No Heaven for Vampires


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A world ravaged by a great war, destroying the old order. The stage: A city corrupted by the mafia, gangs, and other scum.

In this broken dumpster of garbage lives Seymour Road – a youth making ends meet as a courier, with no hope for the future, and no nostalgic memories of the past.

One fine day, he’s tasked to transport yet another item – an abysmally beautiful girl. Little does he know how this girl shall turn the wheels of his fate…

Associated Names
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A Vampire Has No Heaven.
Kyuuketsuki ni Tengoku wa Nai
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Latest Release

Date Group Release
09/01/22 Infinite Novel... v1 finale
08/04/22 Infinite Novel... v1c5 part3
07/21/22 Infinite Novel... v1c5 part2
07/07/22 Infinite Novel... v1c5 part1
06/23/22 Infinite Novel... v1c4 part3
06/02/22 Infinite Novel... v1c4 part2
05/19/22 Infinite Novel... v1c4 part1
05/05/22 Infinite Novel... v1c3 part6
04/21/22 Infinite Novel... v1c3 part5
04/07/22 Infinite Novel... v1c3 part4
03/24/22 Infinite Novel... v1c3 part3
03/10/22 Infinite Novel... v1c3 part2
02/24/22 Infinite Novel... v1c3 part1
02/10/22 Infinite Novel... v1c2 part8
01/20/22 Infinite Novel... v1c2 part7
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