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Extras die every day in various ways in the game [Yo-Ma Great War 3].

He was an extra when he reincarnated into the game.

I’ll never die. Never.

“Let’s get started.”

Evan had come to a conclusion. He tapped his cheeks as a way of signaling to himself that he had made up his mind.

He would become a character who never dies.

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죽지 않는 엑스트라
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New HappyLulu12
April 11, 2021
Status: c66
pretty much a slice of life japanese novel. Kinda thick plot amor make mamy things convenient for MC. MC is kinda a little dull with the whole extra (I'm weak af) mindset. MC doesnt want trouble but every thing he did scream trouble will come.

Not a great novel but also not bad. This is the novel u would read when there aren't any better novel to read and u need something to kill ur time. It's an okay novel.
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New MinosML rated it
April 10, 2021
Status: c150
Summary: MC (28yo Korean dude) is reincarnated into a pretty infamous extra in one of his favorite RPGs, Evan, a character which the dev team had as some sort of a joke and had him die in hundreds of different ways no matter which path the protagonist took. As MC got kinda obsessed with finding a path to make him live until the end of the game (to no avail), when he found himself reincarnated into him (11 years prior to the events of the game, as a 9yo), he panics and vows to work hard and become as strong as he possibly can before any of his multiple death flags come to get him.

As tense as that sounds, if you allow me to dive in a little bit into... more>> spoiler territory,

he gets OP pretty quick and finds OP companions to protect him so there's barely any tension at all


So basically, don't go into this expecting some action-adventure novel with rom-com elements, because the action is pretty lackluster and for a story revoving around a Dungeon city, the Dungeon parts are pretty damn boring all in all. Instead, if you enjoy it as a Slice of Life comfy isekai with some action elements and a nice and interesting cast of (OP) characters and lore, you'll be having quite a good time as Toika has definitely improved his character interaction skills from his previous works.

I like that the MC is actually smart and super paranoid about anything that could be a danger to him, and that actually makes for some really funny moments, but the joke is getting a bit stale after a while, ngl.

Talking about the romance department, at least he's not dense, but

pretends to be because of his fear of dying by getting himself involved with women, something that happened a lot in the game it seems. Plus he's pretty busy working out and learning every skill he can get his hands on in order to not die, lol

It certainly is a bit of a fresh take, but giving that it's a Toika story we can all expect this ending with an harem (something I'm perfectly fine with as the romantic interests are all pretty nice although I wished they were a bit better written).

If I had to summarize its strengths, the cast of characters and their interactions make up for 90% of what makes this novel decent (so far), as well as the bits where he manages and improves the territory he lives in (Brotherhood Corp. OP). The worldbuilding is also pretty neat (even if we haven''t seen much of the world so far) and it leaves countless possibilities for the future arcs could entail.
On the other hand, its weaknesses I'd say are the action parts, tha lack of tension and the pacing.

Even if you wanted to argue that it is a slice of life novel, battles take a significant portion of the story and they're just not that good, I'm 150 chapters in and he's still like 7 years away from the start of the actual story, with no real enemy who would be his match


If the plot actually picks up in the future and he finally leaves the nest, my score could go up to a 4, as this story has great potential, it seems to be getting there pretty slowly so far... <<less
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doodle0211 rated it
October 1, 2020
Status: c43
The quality of the translation is really bad at various places that it becomes nonsensical or unreadable. This alone made me drop the series.

The story is interesting but I wish the protagonist would stop being irrational about how weak he is, since he should be able to differentiate between his current self and the game counterpart. It gets a bit annoying after a while when he's just so obsessed about his fraility when the world clearly tells him that's not the case.
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Visser rated it
June 3, 2020
Status: c30
if this is ANYTHING like Toika/Toy Cars other works, and lets be honest they all feel similar, this will be worth reading.
it astounds me how hes able to pump out half a dozen of these above average remakes while so many other knockoff type writers barely put out one-two okay novels a decade.

keep em comin Toika!
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Not Red Yet
Not Red Yet rated it
October 30, 2020
Status: c57
Translation is bad, what could be a mildly interesting novel is smeared by lackluster translation and or editing.

