My Sister Never Called Me Brother


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A man who is honest is also treated with sincerity. Nevertheless, I still want to experience the pains of youth, evading the childhood friend’s knife. Conquering your sister, opening the path to your own harem, and achieve a “Happy End” utopia. It’s been rumored that I’ve been devilishly pushed a lot on my path by my sister. But it doesn’t matter—because I already bought a wheelchair ages ago, AH HA HA HA!…

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My Younger Sister Never Called Me Older Brother
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02/15/18 13th Echelon c4 part1
10/08/17 13th Echelon c3
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10/02/17 13th Echelon c1
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diarrheavomit rated it
October 4, 2017
Status: c1

I don't know if it's due to the translation or if it's because of how it was originally written but the comedic moments of the first chapter don't really appeal to me and the point of view switches around a lot (there's be a paragraph written in first person then it'd suddenly jump to third person and then back again).

Since it's the first chapter, I don't know much about the characters yet but so far;

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  • Main character lacks self-awareness. Perhaps it's to build the comedic atmosphere of the main character but so far all I feel is cringe at his antics. He's very focused on girls but I suppose that's normal in a comedic incest harem comedy harem story novel.
  • Sister, unlike the main character, is Japanese for some reason. I don't really care but a heads up if for whatever reason you don't like Japanese (some of the Chinese people I've met don't like the Japanese). I doubt you would thought since you're filth enough to read a comedic incest harem comedy harem story novel. So far there hasn't been much in the way of character building but that's expected for the first chapter. Seems like a haughty person. Tsundere?
Story is nothing at the moment so I can't say anything about anything.

I suppose I can get used to the style of writing later on but there isn't a lot of content at the moment and the scenes don't really draw me in so I'm not very hopeful for this series.

1/1 should wait until more chapters are released before giving a final opinion <<less
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