Nan Family’s Second Child Doesn’t Want to Get Married


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Le Zheng Yi is an alpha. He has been the highest position of gangster, and his life goal is to become a gangster. Unfortunately, dreams are full and reality is skinny. In the blink of an eye, he became an Omega, and his life goal became not to marry! However, he didn’t know that there was a man beside him who was eyeing up and thinking of marrying him all the time.

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ylial rated it
March 20, 2021
Status: c13
I pity this novel. The concept of the story is good but the character development, plot, and details are so stup*d. The author really wrote an intellectually handicapped characters (fr MC, side chara and up to the cannon fodders). I don't find any likeable characters. Another flaw, The novel says that the MC's her mother cared for him yet she didn't even bother to (hire to) check the background of alpha she wanted for the MC.

The MC is also brain damaged 😅 He's 23 (if I remember correctly) yet he... more>> acts like a high school, solving everything by physical fights and not thinking. And his coworkers does not look like professionals. The setting of the story is in a big company yet I feel that I'm reading a classroom setting novel.

Will drop <<less
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