By far the worst Toika novel I've ever read. Its extremely boring mainly since it's just his monologues that you find in those boring Japanese slice of life reincarnated stories you can easily find. MC knows stuff from the game and yet no one questions him even though he is a child, MC also states he is weak even though he can one shot strong enemies (Not a one time thing, this... more>> is every chapter almost of him stating he is so weak)

I could go on and on but I highly suggest you skip this novel since Toika failed at this whatever you call it.

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hawlol rated it
September 12, 2020
Status: c92
Revised review: The premise is interesting but the pacing is terrible. Too many info dumps, tell don't show, and repeated lines will annoy until you either start skipping them or drop the novel altogether.

The action/adventure tag is misleading, this is a slice of life with an overpowered MC who thinks he's weak and his followers who are also overpowered. The battles are done in one or two lines with no challenge or tension and you'll get tired of being told about how all the characters are so amazingly strong and... more>> incredible even though they haven't done anything strong or incredible. Said battles are also rare and barely happened in these 92 chapters. The first dungeon diving was at chapter 80+ and equally lackluster.

Most of the content is the MC talking with characters from the game, but instead of developing the character within the story, we get a tell don't show explanation of what he/she was inside the game. That turns most characters one dimensional with rare exceptions. Let me also point that all followers love and trust the MC with such passion and loyalty that would only be reasonable with mind control. It turns them bland, boring, predictable. Mindless drones that only exist to praise the MC and constantly tell us how amazingly cool he is. Also, there are no antagonists or villains.

And for the small amount of plot, there are too many characters being presented at any time. The worst problem is exactly that: Lack of plot or actual story with too much of everything else.

Although the translation is bad at some points, it does get better, and they start to release 3-4 chapters at once every 2-3 days since there is so little actual story per chapter. That was a good decision on their part as reading one chapter per day would be a terrible experince with all the problems I've mentioned.

So while I thought the novel was okay at first, it becomes unbearable as time goes on, with the Author using all king of bad practices to increase word count and delay any actual story, to the point it feels like there isn't one at all, just the Autor mudding his way through each chapter to fulfill a deadline.

Read only if you have nothing else, skip the info dump and repetition for mental health's sake, and gather a lot of chapters at once to be able to discern any plot.


Below is the previous review from chapter 40. Points are still valid, but I was still hopeful for the novel then.

TLDR: The novel is okay but not amazing. First fifty chapters are slice of life, not action adventure. Read only if you don't mind slow pacing.

It suffers from common problems in the 'reborn as a child in another world' settings. They are: slow pacing with years of training sagas. MC learns this, learns that, instructors are amazed, he ponders about lots of power system explanations inside his head in a 'tell don't show' manner, etc, etc. The second are super kids. Normal kids are dumb, but because the MC is so amazing, the other kids suddenly start behaving like teenagers so they can interact with him, because of course, no one wants to read about regular kid's dumbness. At least this happened after 10, I've seen lots of super 5-6 years old in these novels.

So, in 40 chaps, he's still 12 and there has been no action/adventure. It's a slice of life with fantasy setting as the background. That being said, the characters are good enough to keep you hooked. The Marquis, Grandpa Bernard, Mapbell, all interesting and likeable, not all characters are, of course, but considered it's tagged as harem, having any meaningfull characters that aren't waifus is good on my book.

As usual, the novel would be better if his childhood was skipped. That's why transmigration stories are usually more popular than reincarnation ones: because we skip the boring childhood and fall directly into the story, and without all the time skips.

Although there's no action, the MC already shows signs of being OP due to his 'farming xp' method, and all the game chars he recruit become OP as well. It's safe to say there won't be much challenge or tension. On the good side, some problems do appear like going against a bishop and opening a pharmacy, keeping the novel fresh enough. (In common harems of this kind we get food talk, generic monster hunting and waifu dating, so yeah, the standards are low)

