My Sister is Jealous of Another World Girls~Fun Harem Store Management


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While living together with his younger sister, Yuki Kinoshita ( 3rd year high school student) transfers to another world in front of his younger sister’s eyes.

To rescue her older brother, she pursues after him into the other world by transferring there right before her brother in the nude.

The siblings will have debts in the other world, and start managing the stores together with an elf to repay their debts.

As a kemomimi girl and a young woman join them , both siblings are trying to find the means to return to their original world.

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妹は異世界少女に嫉妬する ~楽しいハーレム店舗運営~
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January 30, 2018
Status: c7
So, it's a harem/romcom with misunderstandings comedy. The good news is, the misunderstandings make sense so far - the protagonist is a delusional narcissist siscon. So far, the female characters act appropriately when dealing with him, and there's a strong possibility the "harem" will end up being all the protagonist's wistful thinking.

I'm rating it "has potential"/5 stars. It could still tip to 1 or 5 in a single chapter depending on how the harem (? Or romance?) progresses, but so far it's worth the 15 minutes or so it would... more>> take to read all the chapters.

Things that might matter to some: The English is obviously not perfect ("Does Ruel can appraisal too?") but it doesn't get in the way of understanding the story. Chapters are relatively short, but at least so far each chapter moves the story forward in a small but meaningful way. It's a good candidate for saving up chapters for binge-reading, especially with the hope that the translator will have a proofreader go through and fix the grammar. <<less
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