My Sister Took My Fiancé and Now I’m Forced to Marry the Ugly Duke


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My father ostracized me. Not only did he not help me when my sister took my fiancé, but he also ordered me to marry a man with the worst reputation, known as the “Ugly Duke”.

“Oh, it looks like fun!”

Lucrezia, who had been mistreated since childhood, took this as a trial of love and, with misguided positive thinking, did as she was told and set off to meet the Duke. However, the man who greeted her was not at all like the rumors she heard about, and his appearance was strange.

“―Oh? Is there anything wrong with this person?”

I thought a fun ordeal awaited me, but there were no signs of it at all, and the “Ugly Duke” has regained his true appearance and is happy as one can be.

Meanwhile, Lucrezia’s family and former fiancé realized how important a role she played after she disappeared, but it was already too late and the whole kingdom was heading for ruin.

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8 Reviews

Jun 23, 2022
Status: Completed
3.5 stars rounding to 4

It has a certain Je Nais Se Quois, that while the story has big flaws that many people might very rightly consider deal breakers it is still readable and charming. The translation is very good which also helps.

Onto the deal breakers, first up the MC. The MC was a complete white lotus and shows a true white lotus can be a heck of a lot less likeable than a fake white lotus. The best way to describe her was empty and unaware, This is despite the... more>> author attempting to make her the reliable and sensible child, she still comes across as empty, unaware and completely at the mercy of her surroundings and luck. A viewpoint character completely devoid of purpose and presence. Somehow though I was reading the novel with her as nothing but flotsam in the storm of events and it from that point of view it was rather interesting.

The ML another block of neutronium who despite actually trying can't figure out what the heck is going on around him.

The rest of her family, cardboard cutouts.

The plot you should be able to mostly guess from the synopsis, It's mostly predictable but these losers somehow render it interesting. It's sort of like watching people who are trying to get on America's funniest home videos or kids trying to make a viral YouTube video. You know something bad will happen and even may have a good idea of what it is but you can't stop watching.

The writing overall was a little disorganized and simplistic. It's not Shakespeare or George R.R. Martin that can draw you into the page with the words. It's just barely passable and looks like it was meant for a manga from the start.

Bottom Line: It's quirky and will be hit or miss for most people. I liked it but I certainly didn't love it. <<less
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Nov 02, 2022
Status: Completed
Lucrezia was wayyyyy too magnanimous for letting the sister who stole her og fiancé live with her and her current fiance. That alone is enough to justify the one-star rating. Also she basically gave her father every opportunity to steal her fortune from her... The bad guys are written for the purpose of being bad, but why was Lucrezia written out to be such a naively idiotic girl when it came to her interpersonal relationships in spite of her practical achievements? Her s*upid decisions ultimately overshadowed her booksmart intelligence and... more>> upright morals making her appear to be an utter dunce by the end of the story.

Her sister literally told her to back off so she could marry her (FL) current fiancé after being nice enough to take her (sister) and their scum father into their home because both were essentially exiled from their country. you would think the logical response to that would be to tell the sister to shove it where the sun don't shine right? Wrong. This girl offers her fiancé up on a silver platter and challenges her thot of a sister to a "cute-off."

If it weren't for the rational ML, Lucrezia would probably have already been kicked out into the streets with no money and no man. Can't relate to that kind of s*upidity. There's kindness and then there's just plain ignorance to the point of volunteering to be taken advantage of. Way too unrealistic. <<less
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Nov 09, 2023
Status: --
It was a little disappointing tbh. BUT the good thing about it is ... more>>

1. The kingdom rai - if there were a little more scenes, this wouldve been great.

2. The duke not falling in love but instead having a crush and doubting her.

3. Her being pious excused a lot of her behavior.


however cons


1. Father duke's abuse shouldve been more fleshed out. That way we can sympathize with FL

2. Falco-rose scenes shouldve had more details.

3. Rai delegations shouldve been displayed.

4. War - more details

5. Resch - lucrezia friendship shouldve been shown atleast.

6. The marshal parents make no sense. They dont trust their kid but theyre entrusting a delegation to his fiance WITHOUT correspondence? Makes no sense.


