My Possession Became a Ghost Story


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‘Anyhow… I think I got possessed into a rofan novel.’

The problem is—I opened my eyes in a wake room. Within a coffin. At the funeral of this body’s owner. To make matters worse, I had read so many novels that I couldn’t remember which one I was in.

‘Ta-da~ you thought I was dead, right? I was not!’

On the other hand, I think I’m a villainess. My family is cold-hearted, and the servants shrink and shun me, often crying while looking at the air next to me. But it doesn’t matter! I’ll exploit my master in Rofan to get rid of my villainess tag!

But then, I found a strange pattern.

“What exactly is this?”

{How to summon •••}

‘Is it summoning magic to summon something like spirits or dragons? That’s good. A villainess needs at least one ability to protect herself.’


‘But why did she choose a three-eyed leopard-patterned cheese cat, rather than a spirit or a dragon? Well, it doesn’t matter because it’s cute!’

A monster lives in Count Rohanson’s household. A creature lurking beneath the skin of the late Lady Evangeline.

“I’m Gabriel, commander of the Fararos knights. I’d like to know more about Rohanson’s esteemed daughter.”

‘Knight commander, pitch black hair, azure eyes… Gabriel must be the male lead!’

“Fool. Don’t you know your place? I’m not interested in you.”

“It doesn’t matter; I’m merely curious about you.”

‘How come? Aren’t I the villainess? Go find your partner, the female lead!’

My aim is to use my summoning abilities to protect myself! I’ll also look after Pudding the cat and Jelly the werewolf.

“By the way… why does everyone keep trembling whenever they see me?”

A story about a heroine who thinks she’s in a Rofan novel and the unsettling events that happen to those around her.

Associated Names
One entry per line
My Transmigration Became a Ghost Story
Possessed and turned into a ghost story
빙의했더니 괴담이 돼 버렸다
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September 26, 2022
Status: --
Just reac the currently availabe chapetrs and like- the premise is absolutely busted king!!!

Girlie here thinks she's in a romance fantasy novel, but like, girl.. No f*cking heroine remade wakes up in a coffin in the middle of a funeral and think people are going to think it's a miracle when she knows jack sh*t about who the dead girl she's possessing. Like, it's a perfect blend of comedy and horro on part of the outsider POV because they knew who the dead girl was, who in this case was... more>> Evangeline, someone who's likely not a villainess as our girlie here assumes.

Gods I love the writing here, it's genuinely chilling with the outsider POV and I f*cking love the spin the author took with the transmigrated villain/villainess trope. I'm going to go cackle when she realizes that the fantasy setting isn't for a romance novel to begin with. It's just a world that breathes it and just happens to have started from her perspective as a romance novel brought to life with her as the starring villainess who needs to "stop" being one.

I'll also say the book cover is also really??? Amazing. Her reflection's missing in the mirror as that guy dances with her. I'm gonna love this when it gets more chapters. <<less
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SweetBago rated it
September 18, 2022
Status: --
Can't say anything just yet but it looks interesting and funny so far. MC is hilarious. The translations is also quite good. Can't wait for more!
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