My Sweet Deceiver


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Tehez married the prince she had a crush on.

But in this marriage, only duties and responsibilities remain.

“I can’t sleep. Isn’t that the same for my wife?”


“So the wife has to help her husband fall asleep. Is not it?”

He arrives late at night like an uninvited guest and leaves before dawn.

The two still have no children.

“You are under pressure every day to have an heir. My wife must have gone out and met another b*stard, yes?”

“You are misunderstood. Prince.”

“Stop it! Tehez.”

Disdainful eyes.

You misunderstood me, and I didn’t deceive you.

From now on, you and I will live on parallel lines that will never meet.


You were my duty and my responsibility.

I want to end our story.

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나의 다정한 기만자
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