Read it for what it is, a slice of life with an OP MC, his future harem and followers. <<less
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zCupim rated it
December 21, 2020
Status: c86
yep. I'm dropping it like any other novel of toika. It starts somehow interesting and make you read like a lot of chapters just to get more and more aware of how sh*t his writing skills are. I dont even know english grammar that much to write something readable, so I'm not good with expressing myself in english, but I'm here making an account and trying to write a review just to warn someone of how much of your time this novel can waste. so, basically, it's exactly as the... more>> user HAWLOL said, it's impossible to keep reading this shit, the MC is problably an IA that speak phrases like "oh no I've just oneshoted this monster guess I'm extremely lucky cause I'm way to weak to actually being capable of doing this", or "I'm just a extra I'm weak you know", and the others characters are all the same, just know to say "look how big the MC D is" or... I don't know, actually I think that they say just this sh*t and nothing more, don't waste your time, each chapter of this is like reading a report of something unrealistic that MC is doing and he telling what happened on the day. <<less
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September 7, 2020
Status: --
I'm so confused with this novel. The premises are good, writing style and everything, even the world setting. But why TF the author made a mistake like this?

I mean, the MC is 9 years old, not only that, he doesn't have any prior education since his whole family dotes on him real hard and just make him play all day. Yet despite that, no matter what shinnenigans he does, they just accept it like some normal thing a 9 year old can do.

Suddenly train and can even lift a rock... more>> that not a normal 9 year old can lift, they just wondered he's being cute and weird.


Buying s*aves and speak like a god damn old guy who has experience the world many times, and people just let it go and just thinks he have talent in finding talents and just being weird again. And cute.



Created a marketing strategy that the adult can't even think of. Nah they just let it go how a 9 year old can think of all of that when he didn't even receive any education prior to that. They just think he's a genius merchant and being weird again. And cute, it seems.



Invited an old guy pharmacist, who's it seems the best pharmacist in the previous story. Yet the old guy lost to the MC, who's a 9 years old in making potion. They just accepted him as an Alchemy Master that can make every type of potion despite just being 9 years old. He even teaches that old guy pharmacist in alchemy. Sigh. He's just being cute and weird again. I guess.


There's no really character development since the character that the MC obtained feels like just a doll who's future is already set in stone. They're a characters that without the MC's intervention, they'll still go stronger, if not strongest.

I'm seriously losing braincells reading this. No matter who the MC talks with, he speaks like an adult and no one cares about it. The only time he acts like a kid is when he acts cute when he needs something with a puppy eye, and being cute they say.

The only saving grace is how good the translation is. But hey, if you doesn't care about all the point I said above, then you can give this novel a try. Who knows maybe you'll like it. <<less
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Wills03106 rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: c10
I am going, to be honest; I love this novel so far. The first few chapters feel and read like setup, but once it gets in the groove, it is firing on all cylinders. I find characters' interactions and the set up to be quite interesting and entertaining. I can't praise anything else about the novel yet because there is just not enough content, but if the author uses what he sets up right this could become one of the best novels I have ever read.

Minor spoilers for the first... more>> 10 chapters

There is something I would like to point out: this novel much like the authors other works will probably have a harem, but I have two things to people who might get scared off by that: firstly, the protagonist is going to avoid harems like they are the plague because the body he is using has the tendency of getting stabbed by lovers; secondly, so far, the author is keeping the male to female the ratio of the supporting close to one guy for every girl. Now even with those considered it will probably go down the harem route due to the handsome protagonist tag, but I still want people to give it a try, especially, because the translator will change the frequency of releases depending on the number of clicks. So please, give it a shot.

Also if you agree with the review, give it a like. <<less
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FrostFlare rated it
December 10, 2020
Status: --
What a disappointing work from Toika.... I can't believe it's the same author with Everyone Else is a Returnee (EER)

It's full of plot holes, one-sided perspective and half-assed reasonings.

I feel like I'm betrayed...


In addition, I don't know if it's just me or what but... The translation feels like I'm reading it on MTL.
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Rheela rated it
December 15, 2020
Status: c82
This is just disappointing.

There is a limit how delusional someone can be to underestimate himself so much.

It is said the MC played those game hundreds of times to save Evan so he should be very clear how all those mechanics work and, for God's sake, know how much exp he is farming to raise his existence level. He started to kill slimes since he was 9 years old and probably farmed billions of exp points. Enough to raise his level to an unimaginable level. He KNOWS that he got 1... more>> experience point for those small slimes. He KNOWS that he got even more exp for those stronger slimes. And he kills two in less as a second. But he sees himself as just some weak extra who just dies at every opportunity. Sorry, that's just s*upid.

So denying him this much intelligence is just very very bad storytelling.

