Mysterious World Beast God


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It was possibly history’s most pathetic passing through.

——Lin Wei transmigrated from modern times to another world, but his existing self had turned into a summon beast!

His life would usually be in a bizarre summon beast world, then suddenly summoned by his beautiful woman master to go fight.

In order to restore his human body and pick up his beautiful woman master, he upgrades himself with great effort!

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Ab991 rated it
January 10, 2018
Status: c67
It's okay. I just hate the relationship between the MC and the young girl (master-slave relationship). I mean the MC is a human from modern society, so he should have some dignity and resistance to be a slave. However, what we see in this novel is the MC quickly, five days, accepted his new master and he is ready to die for her. He even thinks about her when he is in hard times. I just don't get it. Where is his dignity ? Why doesn't he resists ? Why... more>> does he call her master not by her name? Why doesn't he fight for his fate and for his future? I hate those MC who are too low and too loyal for no reason. He at lest should have some self esteem. So annoying. I am here to enjoy not to read about an annoying dog holies his master. <<less
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Rosver rated it
April 3, 2018
Status: --
It could have been good, or even great. Sadly, it doesn't work to its strengths.

The premise could have worked really well. Our protagonists is turned into a summoned beast and we got two worlds to explore, the world of summoned beast and the world where they are summoned.

The author could have explored the setting and the life of the protagonist as a summoned creature. Instead, the author choose the route of adding more and more stuff in. The story become overly crowded with various elements that just drags the story... more>> down. We now have four worlds, and aside from the world our protagonist is in, we barely explore them. The story also doesn't utilize the setting very well especially when the story tries to be character centric (but fail at il).

The story itself become more and more fragmented as it goes. There is already two story lines at the start: the story of our protagonist and the story of the protagonist's summoner. Then the author decides to add more summoners (yes there are many women, each from different worlds, who could summon our protagonist) each with different story lines to follow. Then the author decides to add a mystery element too. Then more characters that add more story-lines. The author was not able to tell initial storyline well, add several more and the story just breaks apart.

And then there are the characters. Our protagonists is a pushover and rather dull. He also received cheats later in the story. His masters are all females and as typical with females in CN novels, they are really dull. Every character here is just dull.


It is a poorly written story. The ideas are wasted, the plot is a mess, the characters are dull, and the setting is underutilized. It is quite clear that it comes from an author that has no idea how to write a story. <<less
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Bib rated it
September 29, 2017
Status: c10
It's not your typical story where the transmigrated MC is OP or has an unbelievable cheat. Instead the ML is pathetically weak and pitiful that even the other beasts feel sorry for him. What can an ordinary modern day teenager changed into a kangaroo-like creature even do? He just wants to return home. Although he's got the smarts but unfortunately he is low on EQ. And this is where it gets interesting and funny. I'd like to see how he evolves as a summoned beast.
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ninthlite rated it
March 6, 2018
Status: c21
Its a decent story, I was interested at first due to possible originality in the MC being a pokemon, but the story becomes a stale rehash of cliches. I don't see any reason to read this story instead of any generic wuxia/Xianxia on this site.
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Nvelist rated it
September 12, 2017
Status: c8
Even its different from your usual transmigrated chinese knowledge I say its your weak ass MC who strive to become stronger.

So far is not reaching its climax as the plot is still getting there with the protagonist still very weak against other formidable summon beasts, heck even his status still very pretty low even given harsh training from his master.

Spend 7 years in the Summon Beast World but harsh reality slap his face as he can't get any stronger as for that use his past human knowledge to survived in the new world he's in. Using variety of tools and skills to hunt for food and all sort of survival method. At least he has friends but the usual higher & lower class lingers in that world with trivial stereotype clan conflicts. The same goes for his beautiful master where her standing is important as also due to her former summon beast the Heavenly General Wolf a higher ranking beast but was replaced by a very disappointing MC who accidentally became her new summon beast. Her standing to the point of his family clan is complicated and cliche feeling of family heads toe-to-toe with the stereotype ongoing display of who's the better clan of all.

Well the story is still slow on the translation progress so the real deal of the MC is still getting there.

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