My Sister Took My Fiancé and Now I’m Forced to Marry the Ugly Duke


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My father ostracized me. Not only did he not help me when my sister took my fiancé, but he also ordered me to marry a man with the worst reputation, known as the “Ugly Duke”.

“Oh, it looks like fun!”

Lucrezia, who had been mistreated since childhood, took this as a trial of love and, with misguided positive thinking, did as she was told and set off to meet the Duke. However, the man who greeted her was not at all like the rumors she heard about, and his appearance was strange.

“―Oh? Is there anything wrong with this person?”

I thought a fun ordeal awaited me, but there were no signs of it at all, and the “Ugly Duke” has regained his true appearance and is happy as one can be.

Meanwhile, Lucrezia’s family and former fiancé realized how important a role she played after she disappeared, but it was already too late and the whole kingdom was heading for ruin.

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New kawaii12345 rated it
June 23, 2022
Status: Completed
3.5 stars rounding to 4

It has a certain Je Nais Se Quois, that while the story has big flaws that many people might very rightly consider deal breakers it is still readable and charming. The translation is very good which also helps.

Onto the deal breakers, first up the MC. The MC was a complete white lotus and shows a true white lotus can be a heck of a lot less likeable than a fake white lotus. The best way to describe her was empty and unaware, This is despite the... more>> author attempting to make her the reliable and sensible child, she still comes across as empty, unaware and completely at the mercy of her surroundings and luck. A viewpoint character completely devoid of purpose and presence. Somehow though I was reading the novel with her as nothing but flotsam in the storm of events and it from that point of view it was rather interesting.

The ML another block of neutronium who despite actually trying can't figure out what the heck is going on around him.

The rest of her family, cardboard cutouts.

The plot you should be able to mostly guess from the synopsis, It's mostly predictable but these losers somehow render it interesting. It's sort of like watching people who are trying to get on America's funniest home videos or kids trying to make a viral YouTube video. You know something bad will happen and even may have a good idea of what it is but you can't stop watching.

The writing overall was a little disorganized and simplistic. It's not Shakespeare or George R.R. Martin that can draw you into the page with the words. It's just barely passable and looks like it was meant for a manga from the start.

Bottom Line: It's quirky and will be hit or miss for most people. I liked it but I certainly didn't love it. <<less
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