Noble Wife Wants No Love


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Xu Xinyi woke up and had obtained a system, the system told her that she was a second female lead who would have a miserable end and that she has 2 choices, to endure all grievances and change for the better, or to walk the same road as the original and become a vicious woman.

She chose the second option.

One day Yi Yang couldn’t tolerate it anymore and, at the end of his patience, he demanded a divorce.

Xu Xinyi’s heart felt ecstatic when he put the divorce agreement in front of her but she looked at her husband with a sorrowful, heartbroken look on her face, then she waited for her husband to sign.

—“Hurry up! Sign quickly! I can finally leave this hellhole!”

But Yi Yang, who could suddenly hear Xu Xinyi’s thoughts, threw away the pen and said, “Not signing.”


Ever since Yi Yang discovered that he could hear Xu Xingyi’s thoughts, he found that while his wife kept kissing up to him and saying she loved him on the outside, in her heart she would laugh at that and think the complete opposite.

She only loved him on the surface.

“Husband, you are so nice, I love you so much ah~!”

—“I won’t have to be with this arrogant man forever, will I? I am really the most pitiful woman in the whole world!”

Yi Yang “Xu Xinyi !!!!!”

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Hào Môn Nữ Phụ Không Muốn Có Tình Yêu
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Ahsa pun
Ahsa pun rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: Completed
I will give 3.5⭐ star out of 5. Its a good read. Both ML and FL are ok. Romance is slow but this novel has so many funny parts. ML is not so bad like some people are complaining. They are saying he doesn't deserve her?? But he is a good husband material in my view. His only negative point is he was little too naive and he didn't know woman could be vicious villain but after listening to mc's inner dialogue he changed his view of the world. He... more>> is fully devoted to her and main point is he didn't have mistress or had s*x outside when he was married to MC even if he didn't love her at the beginning. So he may not be the perfect ML but at least he is a good ml.

And my only complain is 2nd ML didn't have his own epilogue while other minor characters had. Other than that I enjoyed the book. <<less
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Kei-Em03 rated it
February 27, 2021
Status: Completed
Haha, loads of laugh. I feel like they are constantly mocking the cliches of novels here and there.

I just have to say. I just love having an MC who's spicy and can stand up for herself fabulously. So inlove with this MC. MC is not some damsel in distress (tho she often act as one, while cursing ML in her head). I love how she will take revenge if she has a grudge. She's petty and childish and also charming in her own unique way.

ML is someone who's quite gullible,... more>> and believe what he sees/hear, but was slapped with reality that not everything is as it seems. He was able to see it all through MC, that people can manipulate him easily. And he was able to understand MC in the most unique way possible.

I love that the author made MC hear ML's thoughts too. So she would be able to hear his sincerity and care for her even more so that before.

I wouldve love for more details on how the 2nd ML's are doing (Jiang Nian & Han Xiao).

There's a lot of plotholes here and there. But you would be able to enjoy this more if you just dont think too much about it.

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thisaintmei rated it
November 18, 2020
Status: Completed
So funny. Love the plot and MC and ML are hilarious. I wish there were better endings for the side characters though.
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MomoCucupiu rated it
September 23, 2020
Status: c37
We could summarize this novel with "the story of a woman who tries in every way to be a manual villainess, but who is actually too good – and too dumb – to behave as real evil and at most makes little rude to people who still deserve it. But it is so astonishing that no one considers her a wicked woman, who knows why"
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Flyingaunicorn rated it
September 21, 2020
Status: Completed
Ohmygoodness!!!! This book was hilarious, I loved it! The MC is so sassy and the ML is such a cutie-okay well, maybe not really- but I enjoyed the book a lot.
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wolikethat rated it
August 13, 2020
Status: c80
Xu Xinyi is the best female protagonist of any novel I have ever read and I have read MANY.

She's smart. She's HILARIOUS. She's ambitious. She's cunning and clever. She is extra and dramatic af. She's has a realistic level of materialism (honestly, it's so unrelatable to me reading these mary sue MCs who don't care AT ALL about money or jewelry or designer clothes... our FL doesn't completely lose her head over these things and she isn't greedy, but she's perfectly fine to accept jewelry when our ML buys it,... more>> but the same way any of us will she does think it's over board when he does things like buying out everything in a designer store --her internal exclamations of 'this rich brat!' are hysterical). She is GENUINELY independent... not the faux independent that crumble and would be consistently up the creek without the ML's help (although he does help her from time to time, it's never with something she couldn't have gotten out of by herself without him... in fact there are a couple of times she solves her problem on her own before he even gets a chance to help her, and also she saves HIM on a couple occasions), but she's also not unrealistically good at every thing and hyper competent.

