My Villain Brothers Are Interfering With My Relationship


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My parents died. I somehow avoided debt with the property I inherited, but I have three younger brothers!
It was impossible to live apart from the family, so I worked as a maid and somehow raised my younger siblings well. Now that things are settled with my family, I’m trying to find my life and love…

“Sister. Throw that man away. I will introduce you to a good man around me.”

It was suggested by my first brother, Edward. He’s my little brother, but he was a guy without blood or tears.
If there is a decent guy by his standards, it’s scary just imagining what his standard is, so when I turned down the blind date, Edward smiled softly.

“Sister. After doing a background check on that man, I found that he owed 50 million berks.”

Subsequently, Daniel, the second oldest, pretended to be surprised. Hey Daniel, you made that man owe you debt…

“Sister! Sister! Don’t just get married, live with us for the rest of your life!”

The youngest, Leonard, who said that, had blood splattered on his clothes. Every guy I’ve dated has strangely avoided me after meeting the youngest… And just hearing my name from you makes me tremble… I definitly have tried to raise my younger siblings well…so how did this happen?

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흑막 남동생들이 내 연애를 방해한다
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sageductress rated it
December 15, 2023
Status: c141

I love the relationship between the FL and her siblings. The author literally succeed in making me cry. They all deserve a happy ending after all hardship they experience.

The FL

... more>>

The FL is not overpower but she literally did her best to support her siblings, even decided to work as a maid at the age of 14 (she lied at her age and she said that she was 18). She's clumsy as a maid, and not overpowered but she can literally shut up her strong siblings and even the ML. And even though she's not a common strong FL, she literally willing to do her best to save her brother, even willing to go to the den of s*ave trader to save Edward and give up the money she has so Edward can be saved.


Edward (first younger brother)


If the MC is the mother, he stand as the father. At first, he was not close to his sister since they have diff. Gender and personality, however he came to appreciate his sister more the moment that her sister save him from s*ave trader. He's business minded and the boss of the underworld. Even as a child, he shows absolute talent in business negotiations specially to the director of orphanage where he threathen her so they can leave quietly. And I literally like how he appreciated the sacrifice and effort of her sister to the point that he sells newspaper secretly without her sister knowing so he can atleast help. He also knew how to cook. He's a successful businessman and has a lot of connection, he was 13 when the MC is 14.


Daniel (second younger brother)


He's a talented wizard and later became the owner of magic tower. He was 10 when the MC is 14. He's also smart and skip a grade because of that, however some kid call him a monster because he can memorize easily the context. Like Edward, he was overprotective to his sister to the point that they will never allow anyone to be his sister's lover and he literally put a lot of magic spell to his sister house so she can be safe. He's also the one who discovered first the truth about the ML's regression and make a study about that.


Leo (youngest)


He was 8 years old when the MC is 14. Unlike his siblings, he literally have little to know memories of their parents since he was young when their parents died. Among the 3 brothers, he's the most attached to FL since FL is the one who took care of him even when their parents are alive. He literally cried nonstop when he got adopted since he can't be away from his sister even for a moment, thanks to that the adoption was cancelled because the FL realize that it's better that they were together. When he's 17, he realize how young his sister was to work and support them and always felt guilty about that. He's the youngest swordmaster but he didn't want to pursue that since he doesn't want to worry his sister when he was assigned in front line so he wanted to have a safe work.




the ML is Theo or Timoteo. He's the Duke first son and has the blood of the saint and a dragon. He was 15 when he first met the FL since the FL work under him as a maid. The Duchess poisoned his book that's why he's unhealthy when he met the FL and he didn't want to eat the food given by them so he made the FL eat them. Because he has the dragon and saint blood he can regress but only once (that's his maternal family secret where everyone believe that their power is to see the future, however the truth is, they regress the moment they died). The FL died in the first timeline because of the assassin that intended to kill the ML, those assassin was ordered by Duchess and later the ML also died because of another attack while going to the FL's house to deliver the news that their sister died (anw, he was with Edward since Edward go to the Duchy to ask about his sister but he found out that her sister was dead). When the ML died, he regress a month before the FL died and push the FL to travel since he wants to finish first hus business or dispose the Duchess. Their parting is only supposed to be a year, however it became 5 years because the FL's brothers intercept the information about the location of their sister.


The truth behind their parents death


It wasn't an accident but a mu*der. The one behind it is the Count, the Duke Graf, and the Emperor.

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Ashley Loon
Ashley Loon
February 11, 2022
Status: c1 part15
I think it is good, FL is not reincarnated/transmigrated but when she face difficulties she try her best.I like this storyline (for now) and I am waiting for ML (I don't know if he exist or not BCUZ her brothers are really scary) But they have enough reason to be a sis-con so I am waiting for more and their sibling relationship was pretty realistic until her brothers become sis-con
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shugu8rena rated it
March 1, 2022
Status: c1 part18
It's a good read about the hardships of an orphaned older sister trying to raise and keep her brothers with her even tho she's a child herself. Her attitude towards her family and every distress/trials is quite admirable.

Her brothers are normal currently, I'd like to know how, why and when they become overprotective like in the synopsis.

Waiting for more chapters.
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