Night Train


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None of us could forget her.

The six of us spent our college days in Kyoto. Ten years ago at the Kurama Fire Festival, Hasegawa vanished into thin air. Ten years later, the remaining five found ourselves back in Kurama once again, hoping to meet her one more time. As night fell, we began to swap stories about strange things we’d encountered on our journeys, including the mysterious series of artworks by Kishida Michio called “Night Train”. Morimi Tomihiko masterfully weaves strands of youth and fantasy into spine-tingling ghost stories of sojourns into night.

“There’s no place that night doesn’t touch. All the world’s in perpetual night.”

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HorrorIsland rated it
September 19, 2020
Status: c4
The moral of the story: women are weird!

More seriously: This reads like a writing exercise. There's a frame, but no real story. Even the frame is rather shaky, as no real people would sit around telling these stories, and no one listening would let these stories end this way.

But as an exercise, it's quite readable. The language is, for the most part, excellent; the exceptions being some of the descriptions. "The lamplit stone steps and crossroads were like the gloomy corridors of an aquarium, " for example. An aquarium?!? Where... more>> did that come from? I didn't grab them, but there were also things like a "red as a kidney bean" and a "red as a lizard of some kind". Not tr*shing these phrases, just saying they seemed a bit reaching.

That said, these pieces do a solid job conveying a mood, both of the stories and of a certain group of friends. I also feel a strong sympathy for the themes of the stories, so I don't at all regret the time spent reading these, despite my tepid rating. In fact, if there are more, I'll probably read those too -- I have the time. My rating merely reflects my disappointment that these individual stories feel unfinished and connected only by language and mood. If there's a compelling story line here (other than "women are weird") I haven't found it yet. <<less
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