Nee-chan is a Soap Girl!?


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Yuuichi, who wanted to graduate from v**ginity at any cost by the age of twenty, made up his mind and went to a soapland. In that place, the woman that was called out and appeared surprised him. It was Yuuichi’s older sister, Yumi, who was appointed to him. Can Yuuichi really graduate safely from his v**ginity!?

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Nee-chan ga Soupujou!?
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Date Group Release
06/29/18 TrashMTL c8
06/28/18 TrashMTL c7
06/27/18 TrashMTL c6
06/26/18 TrashMTL c5
06/25/18 TrashMTL c4
06/24/18 TrashMTL c3
06/23/18 TrashMTL c2
06/22/18 TrashMTL c1
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Seraphic rated it
October 8, 2018
Status: c8
Dunno if this needs much of a review, but I'll write one anyway so this page doesn't look so lonely. A normal schmuck MC wants to lose his v**ginity before he turns 20 because he feels like he'd be too much of a sad sack otherwise, so he goes to a brothel (I'm sorry, "adult massage parlor") only to find out his divorced sister is working there to make ends meet.

Then they spend eight chapters banging.

It'll take about ten to fifteen minutes to read the whole thing from start to... more>> finish, though perhaps that estimate isn't taking into account any, *ahem*, "distractions" you might have along the way.

I guess it's pretty okay smut, if in*est is your thing. There's nothing particularly offbeat/macho/lovey-dovey about it beyond the usual H-tropes; other than the in*est angle it's basically just a normal story about an average Japanese boy's visit with a prostitute. Take that however you will. <<less
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2Girls1Cupcake rated it
December 7, 2018
Status: c8
The MC is pathetic but at least it's realistic, he's a virg*n so he sucks at s*x and thankfully he's told that and they don't have s*x for like 10 hours in a row like you see sometimes, so I have to give it a high rating. It is quite a sweet story in the end with a tsun-tsun big sister.
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