Necromancer in the End of the World


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The Necromancer is a master who can communicate with the undead and take control over all the dead.

Where can he find the most deceased in Yangshi Dinesty?

Burial Hill? Ancient tombs?

No, it’s at the end of everything!

Get the system, learn the magic of the undead, travel between the present and the end of the world, Become a necromancer between the two realms.

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The Apocalypse's Necromancer
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07/28/21 Novelhunters c163 part2
07/27/21 Novelhunters c163 part1
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Digix rated it
July 24, 2020
Status: v1c1
It's Mtl, and hasn't been checked to be correct also the translators entire site is stolen from an aggregator and they just changed the links. Anyways if your fine with reading mtl it is all good but I would rather google translate it myself and read it then deal with this nonsense.

TLDR: Translated by google. Average Editing, Poor Word Correction. Story is Meh, then again context is missing Frequently throughout.
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terrythor465 rated it
November 8, 2020
Status: c52
It's... kind of bad. It's a nice idea, but it's executed badly. The MC's IQ isn't that high as he does a lot of stuff that simply make you think he's ret*rded. It falls into the same trap that most chinese novels fall into but this one makes it even worse. He goes against armed men to save some women and becomes the enemy of the biggest group in the area.

Another thing that lowers this even further is the fact that somehow electricity and the internet still work despite all... more>> of the disasters running around the world. The author even tells the reader through this that world was screwed on several fronts because they found a spaceship on the moon and decided to mess with it but couldn't keep it under wraps and the apocalypse occurs because of it.

Generally the IQ of characters in this novel are far below that of which you expect of the survivors. The amount of limiters on the MC's main power also doesn't really help the story at all. He gets a werewolf zombie early on but it dies when the MC decides to save women and gets a bearman zombie. He loses that zombie the same way.

This is probably a hard pass. If it wasn't a two world story then it may have been better but it is and it doesn't help the story at all. <<less
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Kemori rated it
June 2, 2021
Status: c27
So- this.. Wow.

Okay, where to begin.

This story has a similar system to "I have a mansion in the apocalypse" - the user can transfer between two worlds and one world has experienced an apocalypse, except the difference here is that the MC can also level up and acquire powers in the same 'genre' as necromancy (bone spikes, dark fog, raise skeletons, etc) and that's actually pretty interesting. But.

The apocalyptic world is.. Actually really, quite s*upid, there are people who turn into half-animals like Centaurs and Nagas, then you've got people... more>> using psychic powers, werewolves- I don't know why I'm able to suspend my disbelief that a guy can travel between worlds and use necromancy, but when it comes to this.. I feel so offput by the sheer levels of 'goofy' going on.

Generally.. It started out great, up until chapter 22, I was really digging the whole 'travel to a new world every 40 days and bring stuff back to the real world to sell etc' concept that's similar as 'I have a mansion' but at chapter 26 it's revealed that the power doesn't actually transfer between different worlds each time, it's the same world each time. It started out feeling like an ongoing zombie apocalypse with a necromancer MC- then it just got progressively more silly with animal people, a society that forces men to impregnate a woman every 3 months (meanwhile women only have to be impregnated once a year, in order to keep human numbers up, an alien spacehsip on the moon- I'm sorry but I'm not spoiler tagging any of this, you need to know just how goofy this gets or you can't understand why you SHOULD NOT READ THIS. Also it's only the first 27 chapters I've read, there are hundreds of chapters and I dread to think just how increasingly goofy this gets. Just thinking about it makes me cringe. <<less
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MasAy rated it
December 2, 2020
Status: c500
the most unique worlds. Different than common low plane high plane higher plane, more like the mixed of the matrix and cultivation novels..

too fast pace novels, no harem, loyal couple but this novel is only battle and battle and battle, it's boring.

if we only see time base. This novel is the fastest power upgrade from mortal to be an amazing man less than 2 years. From all novel that I read, this is the fastest upgrade ever
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