No More Prince


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A beautiful princess locked up in a western forest castle and a fire-breathing dragon.

Contrary to what was known to the public, the two were not just a simple kidnapper and a hostage.

A butler? A guard? A never-aging friend of her late mother?

Either way, he was a hundred times better than the dumb princes that woke Mikaela up in the morning.

Then one day, after being poisoned by the prince, the dragon lost consciousness.

His body was gradually getting hotter and hotter……

“If I were a human, I would have to say I must have been senile.”

Unbelievably, at some point, Mikaela was no longer a young girl.

His sweet princess, raised by his own hands.

The princess, who has been pestered by princes for ten years, cried out.

One well-raised dragon, I don’t envy the ten princes.


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노 모어 프린스
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4 Reviews

Jan 10, 2023
Status: Completed
A fairly short and simple novel. Smut is short, but not too bad. I was a bit confused at times and the author isn’t to good at expressing character emotions, but whatever - since this isn’t really a long read and mostly for relaxation. I’d recommend reading this if you’re just trying to kill time. The smut is on a thin line of good and more would be better.
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Dec 25, 2022
Status: Completed
Quite literally the title,

... more>>

it is a romance between a princess and a dragon.


The synopsis is a bit confusing but the story was fine. The age gap tag should be taken seriously.

There were moments where it was a little iffy, imo, because the author keeps emphasizing the age gap. It was a short read so those moments were like one chapter's worth.


The smut is brief (1.5 chapters max) and not obscene, comparatively speaking. The plot is there and it's simple, but the length of the read is so short that it ends up not mattering at all.

TLDR: Short read that contains some plot and soft smut. <<less
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Feb 18, 2024
Status: Completed
Short fast-read novel. It's like looking at different POV of fairytales LMAO.

Instead of princess being saved by prince from dragon's captive... it's the dragon (Jeno) who took care of the princess (Mickaela) since she was kid.

Some may be uncomfortable with age gap esp he saw her grew up under his protection... but it's fantasy anyway and he's immortal (3000yo), only seemed to fall in love only now.

I just rated it 4 bc I want more chapters hahaha
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Jan 27, 2023
Status: Completed
Wait, that's it? Oh man, I wish this story could be a little bit longer. I mean, you let that sc*m father go just like that? Although FL might not interested in the throne, she shouldn't just give it for free, moreover she was the legitimate one. And I tried so hard to ignore about the age difference between FL and ML but the author just had to emphasize those difference in every chapter until I couldn't forget about it.
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