I was curious if he every realizes that he is just strong so Ive read some spoilers. That made me even more disappointed to see that, halfway through the story, it doesn't change one bit. So I'm dropping this at this point, because it makes reading it just a frustrating chore. <<less
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Handoro rated it
December 12, 2020
Status: c111
This series is basically for people who love that the MC is the strongest of all, the only problem is that after ALL the characters have affirmed that he is ridiculously strong

He killed a final boss with a single "hit" (he really has a kind of marble that throws with enough force), and still says things like "why bosses die so fast if I'm so weak"

, he keeps saying things like "surely x character is holding back, I'm going to die, I'm going to die ".
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WanderingOakTree rated it
October 31, 2020
Status: c246
This novel was not what I quite expected yet at the same time it was. Let me explain. What my expectations were was reading about a young man getting transported to another world obtaining the pinnacle of being OP while duking it out with other people every other chapter while meeting friends, rivals, bad guys and also making a harem on the way. (Since it is a Toika novel) Unfortunately I got a slice of life novel with bits and pieces of harem making and the MCs OPness but still... more>> it threw me off with it's pacing.

Now if you are actually reading this short terrible paragraph review you might have some questions like. Do you recommend this? Yes.

Is it good? Depends on if you like a slow burn Shounen not Shounen slightly Comedic Harem novel then sure.

How's the MC? He's not a beta for sure but he's overly cautious towards women and he has quite a funny reason for that. If you want to know read it!

Edit: So I'm at the near halfway point for this novel and it strangely feels like things are paying off. I know 200 chapters of what some people would call build up is annoying but these characters, hopefully one, might actually have someone you can root for. Its werid. At first reading this with the MC being so young was a bit strange but I enjoyed it. Why? Because we could see how his life in this new world was being built up. The characters around him and even surprise surprise, his attitude toward being able to accept a lover. As I stated before this novel is more like a slice of life. Well yes near the beginning but I felt like it was fine because this helped me get an attachment to some characters. Sure I don't like all but they do a good job at where it is right now. And the current chapter at where I am now feels like things are finally getting really serious in this novel. <<less
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yellowpuff rated it
October 27, 2020
Status: c82
. well I am kinda dissapointed it started rather well but then the more u go the worse it becomes... he is kinda to 2d always talkes about how he is a side character and all. That though doesnt even start ro change and I am at 80 smt chapters
Then talk about girls.... he says he is afraid of them for u know reasons for his death and all but he never pushes then away its more like he does it but he doesnt ? and it gets the... more>> same with every character
The autor should have at least made him a bit more 3D some more characteristic.... anyaay its very dissaponting the more u read <<less
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taptothebeat rated it
September 17, 2020
Status: c41
Nice so far! The premise that he's avoiding a billion death scenarios is a great catalyst for his growing stronger. The completion of the first main arc, aprox. ch. 40, was worth the wait for me. Everything came together very satisfyingly.


    • the author has trouble making kids sound/talk/act like kids... so it feels like the author just gave up.
    • People seem to accept Evan's adult mentality too easily.
    • The money-making pharmacy setup felt a bit rushed and glossed over. For example, if the potions are priced too low, wouldn't a merchant just buy the whole stock and then sell for-profit?
    • When introduced, the side characters are given a backstory. But after, it feels like the characters have been forgotten.
    • There isn't any tension in the story yet. Everything feels under the control of the MC.
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syethegirlslayer rated it
June 1, 2020
Status: c1
Nothing like another toy car novel. I'm reading this along with Demon King.

I wonder how this will evolve. Kinda cool reading Demon King- Toy cars first series and this one which is one of his newest ones at the same time.

Quality read bookmarked.
7 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
Toanngo rated it
February 5, 2021
Status: c152
after reading countless number of novels, I finally decide to register for an account to leave a review in here. The novel progress with extremely slow pace that filled with bunch of filler and unnecessary conversation. I cant belive this is written by the same author as EER, such a waste of time. Not to mention that Active Translation are so inconsistent with the translation quality, as 30% of the chapters are unreadable.
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Potato Tomo
Potato Tomo rated it
September 8, 2020
Status: --
I always think that reading a book without any expectation on it is an attitude one should have as a reader. But damn, I shot myself here thinking that this was a good one. I mean it was written by Toika. I was always enterntained when reading his works. What could go wrong. And he should have gotten atleast a little bit better after writing so many novels that I really think is good. Well, I'm sorry for myself to say that I was deeply disappointed.