She has a career that she's good at and dedicated to, to the point where she basically becomes an overbearing CEO in her own right! She's got a best friend and their relationship feels genuinely feels like a pair of adult best friends who work together and not a pair of teenage girls. The two of them actual pass the Bechdel test, which almost NEVER happens in these kinds of novels. She's kind, but not even remotely a push over or someone who wear her heart on her sleeve. She also has a lot of integrity. For all her plans to have lots of boy toys after her divorce, she is very firm about not leading any men on while she's still married. When she finds out that one of the 2nd ML's has feelings for her, she IMMEDIATELY draws a line and puts a polite distance between them. She's also NOT PERFECT. She's grudge holding and petty, she's very proud and reluctant to admit when she's wrong. Good characters have flaws! Basically I absolutely adore her.

Some of the reviews have accused her of treading the ML unfairly but I ABSOLUTELY disagree. The ML deserved everything she put him through, and even he admits that by the end of the story. Yes, she deliberately acted like a villainess to get a divorce, but even before she started her outrageous behavior, the ML completely dismissed her love for her, ignored her existence for two years, and even once kicked her out of the car in the middle of the night and made her walk home. Yes this was an arranged marriage and yes he didn't have any feelings for her, but completely dismissing the existence of the person you're married to is still cruel and unfair. Even if you don't love the other party, if you intend to STAY married to them, then you need to at least treat them with respect and dignity, which is something he failed to do even before MC started her villainess plan. The idea that when she loved him it was fine for him to dismiss her, but now that he loves her she has to reciprocate is ABSURD. Even the ML admits this: "I acted indifferent to my wife for two years. I never bothered to sit down and try to talk to you seriously to try to get along with you. I never cared enough to ask about your life or your work."

All this being said, I LOVE the ML. His reactions to hearing the FL's thoughts are hilarious, as is his own attempts to keep a cool front as he starts to fall for her. His character development is MASTERFUL. I loved him discovering how blind he was to the schemes and white lotus antics of those around him and, as a result, learning to look at people properly and understand them rather than just accepting everything at face value. I love that he's a cold CEO type, but we never get him belittling his employees or treating them as canon fodder for his bad mood. Once he grows and changes, I genuinely end up rooting for him to end up with the FL. Moreover, it's understandable why the FL eventually falls for him!

And it's not because he buys her things or just because he falls in love with her. Its because they have genuine moments of solidarity and bonding and exchanges (there's a hysterical scene where they try to cook a meal together, but it turns out they're both absolutely disastrous at it). And most importantly because he starts to treat her with respect and sincerity. There's a moment when, after pushing to make their relationship public for quite a while (they have been keeping their marriage a secret), the ML has the chance to out it because of a mistake the FL made. Instead the ML goes out of his way to cover it up for the FL. When she asks him why, he tells her it's because he knows she isn't ready to tell the world and he would never EVER disrespect her personal choices. THAT was the moment I fell for him.

All in all, I think it's a great novel about two flawed but phenomenal characters who grow and change and develop a truly equal and loving relationship. <<less
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SpicySugar rated it
August 6, 2020
Status: c21
I feel bad for ML, so I'll give 1 star. It was funny at first, but when I really think about what the MC's doing towards ML, it's really immature of her to do those. She's condemning the ML's for something he hasn't done. He was indifferent, but can you blame him? The MC is acting out the "viscous wife" role, how can you tolerate that type of behavior? Anyway I don't recommend this, but it's up to you if you want to read this
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Dutchess411 rated it
July 9, 2020
Status: Completed

This is among my fave books. It was downright hilarious from start to end. I enjoyed Xu Xinyi's "heart's true thoughts". Tears were running down my face whenever her husband, Yi Yang, hears her true thoughts and feelings. Especially love her scolding Yi Yang as dog man etc.

The ML is not outright a douchebag but he was truly a cold and negligent husband. So I was rooting for them to truly divorce. But it was a lovable twist that he was able to hear what Xu Xinyi was really thinking about. Through this, it helped him to grow and mature, learn to properly discern the true character of the people around him especially his so-called friends.

