My Refrigerator Turned Into A Dungeon


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One day, a monster-infested dungeon suddenly appears around the world, causing people to shudder.

In the midst of all this, an old two-door refrigerator in the apartment of a humble businessman is somehow also connected to the dungeon. The man who rents the room is bewildered, but attracted by its magical nature, he sets out to conquer the dungeon that only he knows about….

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02/28/24 GalaxyTL c152 part2
02/28/24 GalaxyTL c152 part1
02/26/24 GalaxyTL c151 part2
02/26/24 GalaxyTL c151 part1
02/24/24 GalaxyTL c150 part2
02/24/24 GalaxyTL c150 part1
02/22/24 GalaxyTL c149 part2
02/22/24 GalaxyTL c149 part1
02/20/24 GalaxyTL c148 part2
02/20/24 GalaxyTL c148 part1
02/18/24 GalaxyTL c147 part2
02/18/24 GalaxyTL c147 part1
02/17/24 GalaxyTL c146 part2
02/16/24 GalaxyTL c146 part2
02/16/24 GalaxyTL c146 part1
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ehrid rated it
November 14, 2022
Status: c60
Really good at the beggining, focused on dungeon, exploration and problem solving. Even first encounter with potential wifu seems good, but soon it extends to 3 and whole sotry moves to some romans with dungeon somewhere in background. It looks like some wird wet dreams of author.

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It's shownnthat MC is heavy on safety, but after shifting to romans storyline he starts to be stiupid about dungeons, he found a easy way to get slime skill orb (~60%), but after 10th skill is transformed to higher tierso he did not collected more. Later on he found out that he can exceed 10 and it goes like 1.3 etc, but he didn't return to improving this skill (he already had problem using it against 5th floor boss...) And it's not sole problem, there are many similar.

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katoumegumi_ rated it
September 1, 2023
Status: c46
I wholeheartedly agree with @ehrid's review. The romance does feel like it's shoehorned in.

All the time I've been reading isekai/RPG system stories, romance had been put as a second or last thought. The main focus was always the system and the world (-building), hooking me, the reader in. If you want romance as the main focus in the story, read any eroge there is. (I can recommend Harem Kingdom by SMEE, if you want something familiar first)

Not an issue with the story, but I really hate when a "translator"... more>> site is not upfront about its usage of barely, or not at all edited machine translation. It made the story even more painful to read than it had to, in addition to shoehorned in romance. <<less
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