My Possession Became a Ghost Story


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‘Anyhow … I think I transmigrated into a romance fantasy novel.’

The problem is—I opened my eyes in a wake room. Within a coffin. At the funeral of this body’s owner. To make matters worse, I had read so many novels that I couldn’t remember which one I was in.

‘Ta-da~ you thought I was dead, right? I was not!’

On the other hand, I think I’m a villainess. My family is cold-hearted, and the servants shrink and shun me, often crying while looking at the air next to me. But it doesn’t matter! I’ll exploit my master in romance fantasy to get rid of my villainess tag!

But then, I found a strange pattern.

“What exactly is this?”

[How to summon •••] ‘Is it summoning formation to summon something like spirits or dragons? That’s good. A villainess needs at least one ability to protect herself.’


‘But why was I chosen by a three-eyed leopard-patterned cheese cat, rather than spirits or dragons? Well, it doesn’t matter because it’s cute!’

A monster lives in Count Rohanson’s household. A creature lurking beneath the skin of the late Lady Evangeline.

“I’m Gabriel, commander of Paralos Knights. I’d like to know more about young lady Rohanson.”

‘Knight Commander, pitch black hair, azure eyes … Gabriel must be the male lead!’

“How foolish. You don’t even know your place. I’m not interested in you.”

“It doesn’t matter. I’m just curious about you.”

‘How come? Aren’t I the villainess? Go find your partner, the female lead!’

My aim is to use my summoning circle to protect myself! I’ll also look after Pudding the cat and Jelly the werewolf.

“By the way … why does everyone keep trembling whenever they see me?”

A story about a heroine who thinks she’s in a romance fantasy novel and the unsettling events that happen to those around her.

Associated Names
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My Transmigration Became a Ghost Story
Possessed and turned into a ghost story
빙의했더니 괴담이 돼 버렸다
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New ghostdj0 rated it
April 9, 2024
Status: c42
I read it just to pass time at first and see what it's about, but now I'm hooked.

This story became one of my all time favorite romance novels, it's one of my top 5.

The story has a similar vibe to "I'm not the demon god's lackey" in that the FL is a horrifying being that she herself is not aware of while everyone knows it.

... more>> What I love most is the horror aspect and the source of it being the FL.

You also don't get the romance pushed into your face, no male leads being domineering douches and cranky princes or mysterious assassin guild boss tr*sh.

Nope, even at this moment I don't even know who the ML is, but I'm totally fine with that, I actually love the story more because of that.

The FL is funny, her internal monologue is just funny. She also has a stoic cold outer appearance, and she also has that ethereal otherworldly aura about her.

Also, the story is built on misunderstandings, but FL is also so detached that it just makes everything so perfect, now I'm absolutely fine with the misunderstandings not clearing up till the end. I would rather the author not to reveal them and turn the story into any other third rate FL that blushes at the slightest gesture. I like my FL cold and treats everyone as ants while scaring the sh*t out of them. <<less
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September 26, 2022
Status: --
Just reac the currently availabe chapetrs and like- the premise is absolutely busted king!!!

Girlie here thinks she's in a romance fantasy novel, but like, girl.. No f*cking heroine remade wakes up in a coffin in the middle of a funeral and think people are going to think it's a miracle when she knows jack sh*t about who the dead girl she's possessing. Like, it's a perfect blend of comedy and horro on part of the outsider POV because they knew who the dead girl was, who in this case was... more>> Evangeline, someone who's likely not a villainess as our girlie here assumes.

Gods I love the writing here, it's genuinely chilling with the outsider POV and I f*cking love the spin the author took with the transmigrated villain/villainess trope. I'm going to go cackle when she realizes that the fantasy setting isn't for a romance novel to begin with. It's just a world that breathes it and just happens to have started from her perspective as a romance novel brought to life with her as the starring villainess who needs to "stop" being one.

I'll also say the book cover is also really??? Amazing. Her reflection's missing in the mirror as that guy dances with her. I'm gonna love this when it gets more chapters. <<less
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lil_ya rated it
March 2, 2024
Status: c100s
I genuinely think this series will be either a hit or miss depending if you could:

    1. tolerate our MC's personality,
    2. finding misunderstandings fun because this series is a castle built of a whole chunk of misunderstandings.
this series focused on mystery, horror, and the crazy... like really crazy domino effect plot progression of what the MC unknowingly started (what MC did in chapter two basically become the base of this entire story).

I think this series is most similar to 'I'm Really Not the Demon God's Lackey', in which these MCs view themselves as normal, but everyone thought otherwise, revere and fear them as a mysterious high being.

this series is written in multiple pov (third point of view and MC's point of view).

the MC's point of view is very light-hearted and where the comedy tag came in play. as someone previously said, our MC is very delulu, thinking she came into a romance fantasy world, assuming roles to the people she met (thinking her maid's younger sis is the female lead, the knight commander as the male lead, and so on). she imaginatively write the 'original plot' based on tropes that she often saw in her previous life.

on the other hand, the third point of view is where the horror tag came in play. others view MC as an unknown being who took over the young lady's body... and their view on the situation gave a very huge contrast to our MC's perspective that it felt chilling.

romance? well, until 100s where I read, nothing really happened. tbf I can't even imagine how the romance will go, despite this series being tagged as a 'romance fantasy', the romance is barely a subplot and until now seemed to be only for MC's delusional thoughts, about the supposedly 'original plot' of the world she transmigrated into.