The book's ML Jiang Huai is actually a better man or comparable to Yi Yang. His edge was that he's able to see clearly what kind of person he's dealing with unlike Yi Yang. I am referring to Xu Weiyin's true character. A really materialistic and greedy woman who would not hesitate to barter her child for money and fame. But as a mother, she was depicted as someone who cares about her child. How true this is, is questionable. His end did not say if Jiang Huai got married and has his own family. What was done was he didn't acknowledge his son with Xu Weiyin since she chose money over family. For him, both blood and family are important.

Jiang Huai's and Jiang Nian's life is pitiful. Their family was destroyed because of a inaccurate DNA report that was done.

Their father Jiang Cheng's actions and behaviors were truly hateful yet understandable. Hateful because he led his company to be so powerful and wealthy and yet was easily led to believe a single DNA Test Report. Which led me to question, was his love for his wife and son real or was it just weak that was easily broken as seen in the novel. Was he so insecure of his wife's love and faithfulness to him that he didn't have a shred of doubt on the result before convicting her of her so-called crime of infidelity? He didn't even give her a chance to defend herself. With the way she was depicted, she's hardly the type to have the courage and audacity to cheat on their marriage. She was sooo gentle and soft-spoken and not a GTB ok?! Their eldest son was 24 at that time... for more than 20 years of marriage it was easily thrown away by him because of a singe DNA Test Report. Did it not occur to him to question the validity and do another test in another hospital? Take a look at Grandpa Yi ok?! He did another test plus another one with the police department just to confirm whether Xi Weiyin's child is really Yi Yang's son.👿🤬

But, Jiang Cheng really got a poetic justice ending. He aged overnight so much after knowing the truth. He lost his willpower to live after knowing that Jiang Nian would never forgive him nor talk to him. He lost his hope to continue to live after the irreversible fact that he can never get back his warm and happy family back since his wronged wife was dead and he never visited her when she was sick nor even during her funeral. His actions lead to irreversible consequences from destroying his complete, warm and happy family, throwing his wife and son out of their home, refusing to help or to allow even Jiang Huai to help them out and eventually condemning them to death. If Xinyi didn't appear in this world, his wife and youngest son would have been long dead before him. Such a bastard. Even if he hates, he shouldn't stop Jiang Huia from being filial as she is his mother to say the least. So truly, his ending is truly poetic justice. At the very least, he was utterly remorseful that his conscience was literally eating himself to death. His ending was the only heartbreaking and tearful episode in this novel. So prepare your box of tissues ok?!🥺

Xu Weiyin's mother character would have been great if not for her ulterior motive to use her son as her ticket to get into the wealthy families. Madam Yi's statement was correct: one would see couples divorcing with the woman fighting for child custody over properties. But Xu Weiyin is willing to give up her son just for her son to enter the Yi Family. This is without the coercion of the Yi Family to make her choose. Good thing though is that the Yi Family is not s*upid and would take the woman and illegitimate child's side over the legal wife without making things clear even in the face of being presented with a DNA Test Report.

Xu Weiyin's child is a bit hateful sorry to say. But can't blame the child as I was thinking this was caused by her teaching. This child would just go around and start aggressively acknowledging a man as his father because his mother said so. So I wonder when he grows up will he find the truth about his conception and birth and why his father, Jiang Huai, refused to acknowledge him? What will he do then? Will he be able to grow up and be like his father or be like his mother? Most likely become like his mother with the way he's acting now. And most likely he will grow up twisted with his mother's teachings. Usually in a plot with children, the child will look for his father but will not actively acknowledge. Instead, the child will always be on the mother's side, protecting his mother, refuses to be with the father and choose to be with his mother. Xu Weiyin's son is quite the opposite.🤬👿

Xiao A system in this book was just placed in a corner by Xu Xuyin... 🐣Hehehehe... the FL just took control of both the system and her life.😁


The translation group has been doing a good job in their translation of this novel. ⭐️👏🏻

Among the author's work, I like this the best.🥰

So read this and you'll not be sorry. You'll just be rolling in laughter though so you're already warned right?! 😈It's a good one to cheer you up!🥰
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crimsoniv0j rated it
June 22, 2020
Status: Completed
Finished reading it in 10hrs and I don't regret it! It's worth it.

I love the MC and ML interactions. It was quiet cliche but the story was delivered well. Former FL got her satisfying end too. I think all the supporting chars got their end if you read carefully, you can read the hints on what happened to them.

