Negai o Kanaete Moraou to Akuma o Shōkan Shitakedo, Kawaikattanode Kekkonshimashita ~ Akuma no Nīdzuma ~


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Theo Asper was a member of the mercenary guild, who had joined and been expelled from several adventurer parties.

The reason was simple, he was weak.

Wishing he was stronger, he summoned a devil to make his wish come true. But the moment he laid eyes on the devil he summoned…

“I will grant you your wish, but in return I will take something important…”

“Please m-marry me!”


His thoughts of becoming stronger left his mind without a trace.

The devil granted his wish, and they became a couple.

“Helvi… Can we hold hands?”

“…Ah, yes. (You’re so cute! Ah… I want to assault you right here and now. As soon as we get home…)”

This is a slightly le*d (?) story of a timid boy and an assertive devil marrying and living happily, even as there is a great fuss being made around them.

Associated Names
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I Summoned the Devil to Grant Me a Wish, but I Married Her Instead Since She Was Adorable ~My New Devil Wife~
Negai wo Kanaete Moraou to Akuma wo Shoukanshita kedo, Kawaikatta node Kekkon Shimashita
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Lala4Na rated it
May 1, 2021
Status: c131
This is a light, refreshing story that is primarily a lovey dovey romance. There is a healthy dose of fantasy combat and it also gets a bit le*d, but in both cases it never gets graphic in the descriptions given.

The story is told in an interesting way. Theo is presented as the protagonist, but the story is mostly from Helvi's perspective. It serves to emphasize the author's fetish, because this is less a classic romance and more straight up oneeshota fluff. Helvi barely holding herself together over how adorable her... more>> husband is constitutes the bulk of the romance, though it's also clear that Theo feels the same towards his wife. As an aside, almost every woman in the story is attracted to Theo. It's like a world of shotacon women.

That being said, a few reviews here mention the protagonist being both quite young and a virg*n. This is a story about a married couple, and

about halfway through (c64) they consummate the relationship and indulge in each other frequently from then on.

If that's what you are here for/wish to avoid, keep it in mind. <<less
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Master Fish
Master Fish rated it
February 19, 2021
Status: c15
Well, just gonna say this now, I don’t really like this novel. The translation is great, and I can understand everything perfectly. I just don’t like Theo’s virg*nness. It may be expected, but when I was 12 years old I knew quite a bit. And some of you might say that since its a different world, he should know less, but shouldn’t proliferation be spoken of even more? Humans are weak, and they should thus proliferate more, which should cause a big spike in s*xual education. The fact Theo is... more>> such a big virg*n when he clearly shouldn’t be, is kinda getting on my nerves. The fact this is a Japanese novel may have increased his virg*nness a few folds.

The fact that the love isn’t real is also what’s bothering me. There’s just “oh, Theo’s so cute.” There’s no real romance from Theo’s POV. Helvi doesn’t really love Theo, at least from what I’m seeing. To me, she finds him cute, and hopes to take his chastity. Although she is also rather naive, I feel that she doesn’t really love Theo. This may just be a really pure love to some of you, but I think that such a pure love requires the suspension of disbelief. Theo hasn’t really helped Helvi out in any way, and she could just find a cook and have them make her some food. Helvi has helped Theo a lot, but from this POV, it should be a one-sided love. I won’t say I’m experienced with these kinds of novels, and that I know everything about this author, but I feel that this novel is pretty bad. There’s some face-slapping but not really, which may be somewhat satisfying, but after reading Chinese novels for a year, face-slapping gets really generic and boring.

Conclusion - There’s some alright fluff. I don’t think the romance is portrayed well at all. It would probably be better if he were some h**ny teenager who was also somewhat pure. Romance completely flops since Helvi has little to no reason to like Theo. Some face-slapping but not really. Overall, 2-stars. Big props to the translator for translating this. <<less
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Valquist rated it
February 7, 2022
Status: c54
Look, I love fluff, I adore it, but this is too much empty fluff and the characters are too one note to keep it interesting. There’s clearly something interesting about to happen at the point I’m at, but at this point I’m just so indifferent to the characters that it doesn’t matter to me anymore.

