Neechan no Shinyuu ni Kokuhaku Sareta Ore ha, Neechan ni Satsu sa re Sou ni Natte Iru


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The main protagonist thinks that he is just a normal guy which can be found anywhere. He is incomparable to the beauties such as his own Elder sister and the two friends who were with her.

Until a certain incident happened…

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After getting confessed to by my Elder Sister's best friend... I am about to get killed by my Elder Sister(S*xually).
Neechan no Shinyuu ni Kokuhaku Sareta Ore wa, Neechan ni Korosaretesou ni Natte Iru
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07/10/22 Zetro Translation c5
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3 Reviews

Nov 12, 2022
Status: c32
Like almost all harem stories, the MC has absolutely zero character. The only personality trait he has is dense. It’s just another copy/paste wish fulfillment story without any depth.
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3 0 e x p
3 0 e x p
Jul 12, 2022
Status: c5
Just your usual yandere novel but what im worried is the harem part, not because I hate harem in truth I love the genre, what im worried is the sister is a yandere! A yandere! Its is guaranteed to be chaotic and since it has a harem tag I can't even imagine what happens next.
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Sep 10, 2022
Status: c28
Okay, so this is similar to a yandere harem. All the heroines are yandere, there are MC's sister, 2 friends of the sister, fiancee, classmate and the twin younger sister of the classmate, for now.

The difference between this and other yandere harem type novel is that the heroines are super aggressive, let me tell you, one just straight up assaulted MC with kisses when MC is on the way to school, one just lock him up and make love with him, and lots of lots of kisses (assault).

MC is probably... more>> the worst, he didn't realize that the heroines are in love with him, even when they give him very clear hints. One time he almost r*ped by his sister in her room, few chapters after that he voluntarily enter his sister's room again, just because his sister is lectured by their parents once a few chapters before.

Damn, I like yandere novel, but I can barely tolerate it. It is just straight up H*ntai with no actual s*x scenes to me and the plot is too fast. <<less
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