Eventually almost all got their H.E except for orig FL, she is too ambitious but the author still implied that orig ML will still give chances to her in the future. He... more>> is the father of her son afterall.

98/100 <<less
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August Moelski
August Moelski rated it
June 20, 2020
Status: c40
I really enjoy reading this one.

I get endless satisfaction form the way in which the two main leads interact. Such perfection!!!

It still feels like the start of the novel though so I am curious how it is going to develop.... (I am not complaining about the development being too slow though. No at all.h if this dynamics continuous on for a while though. Like I have said: Its the best)

... more>>

She just really doesn't give a sh*t about him and he constantly has to hear it. It is the best feeling reading this! So f*cking satisfying hahaha

Why? Well, so far he really and truly deserves it. Her spite, low opinion and indifference towards him are all so damn deserved! Sure he has changed, instead of ignoring her and actively pushing her away he seems a little curious. But going so far as to call him truly affectionate would be a blatant lie. Therefore it still feels so very deserved when she curses him and calls him a low life! XD

Also he is quite the weirdo when you think about it. Sure in the future he might like her but especially the first few months of him being able to hear her thoughts he kept a woman around who he was on the crisp of dicorcing. Who still pisses him off mind you but just in a different way now. f*cking creep hahaha But never has a creep of a main lead spoiled a novel for me pfffff or I wouldn't STILL be reading chinese novels

3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Animefan649 rated it
May 18, 2020
Status: c11
The female lead is soo freaking funny, she's carrying this whole story ?. ML is getting more and more interesting as he's finally showing more personality after being able to read her thoughts and his reactions are just great!

The translation is great and I'm thankful it's picked up again!

Definitely recommended!
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
midnightfantasy rated it
May 6, 2020
Status: Completed
Absolutely love this MC! She's one of my most favorite MC ever!

This MC reminded me a lot of Yu Yaoyao from "Transmigration: Raising The Child of The Male Lead Boss" but instead of latching on to golden thigh, she wants to be the golden thigh and raised hundreds of little fresh meat lol

I really like her personality. Like Yu yaoyao, she is shameless and narcissistic, but smart, witty, and actually pretty cute lol she really has talent on acting and highly confident on her talent. She also strong and straightforward,... more>> she never let herself be bullied, she always attacks at the right time and right place. Even ML has to admit that in this kind of battle, he's not much needed. Her behaviour often creates misunderstandings, but the point is she doesn't care! Lol this MC is really someone who lives for herself and not let anyone interfene with her happiness.

I like how she decisively choose the path of becoming villainess instead of the whitewashing path. I think I could understand why she choose that option tho. She saw from the original plot that her husband is a shallow-minded man who could easily falls for a scheming white lotus. If she wanted to whitewash herself then she should also play as a white lotus while getting rid of ML's bees and butterflies, and still have endure humiliation here and there, it'll surely be stuffy. What's more, there's no guarantee that she'd be happy once she gained his love, hence, divorce is the best choice lol. After all, divorce gives her freedom to choose her own happiness

My impression on ML is not so good at first. After all, he's really walking on the path of a scum if he didn't have the ability to hear MC's mind. But it's still good to see how he improve and slowly understand that seeing is not always believing and thus start to see things from broader perspective. His ability didn't instantly ease his relationship with MC either. He actually only start with curiousity, later he still regrets it and wants to divorce after hearing MC's swearing at him non stop lol.

MC and ML's relationship is interesting tho. They got into petty fights, like a lot. It's amusing how ML use his golden finger to choked MC and block her every way of getting divorce lol. There's not much romantic scene but it's fair to say that their interactions are always amusing. Although I do feel that MC's feelings for ML are a bit abrupt. Like, she changes from a mere interest into love suddenly, but it still okay to this point

There's not much supporting characters but I like how each of them has different stories. But I have to say that oriFL pissed me of so much.

i don't like how she use her son as a chip to gain what she wants. Although she still has some maternal love, but her greed is much bigger. I don't know what would happen to her child on later period, having an ambitious mother like that


This novel didn't have the best ML (although he became affectionate afterwards) but I assure you the MC won't let you down! <<less
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charysa rated it
May 5, 2020
Status: Completed
I loved the humor in the first half of the story. There's a crack filled juxtaposition of the MC's acting versus her inner thoughts, which often leaves the ML speechless because he can't actually yell at her for the things she's thinking. It's also satisfying to see the MC handle her way through the typical female catfight scenarios without ML being her knight in armor, and actually knock some sense into him by shoving his own blind arrogance into his face.