If you like fluff, give it a chance, maybe you’ll like it more than I have, but I’m personally dropping it.
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Acer22 rated it
September 15, 2021
Status: c87
So, I really enjoy this work. I first encountered this story as the Manga over on fanfox, and I really enjoyed reading it. I am a sucker for romance novels, particularly ones where the MC and FL are married already, and it's even better that the romance/marriage is interracial (human x devil).

This story is nothing but fluff for the most part, with maybe 15-20% of the chapters so far actually being some overarching story related and NOT relationship development or romance. However, the chapters are easy to read, the translation... more>> is fantastic, and the story is just one where it puts a smile on your face after a rough day.

Some people have been irritated by this story, mostly due to the MC, but don't let that dissuade you from reading. There is proper character growth for the MC, who starts off as a kind, scared, and ignorant kid who's sole desire is to survive while honoring his grandparents. But, by the time of the current released translation, MC has had substantial growth. FL is also a fantastic character, though some of her inner monologues can be.... odd, at times.

Really, for me, the biggest problem so far with the story is a new character that the author introduced:


Innessa (?) is saved from bandits by Theo and Helvi (lets be honest.... by Helvi). For what-ever reason, the author decided it would be funny or something to throw a girlxgirl love into the story with Innessa falling in love with Helvi. I avoid those types of genres/subgenres because I honestly don't wish to read it, and yet... bam, here it is.


While, honestly, this wont ruin the story in the long-run, it's an annoyance to speed read through because it's taking place in the "story arch" that I was most excited for. Other than that, and so long as the author doesn't bring in more characters like this and said character leaves the story soon enough, I'll be happy. <<less
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peterkxm rated it
August 23, 2021
Status: c78
Alright, I really enjoyed this novel up until the recent chapters. I'm hoping for more development (so basically continue the story as it is). Here's why I'm enjoying it so much:

  • The MC may (emphasis on "may") appear like your oh-so-average typical-shounen-JP-protagonist BUT he actually grows from there. From his background of being bullied by others constantly, 24/7 for being weak, young, small, and insignificant and having lost to his foster grandparents to obtaining perhaps the most powerful being to ever exist as his wife, it's a pretty solid story of growth for the MC. He manages to become more confident, more educated on romance/love, and manages to reconnect with various guild staff and adventurers that he'd known in the past. He even learns how to use magic due to Helvi, his wife, sharing her power in a not-so-family-friendly content sort of manner, but it definitely allows for the story to develop so that our protagonist can become strong himself some time in the near future.
  • The FL, Helvi, is his wife and perhaps the best FL you could possibly get for the MC. She may be a bit immature and uneducated on romance/love, but she does her best in approaching our MC continuously and supporting him from the shadows and at home. This allows for our MC to grow as an individual and obtain more confidence as well as allow the two overall to develop their relationship better from the shotgun proposal that Theo, our MC, did. Also, Helvi is beyond drastically overpowered where I'm not sure if anything in the world can threaten her or our MC and FL (I probably jinxed it) but regardless, it allows for a nice, warm-hearted, and fluffy romance story to take place without any unnecessary drama.
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Faceless1 rated it
June 19, 2021
Status: c59
This is a really nice fluffy romcom novel, don't expect much in the way of high action or drama as most of the story focuses on the lovey-dovey moments between Theo and Helvi. Plus even when there is any action it's obvious the series wants to go back to the fluffy stuff because Helvi is the peak, the strongest and I don't think there's anyone who could stop her.
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TheOneAboveAll rated it
April 18, 2021
Status: c38
I really like this fluffy story. This is a slice of life light novel, so this is a really slow story. This is good if you Want to read a simple story with cute moments. The translation is 10/10.
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DMR rated it
March 26, 2021
Status: c35
Note; if you are expecting big romance or s*x or anything of the sort... don't. The protagonist is a child.

That being said, my issue is how this story just feels so slow. It's not episodic, but it's a slice of life. It feels like there is a story that the author wants to tell, but it's so slow and frankly, quite boring.
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