drink his piss... Poor FL. The chapters are so early and he's doing some disgusting shit

He is also injecting stuff into her ti*s so he could drink her breast milk?!?!?I don't know if it water or medicine, but it made her lactate?!?

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crimsoniv0j rated it
May 21, 2020
Status: c2
This is indeed dark smut. I want to see how the guy ended up.

It's not for the weak hearted people. I love this, I'm expecting a whirlwind twist on how the author is going to redeem this kind of psycho guy.

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Omo omoo sesangeee
Omo omoo sesangeee rated it
October 20, 2020
Status: c11
Have you ever read isekai where the heroine transferred to a 18+ novel and try to avoid bad ending. This is that bad ending.

From what Ive read so far, the MC could be summarised as "boom, boom, boom, boom! I want you in my room, let's spend the night together, from now until forever".

And the heroine would be like 😭😱🤕😷🤒🤮🥴🥵🥀
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Mononichu rated it
May 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Yes this is super dark... it's not like cute dark anymore it's full out r*pe. But if you're into hentai plots and master servant relationships go for it Heheh??
... more>>

I kid you not he literally peed in her c*nt then forces her to call him master and cums so much that MC's stomach bulges like a pregnant woman =_=


oh and if you wanna know how it ends :)))


she did gat help you guys horray but they also got together cause idk stock home syndrome?? =_= I mean The plots literally hentai in written form

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hobbes rated it
July 25, 2021
Status: --
This is very dark novel. If you are weak hearted then dont read it. Unlike me, being weak hearted I read it and stopped in the middle. There is no romance in this. The ML is a complete pyscho. He needs help and has to be locked up.

This is what made me feel the horror and stop reading.

... more>>

When she escapes she goes to the police station first but when they ask what happened she will run away from there. Then she meets her friend and asks him to let her live with him for a few days. But he calls the ML as his house is closer and he comes and hits and kicks the FL in front of his friend. The FL doesnt ask for help from her friend. SHE ALLOWS HIM TO TAKE HIM BACK TO HIS PLACE.

He pulls her back and break her ankles and she will be bleeding heavily to which he blames her again and keeps asking her why she is bleeding and asks her to stop. I was so waiting for the police to come and arrest him or get killed, though it dint happen. HER FRIEND after seeing the ML behaving like that with the FL DOES NOTHING. If it were me, I would have reported this to the police.


I skipped to the ending to check what happens to them. Below is the ending


They get a happy ending. They marry and have a son. Guess what? The son will be 6 and already having a serial killer and psychotic tendencies. He will be killing the butterflies because they DONT look beautiful. He will also be ACTING like a helpless child in front of his mother but will be the total opposite. AT AGE SIX.

The ML will be the same psycho though he will stop his violence habits after getting released from the hospital. He will HATE HIS SON for taking all the attention from her. He also tells her that she is giving her son a lot of attention and thats making him KILL HIS SON. And HE WAS SERIOUS when he said that.

I have a no idea how the FL can accept him, if it were me, I would have probably killed him. He beats her all the time when she will be kidnapped by him and locked up in his house. He will tie a dog collar to her neck and make her crawl like an animal and drink his urine and s**en. He also flogs her. He doesn't give her food to eat except his s**en and urine. He breaks her bones also. I have no idea of how she can accept him. I guess she gets Stockholm syndrome after being locked up by him.

Anyways I am glad he ATLEAST STOPPED HIS VIOLENT HABITS at the end.


If you ignore the content of the novel, the author does a good job of the story flow. Thats why I am giving two stars.

Its going to take a few days for me to get this novel out of my head. I am off to read some fluff now. <<less
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ishrocks18 rated it
August 8, 2020
Status: --


... more>>

The novel has tags of male yandere, obsessive love but I don't think he even likes her. He just wants her to be his exclusive on**ole. He believes his purpose of life is to f*ck her till death. He r*pes her, forced her to say that it feels good and still call her sl*t. Even after ***, he blocked her entrance with a wine stopper and also slapped her belly which looked like a pregnant lady belly.