Unfortunately, the second half of the story devolved into the... more>> much more stereotypical CN romance between an entertainment circle actress and her CEO husband. And I also feel like the original novel female protag (who became the antagonist to our MC/ML's romance) got forcibly blackened by the author in order to show off the MC. It's like the narrative just switched the roles of the "female protagonist" and "poisonous female supporting character" between the original story and the current story... which is, eh. <<less
3 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 25, 2021
Status: --
I'm not really a fan of these kinds of story but I think some of the reviews are too much. The FL has the right to be prejudiced towards the ML: a.) he was a scum for 2 years b.) She 'knew' what the outcome would be -- that he'll fall for someone else. It should've already been predestined since it was in a novel and she's only a 2nd female lead. And c.) She knew from the novel how much of a scum he would still be. If, let's... more>> say, I married a scum and I could foresee the future where he'll leave me for another woman, would I still just trust him? After 2 years of a shtty life? Nah. HELL NAH.

I don't really hate the ML. Some of his actions were justifiable. And he's not a scum as a person but as a husband. He mend his ways tho so that's good. I just don't like how ppl are such hypocrites where they just expect the FL to suddenly trust the guy when he just recently tried to fix everything. It doesn't compare to her 2 years of 'suffering' tho (i can't find the right term since she didnt really suffer, but she kind of did as well.) <<less
2 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
May 11, 2021
Status: c25
At first I was really excited about this story, the idea behind it is really interesting. But the MC is a brat and the ML doesn't question why he's hearing voices at all. At the very least I would have asked the MC why she was acting. Even if it was just to verify that I wasn't hearing auditory hallucinations.
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CN_Cyanide rated it
February 21, 2021
Status: c92
Ok! Let me start with the compliments and good points, then i'll open my ranting and criticize the points I found bad or lacking in this story, namely two: The romance setting and the System 'Xiao A'.

So, about the story. We have the same old reincarnation-into-a-novel trope with a system. But as the description states, on the day of their divorce our ML starts to listen to the thoughts in the heart of the FL (its not a spoiler, its chapter 1), and because of that everything he believed was... more>> real starts to crumble, and he decides to take a wait-and-see stance and not divorce her.

Up to 70% of the story, the author mostly focus on comedy, introducing some characters to the side and showing us the slow change in perspective of the ML by things he ends up learning that... are not what they seem on surface. But i'll not spoil you, the translation while not the best, is very good and the story is fast paced, so you won't find much fillers. And because I like the characters and the comedic tone, it'll earn a solid 4*.

But, as life is not rainbows and flowers, the reasons that lead one to writte a proper novel review is (1) Hype over the novel, (2) Extreme anger over a nover or (3) a big enough disappointment over a well-liked novel.

And this review is based on number (3).

Let's talk first about Xiao A.


Xiao A is the system, which offers our FL a second chance to live as Xu xinyi, a vilainess from a book she most likely read in her previous life (since she knows the plot from the POV of a reader). At the start, it gives her 2 options (if you read til the end, you actually understand that she never had an option to begin with. She only had the choice to have a HE with the ML no matter what choice she made, but at least in the second choice she doesn't need to abuse herself too much, it all came a bit more natural), to choose on how she should proceed to live her life, and although it barely has any lines during the course of the novel, the restrictions the system imposed on her on "acting in love" and "staying in character" even in front of strangers was the culprit behind all the misunderstandings from people around her. And you can see it specially on the Second Male leads, Han Xiao and Jiang Nian. I would like to include some parts of the translated text as to prove my point:

"“My mother was a woman who never had an independent thought. (...) When she loved a man she would only have him in her heart. Her whole life would revolve around him. She gave birth to two sons for the man in her heart, but that man said he didn’t want her and she ate nothing but hardships for decades. I really can’t understand the thinking of a person who likes someone so much that it’s impossible to live without them.”

This is a line spoken by Jiang Nian, over our FL defending her love for ML, even though it doesn't look like they love each other very much. And that's not her real personality, but what she is forced to be. And in the mind of others either she is naive or pitiful.

One may argue that the system was not very strict, there were times when she broke character and we saw no repercussions. But for such a unnecessary thing that was this system, might as well use the "last wish of the departed soul" trope, instead.


Now, I want to talk about the romance. But let's first establish some facts about both the ML and FL, their personalities (as the novel told us explicitly and implicitly) and also about how they should view each other outside the narrative as we, readers, are able to pry into.

