Netorare Pilgrimage of the Saint


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NTR to protect peace.

To this end, during a certain ceremony, the lover Tsubaki is ordered to be a s*x slave of the Demon Lord’s Army. Her mission would send her on a pilgrim to devote her body to each official of the army.

Initially, the protagonists Trelle and Tsubaki want to resist, but after cuckolding and being cuckolded, they learned the pleasant feeling of being deprived of their lover.

As they journey, their hearts and bodies change, loving each other even as they succumb to the Netorare play.

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Netorare seijo no junrei
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06/09/18 Send Noobs! c4
06/05/18 Send Noobs! c3
06/03/18 Send Noobs! c1-2
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mllhild rated it
May 30, 2018
Status: c13
The translation is sadly a mostly unedited MTL. Story wise it looks like a decent NTR and I will keep reading it for now. It's not the cheating gf NTR, but they are forced into the arrangement. This means that they both are fully aware of each other's act and are actually not willing. Which makes it all the more sweet to see them both fall. Also due to Japanese grammar the story is a mixture of male MC and 3rd person.

What this TL project truly needs to get up... more>> to 4 or 5 stars is a good editor how has a knack for erotica. <<less
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KLJY rated it
June 4, 2018
Status: --
"It's not the cheating gf NTR, but they are forced into the arrangement."

At first. But later the girlfriend awakened her masochism and enjoyed cheating on the boyfriend. The boyfriend is your usual everyday man who loves to run away from reality that his girlfriend was cheating on him. Well, standard for NTR story. The plot later goes like this: GF cheats with other men > BF didn't want to believe his GF cheats on him > repeat

This novel is recommended for all masochists out there. If you're one, this novel... more>> is for you. <<less
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kraya rated it
February 8, 2019
Status: --
This is actually a good one. Its just too short of chapters so, I won't do any reviews. Just see the others' if you want one.

Also, saying that this novel is recommended for all masochists is a bit rude. I like ntr on hentai stuffs, but there's a line between hentai and proper stories. I don't like ntrs on stories with plot. Though I feel weird that there's actually a hentai ntr novel in NU where its full of proper stories, but if the author is gonna be direct about... more>> it (to the point he titled it as ntr), why not?

Also, -1 star for only few chapters. Hahahaha <<less
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