Nightmare’s Call


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This is a story of an ordinary boy gaining unusual powers from his nightmares… It all started when Lin Sheng experienced something strange on what he thought was just another normal day. He begins to have recurring dreams that lead him on an incredible journey of discovery as he encounters spine-chilling monsters and elusive secrets.

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Summoner of Nightmares
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22 Reviews

Feb 03, 2020
Status: c94
Utter garbage. Don't do it, trust me.

The only acceptable parts are the translation quality and stability of updating.

Well I just cursed my heart out in a review on the webnovel page so I am going to keep this short. It is utterly ridiculous, no coherency in any actions taken by the characters. The MC is a powerhungry emotionless loner dimwit. Most of all dimwit. I would actually appreciate a smart, powerhungry and ruthless MC but this one is just to dumb to even enjoy partially.

The author skips stuff and while... more>> he touches a few interesting things, later he just forgets about them.

The character development is backwards to a toad.

Worldbuilding is all over the place.

Would definitely NOT recommend this one.

Please excuse any typos or grammatical errors as english is not my first language.

Kind regards. <<less
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Jan 23, 2020
Status: c63
Hello Davros Here.

Tags: Endless Worlds. Sword (Start). Weak to Strong. Normal to psychopathy.

Get Lost.

... more>> The last two stories (2013- Mystical Journey and 2017- Way of the Devil) show an author who liked and felt comfortable in the "Endless Worlds" format.

The expectation is that there will be a great arc of initial strengthening, followed by an entry into a new world where everything achieved in the previous one is summarized in one page (two at most).

Some worlds are creative, with charismatic characters, do not get attached to any of them. The cost of increasing strength is the total and absolute absence of empathy for other beings.

In short, each story is a gamble and a catch of the good points. <<less
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Jan 20, 2020
Status: 66
I actually like the writers other works so Im surprised I find this story so lacking. The story is oozing forward like slime and has a lazy unmotivated MC. Suspense? Where?
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Aug 22, 2020
Status: c540
Well I love all this author's work and this one is even well written. If you dont like his other books like way of devil, mystical journey you will not like this but if you love those you will love this even more. Ignore people b*tching about the MC, he is anti hero and if you love leylin from WMW and fang yuan you will like this 100%
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Mar 26, 2020
Status: c170
For some reasons this idiot MC managed to provoke almost every single person and faction that he came across. I don't actually get what the author was trying to do. Faction-building? MC s**ked at it. He's a power-hungry psychopath and wanted to build a Nazi-like faction that demanded absolute loyalty, death to traitors and deserters. But here's the bullsh*t part, when the faction was up and running, MC just let others run it for him then if something went awry, he would be like "baw-gaw let's kill some people and... more>> blame them for our poor management". The author literally skimmed over the whole faction-building and just gave some remainders here and there like "hey, MC has an ultra awesome growing faction, don't forget" but somehow his faction managed to "grow" into a formidable size anyway. Like wtf, MC didn't even need the faction. Every single member of it was useless. Its whole purpose of existence was to draw the ires of every single faction in the novel's world just to further progress the plot. MC was like "low-key, I'm hiding my strength" in one chapter but then "haha suck my d*ck I'm not afraid your backers" in the next.

This novel sucks. <<less
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Mar 20, 2020
Status: --
I didn't heed the warning in this site, and saw a comment in the reviews how it was similar to Lord of the Mysteries. It's not. What I learned from reading reviews made in webnovel, is that they are all bullshi+. This doesn't have a coherent plot and every single chapter is filled with filler that is neither entertaining nor contribute in any way to the plot. Listen to the others here, this novel is cancer. Avoid it at all costs, don't believe any of the reviews made in the... more>> webnovel site. This novel is only useful if you want to kill yourself by getting a brain aneurism. <<less
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Jan 10, 2020
Status: c25
Reminds me a bit of dark souls when reading this. MC finds out that whatever he does in his dream is real and every time he defeats a strong foe, he gets a fragment of the foes skills/abilities. Due to the medieval setting in the dream world and how the place is devoid of life, and the fact that one mistake or hit can cost you your life, you get a dark souls vibe to it. One of my top 5 novels so far. While there are some typical Chinese... more>> novels cliches, it's not overally annoying. <<less
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Mar 08, 2020
Status: c66

In the beginning, MC seems like a normal guy. Very calm and collected, not one prone to moments of idiocy just for the sake of plot.