First, the FL:

  • We don't know much of her previous life. We can only guess that she was probably single (the way she assumes things or talk about her purity, the reader can perceive her lack of experience in love matters), about the age of the body she was reincarnated too (not much older or younger) and that she read the novel she was reincarnated into. -> These are, of course, assumptions, since they are not explicitly told.
  • Next, she was reincarnated in this world the day after her wedding with Yi Yang. And so, they didn't live together enough for the previous Xu Xinyi make her newlywed husband dislike her so much, therefore this novel cannot make an excuse about why he's such a dck towards her.
  • She is strong, capable and very resilient (she gets angry about things, but they don't cause flutuations enough to make her sick). Her moral compass is also specially strong. You can see how she never ever bullies people who don't deserve what they get. And sometimes she even acts harshly but with good intentions towards the other part (you can see for example, with Xie Chi's situation and also when she refuses to use the original FL's child to solve the Xu Weiyin problem).
  • And another aspect I prize: independent. Even if she complains of Yiyang, she is always solving her problems on her own and is not very keen on the "dying for love" part (and this will play a big role on why I think the romance is rushed and forced in this story).
  • And last, but not least. She isn't isolated in society. She has a very good friend: Anya, and is also very capable of making friendships on her own.

Now the ML:

  • Most of the childhood aspects we can see in Qin Yan's arc (i'll call it that xD), when he thinks about his childhood and we get to learn: He grew amongst rich kids, and they had a normal life. They played and enjoyed everything. His family was also complete and appearantly not abusive or disfunctional. Its normal for a person inside a buble to be more arrogant and self-centered.
  • Later on, his father died, his grandfather was sick and he took the burden in his shoulders. So I can assume that he probably skipped his rebellious phase and matured too fast (and this might have influenced his anger towards the arranged wedding with the FL).
  • He is now the boss of his company, powerful and in control of things. But his wedding is something imposed by his grandfather. So yes, although I do not agree with his attitude and I think he is still a dck, I understand his point and I don't hate him.
  • He is not a bad person. He has a strong personality and is not used to express himself. If he was more open and talked more... but well, novels and their plots....

Now, about how I think they see each other from how the scenes are described:

  • The ML is able to read FL's thoughts, so he sees the difference between her warm spring-like outside and her inner storm-like thoughts. So we get it, we understand how he came to develop his feelings. Its not a random "love at first sight" trope.
  • The FL, always see this stoic, cold and distant man that at first held her under his contempt, but later started out of nowhere doing things for her. But most of the time, he looks passive and indifferent. -> If not for those 2 years of distance and the blalant contempt in the beginning of the novel, one could argue she is "Cold in the outside, warm in the inside" type of guy. But the novel makes it clear. This is not the case.
  • In the last chapters our view from FL side of things changes as ML is pursuing her and being more open about what he wants from her. And, in my opinion... that is supposed to be the part where the FL should start changing her opinions or being more open towards accepting him in her life (not romantically, but at least as a friend or a potential partner).

And lastly, based on all of this construction of personalities and worldview we can say that... maybe they should hvae put the romance not as the "plot" but as the "subplot", and only developed this romance in the extra chapters instead of forcing it to happen in the last chapters.


FFS, look at this line on chapter 76 (near the ending) : "With this time I’m spending on this dinner, I could be reading a script or looking over contracts for the company." - This is our FL when ML invites her to a romantic candle-lit dinner. This is how the romantic plot was yet to be developed by this chapter of the novel.

Her suddenly admiting she loved him all along also goes against her own personality and actions. Our FL won't needlesly torture ML, but she won't just be suddenly ok with his changes. They should have some chapters talking and making proper plans on what they really want for their future, and should she be ok with his courting... then its ok to slowly build up to a happy ending. It is as she says, they owe each other nothing. He was mostly away during the time of her marriage and she was mostly minding her own business too.... she never suffered because of him before (at least not that much), so I don't see why hate him.

-> And for those who hate him because of the original plot in the novel, its nonsense. People change when things around them change. In his world, that past never happened.... and this is not a Revenge Novel.

I'm upset that the author just wrote FL so easily falling for ML. I wanted to see her develop her feelings too!!


But yeah ~ To those that read the ramblings, thanks! <<less
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alliknow rated it
January 13, 2021
Status: Completed
The reviewer earlgreyt refutes many of the criticisms towards the MC and ML, which I generally agree with. But basically, the MC and the ML have understandable motivations/reactions and it's pretty funny, sweet and well-written for the trope.

