Netorare Ureshii! Iinazuke no Morahara Osananajimi ga Netorareta Kedo, Madou no Kokuhaku wo Ketta Bishoujo-tachi ga, Ore to Osananajimi ga Wakareta Totan ni Koigokoro wo Arawa ni Shite Kurun da ga.


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I wasn’t a boyfriend, but a s*ave.

The marriage partner decided by our parents, Sasaki Erika. Erika, my childhood friend and fiancée, appeared to be a flawless beauty with her attractive appearance and outstanding grades. Thanks to Erika’s acting, those around us lionize us as the best couple.

But that was only on the surface. Erika, who could be described as a department store of harassment with her power harassment, emotional ab*se, and domestic violence, constantly imposed unreasonable demands on me, leaving me exhausted all the time.

「Honestly, Yuuichi is so useless! When I call, you should come running in a second!」
「Well, I was doing Erika’s assignment…」
「Haa? Are you trying to blame me?」

It was always like this, but the days of enduring my tough and arduous hardships suddenly came to an end.

In the NTR video sent to me, there was a scene where the class playboy handsome guy, Ishida Wataru, was passionately engaging with Erika.

Although they were talking tr*sh about me and laughing during their pillow talk, I was actually overjoyed.

This was a declaration of my freedom as a s*ave.

The news of Erika being stolen quickly spread through word of mouth, but because I was happy about being cuckolded, the beautiful girls who had been concerned about me began to clearly show their affection towards me.

The top tsundere beauty in school quietly moved her seat closer to me, the blonde gyaru dyed her hair black, the girl with glasses switched to contacts and came out as a popular V-Tuber only to me, and the teacher who had given up on loving anyone else after losing her lover blushed and smiled at me… 

On the other hand, Wataru, who was supposed to have stolen Erika, gradually wore down as he came to know her true nature. Erika, putting her infidelity on the back burner, blamed Wataru for his interactions with his ex-girlfriend, leading to a messy situation.

Erika, who has finally come to understand my worth, tries to reconcile, but… the girls who have feelings for me won’t allow it.

From that point on, the lives of the two of them began to tumble upside down.

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I’m Happy to Be Cuckolded! My Fiancée, Who Is an Abusive Girl, Was Stolen Away, but the Beautiful Girls Who Rejected the Advances of the Other Man Suddenly Start Showing Their Feelings for Me as Soon as I Broke up With My Childhood Friend.
Netorare Ureshii! Iinazuke no Morahara Osananajimi ga Netorareta Kedo, Madou no Kokuhaku wo Ketta Bishoujo-tachi ga, Ore to Osananajimi ga Wakareta Totan ni Koigokoro wo Arawa ni Shite Kurun da ga.
ネトラレうれしい! 許婚のモラハラ幼馴染が寝取られたけど、間男の告白を蹴った美少女たちが、俺と幼馴染が別れた途端に恋心を露わにしてくるんだが。
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New Hokum_33
June 28, 2024
Status: c40
This is a decent NTR-Zama novel.

However, this is plagued with so many things that you would seem stereotypical like you would see in isekai tropes.

... more>>

MC gets women who are willing to be in a harem, MC was advertised as an average dude but is actually the heir of a megacorp and is already making profit as a designer (as a high school student), ehehe lucky pe*vert moments ehehe, MC has an OP skill called "kindness" that can make people fall in love and revere him, villains are absolute idiots


I was satisfied reading the cheaters downfall, serves them right. It is one of the best points in the novel. <<less
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