But as the novel goes on it just starts making less and less sense. He suddenly goes very OOC, he becomes a weirdo who starts fighting people for no reason. Lame.
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Jan 29, 2020
Status: c201
This story is similar to the author's other works in a sense. All of them start out great, but at some point the MC's thirst for power destroys any empathy and regard for human life there is. This one has a particularly well-baked premise and first arc just like Way of The Devil. It takes some arc points (like martial arts) from Mystical Journey as well. The worrying part is, the power already got into MC's head and it's not even chapter 100 yet. While it may be bearable and... more>> somewhat original if you are new to the author's works, for someone who has read the entirety of Mystical Journey, Wizard World, and Way of the Devil, the MC's state of mind and body is too predictable. Next arc build-ups, characters, power-ups will most likely follow suit. I like the author but I hoped for a MC who is more self-aware, clear-headed and able to prove himself to act not for just self-interest and gaining power. That would greatly improve the quality of these novels. Instead, we have the classic MC turning into psychopath as time goes on. Albeit this fits the cruel universum, I want him to be the people's hero once... sigh. <<less
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Aug 05, 2020
Status: c417
It has decent translation and editing but not amongst the top ones or the bottom Engrish ones in webnovel. You're still going to get bad grammar, spelling mistakes, awkward sounding and run-on sentences.

The novel started off with a 5-star awesome scale with a similar taste of My House of Horrors. But then c71 happened and it left a sour aftertaste in my mouth. No matter what reason the author tried to give, I wasn't convinced of it because that's not how I was raised. The story continues and then there's... more>> the same thing happening again. Eventually, the MC's pursuit of being the strongest made the novel lose focus of it's actual title. There's barely any nightmares/dreams, and there's barely any mention of his family or known associates. Now, it's just a bunch of hodge podge mix of exploration for the MC to flaunt his prowess in a cult-like environment he created. Be prepared for whole chapters with nothing but description of the new environment the MC is standing in. I'm going to keep reading this novel because I'm hoping something interesting will happen in the future. <<less
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Jan 11, 2020
Status: c31
So far, it seems to be a horror (don't expect much of it) novel with a rational and calm MC that is trying his best to survive and learn about the current environment he's in. It reminds me a bit of "Lord of the Mysteries" and "My House of Horrors". Overall, you may read the first 10 chapters so you can decide if you want to read it or drop it.

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Devil Heart
Devil Heart
Jul 05, 2020
Status: c106
Errr I don't know what's going on... Why is there so many hate to this novel??? I realised most of it from peoples who read Way of Devil, Mystical Journey and Lord of the Mysteries...

And I did read Lord of the Mysteries but I stop cause it wasn't my taste, I will on my way to read Way Of Devil cause I'm curious now

Anyway, for the comments that say thr MC is turning into physchopath... Hmm at least he wasn't killing everyone blindly you know? He had reasons, that's because... more>> they threatened his family's wellbeing

As for his faction well... He is a college student and strength is his only merit, what do you expect? The faction need a President that is very strong so that they can defeat anyone that comes to their door, if MC divide his time to take care of his faction management then his strength will decrease instead. Still the faction can exist because MC is at the center, and it wasn't like MC didn't visit the faction, he regularly check it you know?

And about his previous life, what the hell dude MC is an ancient script translator, what are you guys expecting???

I think it's a great story although some of the comments did make sense such as he did some s*upid mistakes which I really pissed off but if he didn't then how can the story goes on lol and his sometimes weird OCC I didn't mind as much cause there was influence from his dreams

I'm serious give the novel a try, don't bother about the comments

Also I'm really really curious about the world building behind his dreams, in contrast I was not that interested to his reality maybe a bit

I'm just wondering when will he become the leading figure in the reality... <<less
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Feb 17, 2020
Status: c155
A great, ruthless MC.

If you liked way of the devil, you would also like this.

While the MC is not the scheming type, or remarkably smart, he works and develops himself with a clear goal. He is motivated and power hungry.

... more>> While some people like sweet MC who helps innocent people and works for the good of mankind, others (like me) prefer ones such as the MC from WMW, and way of the devil. Because it seems more realistic, with less plot armor, and more forethought.

So if you liked way of the devil, and a basically power hungry (not edgy) MC.. This is for you.

p.s - story premise is great and has great potential, even to this point. <<less
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Jan 03, 2021
Status: c555
4/5 Story, somewhat similar to the authors previous works. Dark world, magic & supernatural, no-nonsense main character and gory grown-up choices.

Unfortunately as a qidian novel it suffers from the usual shortcomings such as crappy translation and downright blasphemous editing (I'm not exaggerating, the MC 'Lin Sheng' has been translated as 'Joshua' couple times etc). You get the gist, the usual crappy editing rules about pronouns apply. Not to mention the little fact that the translation was actually cut off at around 600's.

'Tis truly a shame because I'm a huge fan... more>> of this authors works. I love his world building style and dark violent feeling these books let out, it's just so unlike the usual childish troupes from standard CN xuanhuan/infinity cultivation genre. <<less
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May 10, 2020
Status: c20
Honestly, I'm not sure if this story is any good.