It was bad. It was... more>> like mish-mash of popular novels a few year ago. I could pick a plot scenario on what I've read up to now and I could name another novel. I don't have anything against that but suddenly it feels like it was written by someone new to writing. A couple of chapters were really bad that I had to stop myself from reading and write this. Really bad. Is he trolling us? Is this a parody? Or was it called satire. Then they should put Invincible dragon in the recommendation if that was the case. I'm now even doubting if the translation is really accurate.

I still gave it 3 stars because I think there will still be some merit in reading this in the near future if it was really written by Toika. But I don't want to get shot twice so I'll rather re-read his other novels. <<less
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hose246 rated it
March 31, 2021
Status: c180
Ok so, the main character kept disillusioning himself that he's weak when he can literally destroy everyone. It is so obvious that he is strong but no matter what happens, he just kept thinking "Oh he must have gone easy on me" or "Oh, this monster is strangely weak, he must have been weakened", I swear this main character only has 1 brain cell or perhaps none at all.

A character that keeps thinking of himself to be weak can perhaps work for a side character, but it definitely will not... more>> work for the main character!

Another thing is that the translation is so wack that it makes you think that it's google translated. I realize some people might think "Oh, but they got a better translator after chapter 85", but let me tell you: for example, the first translator is at negative 1 billion point, but the second translator is at negative 100 million point. Sure, it might have been pretty amazing to have improved by 90%, but negative 100 million points are still low af.

The main character suddenly realized that everyone's easy to fight in chapter 168, but instead of thinking he is strong, he just thinks that everyone is weaker than the original storyline! Honestly, this character is so damn frustrating.

I really can't believe that the same author who wrote "Everyone else is a returnee" wrote this dumpster fire of a novel. It's like he used up all his gas on EER and is trying to recover from the deficit by only using 1 brain cell for every novel after EER.

I heard that it gets better after chapter 200 so that's why I'm not dropping this novel. But honestly, this novel is more frustrating to read than the first 100 chapters of Overgeared.

So, in conclusion, don't read this novel if you don't want to get so mad that you will get a heart attack and puke up blood. <<less
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unclebebby rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: c71
Edit: ok, 71 chapters later and this is basically the distilled essence of Toika novels. Toika is the master of overprepared protagonist and 71 chapters in, the proteg, Evan, is still preparing either by training or collecting strong friends or building things. This is basically Toika saying "oh, you like The tr*sh of the Count Family novel? Hold my Beer"

It's still pretty entertaining so far.

God bless the Active Translations group, but sweet jesus their translations can go from "oh this is tolerable" to "sweet jesus I think the male lead... more>> just took a poop in a girl's mouth oh wait no I think they mean that the female support character just said that she wanted food... how did they translate so badly?" <<less
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PedoBear Version 2.0
PedoBear Version 2.0 rated it
November 26, 2020
Status: c151
Its perfectly fun novel. And dont let the bad review stop you from reading this gem.

OP protagonist? Thats what Toika's novel all about.

Lack of suspense?

What can you expect from a child who rarely leave his own territory? Its was also explained that he transmigated way earlier before the start of the game so all the villains and major incidents would only appear 10 years later/when he turn into an adult. And unlike Toika's other work with dimensional invasion or whatnot in the 21st century with the destruction of the earth... more>> from monster theme, this one is about transmigation into a game world with its own predetermined plot as what you can expect from a game.

The MC being overly cautious and paranoid? Read again the prologue, its was already explained that Evans's death is like his destiny, the MC in his original world wasted 6 years of his life playing and trying to save a game character which prove to be futile until the end. It's not just 1 or 2 deathflags that he needs to avoid but EVERY choice he made in the game would lead to Evan's DEATH regardless of what he did. <<less
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Lordtwarog rated it
August 10, 2020
Status: c15
This novel just started on active translations. I'll update the review as it goes on, but so far has been very interesting. Classic Toika. The quality of the translation is very good. Early drafts from the site may have been a little wonky but it is all cleaned up and solid now.
5 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
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