ML appears a lot, but until now there was not even a hug. only ML kissing MC's hand in greeting and dancing with MC for ball (and both scenes weren't romantic, that dance scene especially was a literal horror moment).

honestly, I'm not even sure how the romance of the story will progress, considering both didn't meet eye to eye. MC think he's a fish she need to control, view herself as the only real person while others as paper people... in ML's words, she view everyone as ants. while ML thought MC as a mysterious being that made him curious and fear, and couldn't help but getting attracted like a moth running towards fire....

I feel this story emphasize ML's role as 'that honest and noble knight who has fallen and bewitched by the demon'. instead of having a ML who was shipped with MC by the characters, we got everyone questioning his life choices thinking he was enchanted and need to woke up. he tried to justify himself but honestly even I agree that it wasn't convincing. also, the ML is the stoic but kind type so I kinda pity him for getting entangled with this mess.


this author really know how to keep me invested. as a person who got bored easily, everytime I got bored midway and considered pausing, the author suddenly drop a bomb enough for me to stay in curiosity. It happened a few times and now I could say that this story is one of my favorites. I really can't predict how this story will progress.

and seriously, this story is something I never expect to read in the 'romance fantasy' category. I was prepared to be disappointed because, again, this was tagged under 'romance fantasy'. I was expecting a prominent romance with not-so fleshed out mystery and horror... but, well I was proven so wrong.

the mystery and horror was really really well-written, and I enjoyed it lots lots lots! c:
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laskjd rated it
February 9, 2024
Status: c25
Genuinely good.

The non-MC POV parts have actually creeped me out which only makes the parts from the MC POV even funnier. Also a nice mystery element of trying to figure out what the MC actually is.

Highly recommend that you read this.
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BronzeCat6265 rated it
January 24, 2024
Status: c50
I love this! I was so glad I stumbled on this masterpiece! I love misunderstanding tropes. Plus, I am into mysteries, horror, and I like some roman fantasy especially "villainess" POVs. The MC thinks she is a villainess and I find her delulu when she starts making up plots in her brain about the other characters 🤣

To describe this novel is a bit like the CN "I’m Really Not The Demon God’s Lackey" and the manhwa "The Rules of Rose Ivy Manor" / KR novel "I Thought It Was a... more>> Ropan, but It's a Ghost Story"

It's a really fun read, so I recommend this for people looking for a bit of something new and casual. <<less
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CandleLight rated it
January 2, 2024
Status: c17


"Where shall I take you?"

The coachman twisted his neck to look at Daisy. The sight was eerie, and Daisy swallowed dryly.

"Where shall I take you?"

When Daisy did not answer, the question was repeated over and over again, with the same tone and speed, unchanged. Was he going to keep asking until he heard an answer? Daisy glanced at the red line drawn across the coachman's neck.

Daisy decided on her destination as she reflected on the nightmare of that day and today.

"To the temple."



Olive realized that the instruction to carry the lantern was a consideration from the butler.

Things that are not people wandering around the Rohanson mansion at night do not carry lanterns.


The excerpt above tells you the mood of pretty much everyone in the novel, except our MC!

MC thinks it is a rofan novel world and views it with rose tinted glasses. Picking through people and deciding which is FML, ML, sub ML, the subplots etc. While everyone is just creeped out, or totally out of sync with her thoughts.

The contrast of narrative is just so interesting! One moment I feel scared from horror elements, then when it's MC pov, it suddenly becomes lighter again.


This novel runs on a misunderstanding trope, but with rofan and horror that are 2 genre I've never seen before.
4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
December 26, 2023
Status: c14
Very unique concept for a historical transmigration fantasy trope. It's like Tearmoon Empire meets horror. Contrary to Tearmoon Empire, though, I think this might be less repetitive because you can tell that there's more to the situation than it seems. If the author dabbles more on the mystery side, it could be a really interesting novel.

Anyway, the protagonist is very amusing. It's funny because her thought processes actually made sense if she was transmigrated to your average rofan world. The POVs of other characters which made the horror part of... more>> the novel were really intriguing as well.

No major gripes so far and it's really promising. I'll definitely come back to it in the future when it has more chapters. <<less
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Kewind_nu rated it
February 29, 2024
Status: c25
So far, I’m hooked and hoping the story will continue to be translated as I can’t find a complete novel of it anywhere. The MC seems to be unattached to the reality of her transmigration because she can’t fathom why or how she got there. She takes on each day in a surreal manner and only gets serious when she can’t stand unacceptable behavior in front of her. I do like her! The story is a mystery mixed with horror, magic, and a heroine who doesn’t know where she stands... more>> or is supposed to do in the world she has been pulled into. <<less
1 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
SweetBago rated it
September 18, 2022
Status: --
Can't say anything just yet but it looks interesting and funny so far. MC is hilarious. The translations is also quite good. Can't wait for more!
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