I have read Smuts with more dark plot than this but what I don't like the most was that he treat her like a s*x toy which clearly indicates he does not love her. Other novels ML has atleast a reason for there behaviour, or they think it's the way to obtain there love or the MC also enjoys it. The tag clearly indicates that it's Stockholm syndrome novel even though I have not read the whole novel.

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leisueeee rated it
August 9, 2021
Status: Completed
First of all if you are here just for some smut, better get your ass off here.

Like all the reviews had said this one is extremely dark and triggering. Honestly, when I first read this one I was so shocked and triggered that I'm literally flowing with mu*derous intent and madness for the whole month. It's that extreme. You will feel anguish and fright for the main characters that if this happen in real life, you might as well choose violence as an answer.

Anyways, I reread this book... more>> for more than a dozen of times. Why? It was simple written freakishly good in which most of the characters, especially the FL, had accurate reactions towards their roles. The FL's reactions were just so rational

in which she was just pushed to point of madness by the abuse and would definitely choose violence but at the same time helpless, due to the repeatedly failed escape attempts that resulted to severe punishment s

and the ending was just so satisfying.

This has no romance and just pure... psychopathy. This also opened a new horizon for me that escalates me to the depts of hell.

The story is written objectly good and even though it seems like it doesn't follows rationality, it does (in terms of the human reactions a person will feel in that kind of situation). I also like how the author seemingly didn't put any reedemable characteristics to the ML and just made him as a pure pshychopath with a literally twisted mind.

And most importantly of all, the smut scenes were finely detailed. It has a good dynamic of dialouge and descriptions in the smut scenes that made it tolerable. Actually I think it's good, it is extremely good, but that is in the question of preferences.

I also love how the author and translators put warning signs (I MTLed it and it does have author's notes in pages that seems extreme) that calm my nerves whenever I felt the urged to kill.

Even though I consider this book as a smut favorite, I will never, or even try, to recommend this to sane people.

Read at your own risk. This book is a hazard. <<less
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February 2, 2021
Status: Completed
This is absolutely one of a kind absurd smut novels I've ever seen.

Author probably never experience the true bd*m and learn health problems when it comes to this stuff. What they're doing right now can 100% get them have cancer and extremely unhealthy hygiene! Especially if you had acid/pee with some milk in it, it's literally bad. In short, they will probably die years later depending on one's health. Gosh, I was so shocked that my phone fell down when I watch that part.

I like yandere characters, but this one... more>> is not one. This is a psychopath coming out of dirty lust. I like the ending though, it's much more nicer than previous chapters.
And lord, have mercy on my soul, and save those innocently weak lambs who came here unintentionally for fear that it will traumatized them. <<less
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Yuri1993 rated it
December 9, 2020
Status: c1
BE WARNED! VERY DARK STORY. My comments below contain some DARK spoilers!!!

- ML peed in the FL's mouth.

- ML peed in the FL's c*nt and used a cork to make certain that the pee won't leak out from there. Yes, the pee was stucked down there.

... more>> - ML used a wine bottle stopped so that his s**en won't leak and to make certain that he would impregnate her. He let her released it after a few hours just to make the FL eat that very s**en!

I love yandere guys but the ML is not your ordinary yandere guy, this one is a real psycho. This story has the most twisted ML that I've ever read. After reading some spoilers, I don't think I can continue with this, their relationship won't get any better. I'm dropping this. The story telling is good though. <<less
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linab rated it
August 15, 2020
Status: c107
is a dark, cruel and terrible novel.

I only read the first four chapters and the last three. This novel surpassed me


In the end, they not only have a son, but you can see that he is just as cruel as him. FL seems like in the end she never loves him, she just can't escape him.

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spchntrt rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: --
wow.. What a rollercoaster. Definitely agree with the others, that this is not for the weak-hearted. Also, you need to have an open mind when reading this, because it's disturbing and pitiful at the same time. Wont recommend this to anyone. Unless you like sadism and other weird kinks, then this is for you.
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Novelana rated it
August 28, 2022
Status: Completed
Wow, that was long.