... more>>

Literally so many spoilers, so be warned.

To address some of the new criticisms about this novel. The MC originally doesn't not want to be married to the ML because in the original plot, he is utter tr*sh. He cheats, he beats her, and then divorces her, all while the original MC loves him. (This is what we are told by MC) Thus, she choses to play up her "viciousness" and purposely tries to incite ML to divorce her.

When the ML first appears, he's overworked. He essentially hasn't seen his wife since they married and all he really knows about her is the gossip that she sends to him and that apparently she fell in love with him at first sight. (At some point it's mentioned that he was uncomfortable with how much she loved him because he knew he could never love her back in the same way.) And finally he's not very good at reading people (or maybe just women).

When he first hears her thoughts, he's very confused. He doesn't understand her excitement to divorce him, which contradicts everything he knows about her. And then she starts giving him all sorts of terrible labels and at that point he's feels wronged. So he postpones the divorce. He's not necessarily trying to spite her, it's a bit of him trying to recollect himself and him being offended. Sure, he's a little childish, and kind of petty, but he quickly begins to see the error of his ways and how she is rightly upset with him. He later goes back and forth between trying to divorce her, but ultimately decides not to after his grandfather (who had initially forced the arranged marriage) gives him permission to divorce because their grandfather realized that they were both miserable. At this point he's realized that his wife is actually a better person than he assumed and actually prefers her to other women who are more manipulative for their own benefit (I might be mixing up the timeline, but basically he decides to try to make it work because he learns to empathize with her and maybe wants to be better for her).

The issue is that while ML is having these revelations, none of this is being conveyed to MC. So she continues to rightly assume the worst of him. She still hopes for divorce, and reads all of his actions in the wrong way. While a previous reviewer considered MC's situation as abusive, I would say that would be a bit hyperbolic. She is being limited by the system which doesn't allow her to ask for divorce, and she is often put in situations where others are trying to embarrass her, but I want to say that pretty normal for the trope. And once he is able to hear her thoughts, he starts supporting her whenever she needs an assist. But because she doesn't expect him to care and support her, she doesn't usually rely on him and she'll mostly tries to figure her own way out. And although yes, she doesn't want to be married to him, and he does know this; it's implied that he believes her issue with their marriage lies in him and his neglect towards her. And while WE know she can't ask for a divorce, HE does not. He doesn't know she was never in love with him and their marriage isn't salvageable (which it did end up being). My point is that she is by no means at the beck and call of his every whim and the ML did not purposely trap her the way we understand he did. Their dynamic is not as unbalanced as it could be (for a CN) and they end up taking turns trying to cause trouble for each other; whenever ML tries to provoke/tease MC, it backfires on himself.

It's around this point where the plot does drag a bit. ML is trying to be better and MC is pretty resistant and says the same terrible things about ML. (Which really did becomes less funny and more frequently sad and frustrating.) However, things do pick back up when the Original FL appears again. And after ML reconfirms multiple times that he doesn't have a relationship with the Original FL, MC eventually realizes that ML has changed and starts warming up to him. And I'll admit this portion probably could have been written better, it seemed like MC's perception of ML was stagnant for too long. But also unlike him, she cannot read his mind and he never communicated with her about it. So I think it's still excusable.

On the MC's personality, she is quite arrogant, prideful, (a tad thirsty) and childish, which doesn't really change, but at the heart she's a kind person, who respects herself and takes her job and their marriage seriously. She's not particularly vindictive, and merely returns whatever energy she receives. Since he never took their marriage seriously, she put in minimal effort as well. But she respects their relationship (even though she desperately wants to find a better relationship with a younger and hotter guy), rescues ML from almost getting date-raped, treats ML's grandfather and mother well, and generally fulfills her role as his wife. She has flaws, but she's not manipulative for her own benefit, and genuinely cares for many of the other characters. So while in the end she never really stops being childish with ML, I believe he finds it endearing.

The ML is less interesting as a character. He definitely learns to respect and empathize with her, but besides that his other quality is being kind of petty. He will occasionally try to provoke her by contradicting how she believes he will react, while also trying to get her in trouble with his grandfather (which basically always backfires.) His character arch (?) basically ends with him trying to learn how to properly love and care for his wife while juggling his work. It's pretty typical, but it's sweet and none of us are here to find super subversive characters anyway. (One last thing in retrospect that does make ML's character more problematic, is the fact that the author never addresses the original plot ML and how terribly he treated the original MC. Because the author never addresses it fully the implication is that they're the same person, and he's just tr*sh that got lucky. But you could also argue that the original FL had a halo, which fell apart because the MC. Basically don't think too much about it.)

