My Stepsister Who Says Go Die Go Die to Me Every Day, Tries to Hypnotize Me to Fall For Her While I Was Sleeping..!


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I, Ichigaya Aoto, am hated to death by my bloodlust sister, Ichigaya Shizuku.

The step sister who loves her brother, as is often the case in romantic comedies, is a figment of my imagination. Every day, my real step sister tells me that I’m in her way, that I should die, etc.

I had gotten used to being treated like this and was about to give up on my relationship with my step sister.

A lie that I told on a whim.

I’m not sure what to make of it.

「…Kuso Aniki… you’re hypnotized properly, right?」

「O… oh… yeah… It’s done…」

「Then… Kiss me」


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My Stepsister who Keeps Telling Me to Keel Over and Die Day After Day Tried to Hypnotize Me in my Sleep to Make Me Fall in Love With Her…!
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AlexisDreamWorld rated it
January 25, 2021
Status: v1c3
This is good if your fetish levels are high enough and you can handle the cringe. I can take some of it but I'm not so sure for serious people looking for a story, it may get better later on but you must have a weird fetish, like me since I can't stop smiling. So be warned.
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March 9, 2021
Status: --
Well setting is pretty much younger stepsister loves her older stepbrother but is to afraid to say it and is a major brocon (in secret) and tsundere, emphasis on the TSUN part and no dere at all unless she thinks he will forget about it, she also seems to be a yandere on top of that. She pretty much verbally and physically abuse him everyday. The brother on the other hand cares for her since she lost her parents and have been trying to make her smile since they met... more>> many years ago to no avail. While there isn't any real apparent love from his side at first there are hints at him liking her since he wrote an ecchi novel about the two of them.

There is also a childhoodfriend who's been telling him how much she likes/loves him from the first time they met but because she's been so upfront about her feelings from the start and the MC as usual is a major beta he just thinks she's saying she likes him as a friend.

Then the story starts with the stepsister trying to mind control the brother with hypnotism which is about to work but fails because he becomes so shocked at her using it to make him say he loves her and kiss her when he thinks she hates him because of how she normally acts. Childhood friend had caught up on it and told him many times but again he never believed her. She also threatens to kill the brother if he doesn't do what she say's when she thinks he's hypnotised.

Thats pretty much a summary of the start and setting of the story and the first 1-2 chapters.

So yeah if you like a TSUNdere + yandere little stepsister who abuses the brother she loves while trying to mind control him and threatens to kill him while at it. Then yeah go for it.

Also on the tags here, I really think a yandere tag should be added and from my understanding the MC is actually quite handsome it's just that the sister has acted like a rabid guard dog around him so no girl even dares to approach him except for the childhoodfriend which has led him to believe he's average-looking when he's actually handsome. <<less
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the_black_gift rated it
March 6, 2021
Status: --
Duh, this novel is pure horror. The szenario is pretty bad, the Mc's sister is totally annoying and unlikeable and he himself is the total extreme of a beta japanese MC. Plus he is s*upid, not only in the sense of being typically thick-headed, no he is generally s*upid.

I myself am someone who likes sme-forbidden stuff like step sibling romance, because of that I started reading this novel. I had low expectations, because I know most novels in this genre aren't good, but even so I was disappointed.

The best of... more>> this story is it's translation. Although the translation isn't the best, the translation has a certain standard. <<less
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Vorthod rated it
July 1, 2021
Status: v2c4
This looked like it was going to be quite entertaining, but the characters just make no sense. Does the little sister actually believe her hypnosis worked or not? The story seems to imply she does, but then why does she constantly still threaten to kill the protagonist despite being in a position where she can be honest with her masochistic brocon desires? Is this a plot hole or is the story seriously trying to set up a con where she knows the hypnosis is bullsh*t and is just trying to... more>> guilt the MC into following along? If the latter, that opens up about a dozen other plot holes with how she's been acting, so I don't want to accept that possibility. So basically it's played like a yandere blackmail story instead of the "I can't be honest to your face" scenario they are trying to pass it off as, and that just gets on so many of my nerves.

Alright, so even if the Hypnosis plotline as a premise was kind of a bust, I was still hoping they could still do something interesting with the actual character relationships... Unfortunately, the moment the MC accidentally talked himself into what basically amounts to a "two-timer date" cliche where he has to fill two roles at a book signing event without anyone catching on, I knew I wasn't going to be able to take this story seriously in any way. Dropping it here. <<less
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