overall if you just want a fluff story this is okay. <<less
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Oct 11, 2022
Status: Completed
There are a LOT of tropes in this but honestly they're very well done, and I like how the whole thing is written. FL is naive and a Pollyanna, and it ends up biting her as everyone takes advantage of her. There are explanations for why she is the way she is, and the background of her not being very expressive that are a little plot-armor, but not terrible. It's interesting that she is presented as very religious, since that's just not something you see often. I LOVE that the... more>> ML is VERY not trusting of the FL at first - it felt more realistic. Either way, I liked that the story ended up being a LOT more brutal than I thought it would be. Very satisfying. <<less
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Jan 11, 2023
Status: Completed
I have noticed that many novels from this "broken engagement" genre likes to put the MC on a pedestal. This novel is no exception, and it is the biggest flaw of the story.

The MC is too much of a Mary Sue that she has no actual character as they tend to contradict themselves. For example, she was first introduced as someone very religious, believing that the reason she was mistreated was because she was "God's special child" and thus, being tested for her faith... brainwashing much? Anyway, later in the... more>> story we learned that she has been using her personal fund to invest in businesses and became a little wealthy lady. But this action actually went against the teachings of her religion that said women have no rights, what they have belong to the family. So what is her character then? Is she a devoted follower of the Fate or is she an independent business woman who doesn't care about tradition?

Another contradiction was the fact they keep repeating how she was raised to be a wife of the next Marshal aka a warrior lady who will be in charge of the entire army, yet she's unable to manage just a teenager at home? I find that laughable.

And I just love how they gloss over the fact that the MC's action led to the death of many people like it's nothing. She stopped paying for the staff of the house after getting shipped off - this is perfectly reasonable - but the way she did it put so many of the commoners life at stake. They are not aristocrats who would just be inconvenience without a few staff. These people have their livelihood taken away because she's an immature child. The least she could do is give them a reference letter, so they can find another job.

Allowing her immature sister and ex-fiance messing up the peace is also another blow. The novel gloss over the war as if it's nothing, forgetting that in real wars, real people are killed. Hundreds of thousands of people are homeless. But the main culprits that started the war - MC, sister, ex-fiance - none of them received any retribution for their action. They all even live rather well after that. What a bullshit.

The only saving grace is the ML who is much better at managing his own property and guard against the MC when she first arrived, as he should! He didn't know her and she just appeared in front of his house demanding to be married.

It's a waste of potential in my opinion. My brain cells died while reading this. <<less
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Dec 02, 2022
Status: c40
The whole novel is too rished, the plot is very shallow and is hard to feel any kind of sympathy for the protagonists.

What they called love striked me more as gratitude from two people who recieved none in their whole life and mistakenly perceived being treated in a decent way as love.

Also, Lucrecia has no say in anything, she's a doormat. The author described her as a very clever woman, but it is never showed as such. We only see her being this outstand character when it comes to make... more>> her sister look super dumb.

The overall plot is too rushed and somethings makes no sense at all. It's hard to keep track of time when the same chapter mentions something that is happening in the present and jumps to the future, just to come back to the present again. It seems the author didn't really kept track of what they wanted to do and came back later to add more scenes.

If you want to just read something to pass time, this novel may be nice. But if you expect any kind of development, interesting characters or a good story, you will not find it here. <<less
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Nov 27, 2022
Status: --
The story is ok.

But the FL was too magnanimous & a downright doormat for her family.

And it's been justified by saying she was religious & rule abiding i.e. Obey ur father

It could have been way better if her character had some growth wrt her own family (father n half sister)
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Aug 11, 2022
Status: Completed
I didn't quite like MC who was overly nice to people who wronged her like MC. She's actually quite intelligent but when it came to her own family, it's like her intelligent was nowhere to be found. I don't like how MC decided to take her sister in considering that she had a history of snatching her own sister's fiance. MC herself didn't actually believe that her sister would really repent but she still kept that time bomb around anyway. Don't know if MC was overly confident or something else.
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