I just couldn't get past the writing.

In the second chapter there's a throwaway comment that the MC has had memories of a past life awaken, and he lived 30 years in a more advanced world. As far as I can tell, this tidbit has no effect on the plot. MC doesn't act like an adult. No extra inventions brought back. The author had just thrown in reincarnation to help explain that MC is a calm and steady person.

Reading 20 odd chapters,... more>> it seems the whole story is like that.

Stilted conversations, static Characters, and the general writing just doesn't make SENSE if you even think about it for a couple of seconds. I saw a review comparing this to My House of Horrors. No. Just No. <<less
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Apr 12, 2020
Status: c275
If you liked WAY OF THE DEVIL or MYSTICAL JOURNEY, check this out!

Spectacular. From the other of Way of the Devil and Mystical Journey. This a more well thought out and much more consistent story than his usual works. The dialogue is also much smoother. It's generally a more slow and well explored story.

I like it even more than Way of the Devil. It's much more like a regular novel than his normal works which lean more to the lite side of novels..... Lol. It's a Dark Novel!

... more>> Highly recommended.

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Pandora Actor 691
Pandora Acto
Oct 09, 2020
Status: c585

One of my favorite novels so far. In my opinion, this novel checks off all of what I imagine an OP world conqueror cultivator would be.

The MC at the start of the novel is just naive young kid with passion and curiosity towards the mysteries. When he found out about his nightmares effects on his strength, it drove him to relentlessly pursue and explore these nightmares for the strength and knowledge he gain from them. The nightmare realms is an interesting arc of the story. Unfortunately, the story eventually pans away from the nightmare exploration and focus more on the MCs rise in cultivation and his creation of his empire... Or was it sect? Well its an insane overlord empire basically that holds the power to conquer worlds XD.

Following this story will walkthrough this young average highschooler journey as he go from a mortal to a god that stand at the peak!

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Sep 18, 2020
Status: c585
This is my personal opinion, I haven't read any of the novels that any of you mention like Lord Of Mysteries and Way Of The Devil so I don't understand your comparations and I know that not all people have the same tastes but,


Why is the level of hate in this novel so high??

... more>> It is a miracle this is not below 3 in the ratings with some of you pulling hate to this.

I understand some comments to a certain extent, like MC s*upids mistakes or MC being somewhat emotionless. In the case of his emotions, my opinion is that at first he was some kind of 'my pace' kind of person, but with him regaining his past memories, which was someone who studies languages, lived in a peaceful world and didn't have any advanced knowledge about fighting (like a normal person). I agree with the fact that he is searching for troubles with some factions almost on purpose, but like, they already have him in check and are always pressurizing him into yielding, trying to steal knowledge, etc, so he have to defend himself in a way (there were maybe better options but MC didnt choose them). I also read that him inheriting his past memories doesn't affect the plot?? The fact that the dreams are another world with another language, and him being someone who studied ancient languages is not enough? I understand that some people are ticked off because he being a reincarnator and that only playing a very passive role in the novel. The novel is somewhat slow I wont deny it. His dreams are different worlds and some of them are very interesting unfortunately, the author doesn't talk much about them, but it explains the background of the characters that appears in there. There is also some who says that the focus points of the novel, the nightmares or dreams, is vanishing but they explain it that he is being cautious now that he have power and he is also wary of his real life situation.

In conclusion, this is not some super novel, but is entertaining enough to read. <<less
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Aug 06, 2020
Status: c430
If you liked Warlock of the Magus World, Mystical Journey, or Way of the Devil, give this one a try.

Beginning is similar to Mystical Journey but with a Dark Souls theme.

Expect similar stuff from Get Lost novels like the MC going weak to strong.
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Oct 23, 2022
Status: --
novels from webnovel are really bad, I dont get why they even pick them up. Are they tryna swindle the new readers for cash since, I know I read everything that had a synopisis that sounded cool and had a cool cover at first.

I read this and was disappointed, to be honest I knew from the reviews that it was not good but thought how bad can it be? Then ... more>>

dude fell in love with his own avatar lol, I guess the author is trying to potray his narcissm but really it was just mindblowing, I kept reading wanting to see if he (MC) really would be creeped at he thinks so but nahhh that did not happen


i couldnt keep going this is just one of the most bad really bad novels from webnovel. I gave it a 3 because the start was really exciting but it all went down cos of his silly relationship with his avatar, it was absolutely unnecesary because as readers at that point, it was quite clear what kind of person the MC is. That subplot made everything go downhill, the following chapters were just about him and the thousand arms (the avatar), being confused about their feelings, it deviated from the main story.

Really, if you are an expereinced reader, you really shouldn't bother reading unless you want to get a headache <<less
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