I won't really touch on this so much since no one is really bringing it up, but I thought the second and third MLs had really underwhelming plotlines. They don't really clarify why the younger 2nd ML was so obsessed with her or maybe I missed it (I wrote the spoiler and realized why, but it was mentioned so halfheartedly that I forgot).


Apparently in the original plot he would have committed suicide, but in this timeline she gets kicked out of the car by ML (I think she just got married) and they meet. Either I missed it or the author never clarifies what exactly they said to each other. It could be that she reminded her of his dead mother who was in a similar situation. She married 2nd ML's dad, who she loved a lot. And they lived as happy family until he was 16, but for some reason they did a paternity test and it said that 2nd ML and his dad wasn't related. His dad kicked him and his mom out, but it came out later that it was wrong and 2nd ML really was his son. But it was too late and she had died.


The 3rd (?) ML also has some kind of backstory which I think was also kind of complicated, or at least it's implied that it is, but he basically just backs away after learning about MC and ML's relationship and becomes super unimportant. Although MC does have to give him a stern talking to. His assistant actually gets a more interesting plotline than he does, or at least there's a sidestory dedicated to MC's assistant's relationship with him. (Which honestly felt like the most questionable relationship in the novel.) Essentially, there was a lot of build up for the side characters, but not a proportional pay off. And if I'm honest most of the plot points have good set-ups, only to fall apart at the resolution.

I know I was being critical for the bottom portion of this review, but honestly it's pretty well-done for the trope and I enjoyed it. It's not egregiously problematic, the MC is not a Mary-Sue, they have an amusing dynamic, misunderstandings (mostly) don't go on way too long (they could have revealed their relationship to the public earlier) and they grow to love and care for each other.


It might not win any literary awards, but definitely a solid 4.3 for what it was going for. I don't really understand why the reviews have been so divisive. I would kind of get if people were giving it 3's, but a 1 probably means it wasn't their genre/trope. <<less
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narixems rated it
December 24, 2020
Status: Completed
nooo!! my 2nd lead babyyy 。゚ (゚´Д`゚) ゚。I'm literally SOBBING RN. I really enjoyed reading this + the mc's two faced personality was fun hehe. this is basically one of those stories that the male lead realises people aren't what they seem; some who he regarded as close friends are actually scheming while the wife who's stuck "in a unrequited love" for him, and who he has always ignored, secretly hates him.

i do NOT LIKE the female lead; and I like the male lead even lesser. but the story was... more>> enjoyable ig.


But oh my god, the second male lead!!!! when he said something along the lines of "in my years of being involved in the entertainment industry, I have never gotten involved in any scandals, and I don't plan on getting involved. Xu Xinyi, you are a married woman."

okay scratch that, there are TWO 2nd mls and I like both of them better than the real ML LMAO. and the fact that she met one of the 2nd mls because the ML kicked her out of the car really says something. THE MC DOESN'T DESERVE THEM. LIKE JUST W H Y ? WHY THREE PEOPLE FALL FOR THE MC??! AND THEY DONT HAVE A HAPPY ENDING OF THEIR OWN? (i sedly dont remember their names) HAN XIAO (?) AND JIANG NIAN DESERVE THE WORLD.


a better ending would be if she ended up with Han Xiao, and Jiang Nian fell in love w someone else who can make him happy!! (he's a bit too young for the MC ;-;)

and the ML uhh... I have one complain. why didn't he just freaking divorce her?._. <<less
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December 17, 2020
Status: --
So the summary of the novel is that "Your love for me disgusts me and I can't wait to divorce you.

Curse me and hate me..I'll entrap you forever." 🙄

No matter how you sugarcoat it.. this concept is shit. -_-

The ML disliked the fact that he was forced in a relationship... But he had no problem in forcing FL to stay with him.

Girls... if you like these types of toxic guys... go consult a psychiatrist.
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MoniqGin rated it
December 10, 2020
Status: c92
Fun to read, had me cracking up loads. The FL and ML are both likeable... FL has a nice personality... maybe

Thanks for translating, it was fun 🙂
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