Warning Warning Warning Warning

For heavy dark taste readers only

Smut- 10/10



Didn't like it much. Even though I like these kind of smut novel. I guess all the characters are just depressing.

The ML background is uhm.... okay? Well, the author did try his best to assure why the ML is like that (lunatic)

Happy ending? Yes, I guess?

(Btw, I was the one who found the NATLASD image)
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stella.novels rated it
May 2, 2022
Status: Completed
You can see the summary through others comments so i'll skip. I'll just wanted to say that even though it's a 'HE' she isnt happy. She just learned to put up with it. Also, 5 star because im into perv shxt and this is it. It's good written if you look just the meat. Also also, the author is disgusting. All their works are like this and THE THING I HATE are her personal thoughts. She said when someone asked why she wrote those thing 'this is what society made... more>> and there are people in this position. Dont blame me, blame the society.' the words arent exactly but the meaning is the same... Blame society not them?? Its clearly she IS part of society. I pray that everybody realize this problem and not be blind and say that they are not part of it. Even I who hates rapist and all are part of society who reads this messed up things. I may be a disgusting human but at least I aknowledge it. <<less
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ANGST-please rated it
May 20, 2021
Status: c17
don't get me wrong. I like f*ck up angst novel. I love the passionate "beautiful toxic love" on fiction. I read ton more book that are way more f*ck up than this. but this- uh- idk... the ML is weird. some scene are disgusting and--weird. my low rating is basicly because this is just not my taste. not because this novel are bad. i'll give it 3/5 if this fit my taste.

(spoiler) there's a part on this novel where drinking pee... involve. I don't understand... do some people into... more>> this-- pee--stuff. like why... <<less
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TheBlood rated it
August 27, 2020
Status: Completed
Read to the end, read only if you literally want torture p*rn, r*pe and any other horrible things you can imagine in a hentai and you have this novel.

Not gonna lie, this story gonna scar you and make you abstain from smut for a while
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yyuuppoo rated it
November 25, 2021
Status: c107
I finished it all and... there's 0 romance. ML is so f in the head it's crazy.

The MC kinda just accepts her fate. I am surprised she stayed ALIVE even.

The ML's family and people around him are just as bad as him.

ABSURD NOVEL with pretty good smut if you like torture p*rn.

*Bad representation of BD*M
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June 28, 2021
Status: Completed
Tbh I was really scared but I dont think this is for ppl who cant handle it so I wouldnt recommend it for weak hearted so yeah....I was shocked and it wasnt my cup of tea but I think other people liked it so im not gonna rate it cuz I think my tastes differ from the author so I cant really get why the author wrote.

All of the stuff in here is fiction so dont even try any of these things in here the translator I think left a... more>> note saying the same thing so please dont try this to anyone and dont do this to yourself. If youre in a relationship like this call 911 aand get help immediately. <<less
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March 3, 2021
Status: --
its just a girl getting r*ped and tortured, and the way he tortures her is dogsh*t btw

and I cant even call it r*pe when the girl did not even try to escape lol? She had a lot of opportunities but all she did was scream "stop it" and kick in random directions

not even that realistic as well, my dude be yelling so much his throat goes sore but nobody hearing him

... more>> this novel is by no means "BE WARNED! VERY DARK STORY" type sh*t and barely goes into the dark category

if you're after actually good dark novels go read Pure Love X Insult Complex <<less
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hattypotty rated it
October 5, 2020
Status: c50
A story awfully reminiscent of mlp c*m jars and a certain r*pe case involving four schoolboys and one girl, except that there is only one boy and a few other details I don't want to add or else I'll spoil your sweet experience of reading this story by yourself.

... more>>

The ML seems to only care about satisfying himself and did some I MUST SAY very unhygienic acts and I am shocked that the MC didn't get vaginosis or something worse! He also seems to be ignorant about s*x ed other than watching p*rnography


Other than that I do kind of like a yandere ML but this is too much for germaphobic me <<less
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