My Plain-looking Fiance is Secretly Sweet with Me


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“Onii-san, congratulations on your marriage. This person is your bride.”
“M-my name is Watanae Yuuka… I’m in the same class as you…”

My name is Sakata Yuuichi. I’m in my 2nd year of high school.
Due to my parents’ circumstances, I’m suddenly getting married..?
Furthermore, my partner is a plain girl, Watanae-san.

During my 3rd year of middle school, I went through a bad experience. Ever since then, I’ve only been interested in 2D heroines. There’s absolutely no way I’d ever be interested in a 3D girl.
That was what I thought, but…

“…Well then, who’s your favorite heroine right now?”

Turns out, she was actually an otaku and she becomes very talkative when you get to know her.
She’d always happily engage in our conversations. She showed me things I’d never have expected from a girl in my class.

“Err, since we’re going to be living together… Is it okay if I call you Yuu-kun?”

And, the moment I let my guard down, she’d instantly try to shorten the distance between us.
What’s more…

“Just between you and me, I’m actually the voice actress for Yuuna Izumi from 『Alice Stage』. Thank you for always supporting me!”

It’s a secret from everyone else, but it turns out she’s actually my favorite heroine’s voice actress?!

I am only interested in 2D heroines!
But, Yuuka’s true self, which she only shows when she’s alone with me, is nothing but cute!

This is the story of me and Yuuka, starting as fiancees. A heartwarming and chaotic romcom!

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Ore no iinazuke ni natta jimiko, ie de wa kawaii shika nai
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7 Reviews

New LevelTryHard
Jan 07, 2022
Status: --
Went in with no expectations since I read the description like wowie no wayyy!!!!! But yeah it's that it's so bad its good and other times makes you question what the author has done in his alone time I wouldn't recommend unless your a fan of cringing
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Mar 21, 2021
Status: c17
Genre tag should be Rom-s*upid dumb$ (@. Another 3rd year HS student who behaves and acts like he is a middle schooler. He had a Trauma in Middle School and thus he stopped aging mentally.

The MC is the prime example of a doormat MC since everyone I saw just walks all over him.

His Middle School aged younger sister acts more like an Adult Man than the Main Character thus she walks all over him.

His Dad just doesn't care and just pushes this girl on him to better his career, and... more>> since I guess he knows his son has no spine he just does it.

His friend in school is so so but the way the conversation goes, he might know that he can control the MC.

The female student who has known him since middle school and knows what he was like before the incident, she just does what she pleases and he lets her control his life. From annoying him the class room to actually making him go to karaoke with all her friends. I stopped reading at the karaoke scene since that was my last straw with this story. If the MC had any balls or spine he never would have went as per his persona...

Then you add in the Fiancé she as well just does what she wants with him since he can't stop anyone from doing what they want to do with him.

The quality of the translation I would give it a 4/5 as I did find some things off, but nothing tough to deal with. (like the class home room teacher inside the first 3 paragraphs of their intro goes from female to male then back to female). <<less
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Mar 22, 2021
Status: c28
Though I may agree to some degree on what the other person said regarding the MC, but I don't want to be harsh to the translator that does their job well on this series as it was also their first series. The translations are done well and had consistency in updating the series.

At the very least, it's sweet though I hope we get more character development for the MC. The FL is basically carrying our MC here no doubt. He needs to man up for himself.

As for those people that... more>> hate or might hate the imouto, she redeems herself at c25. She was just an imouto that deeply cared for his brother but can't properly communicate herself. Also, gonna point out here that the author did not do something cliche with the imouto having feelings for the MC which is good.

So far, I don't have any major expectations for this series other than the MC that I hope gets better later on. <<less
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Mar 24, 2021
Status: c30
I'll take the middle ground between the 2 reviews. The premise looks interesting, but I don't see how the plot can advance further, unless I'm dense too. I half agree with the MC being somewhat unlikable, probably because he has this real cute waifu completely devoted to him, and he's still hung over an incident in 8th grade, preventing him from actually getting closer to her. I mean, I've definitely been rejected before but I don't think it'd be as traumatic as that? Sure, his classmates might've laughed at him,... more>> but you can't tell me that absolutely none of his classmates have ever been rejected? They're either chads or just hypocritical cowards laughing at someone who could do what they couldn't. Real men press 'F' on their keyboard for their fallen comrades. Or I'm just being naive here.

Well, this is a typical rom-com, which should be wholesome and diabetic, so I don't expect major plot twists, huge character development, or an extensive backstory. It does bother me that there are a few plot holes, but I'll just let those slide. On a side note though, the translator told me that he'd only continue with v2 if lots of people want to read its continuation. Otherwise, he's going to translate another series.

Speaking of the translator, isn't he kinda inconsistent on the release schedule? I'm still waiting for those illustrations. <<less
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Apr 23, 2021
Status: c35
Would definitely not recommend this if you hate clichés because this series is full of them but if you're here just to have a reason to avoid school works or responsibilities, then this might be good to waste time.

This series is basically just a compilation of clichés which you will see on most romcoms. The interaction between main characters feels forced like, "omg this creepy guy with very cringe pen name ("Grim reaper in love" iirc) sending me letters, I love him so much now uwu." like what the f*ck?

The... more>> MC hated the idea of getting married at 3d girl first and then suddenly he is acting like an almighty fiancé for whatever reason

BTW this is my first time writing a review so I am sorry if I am not able to deliver my point much better. I just had to review this so I can express my frustration (That's totally the reason, trust me. Not because I just need an excuse to skip my school works for the meantime) <<less
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Aug 02, 2021
Status: c60
This is kinda a rant as I dont really write review for anything.

This type of premise is usually pretty cliche and predictable, not that I complain about it. The main problem I have with this series is its characters:

- MC only has 2D girl in mind because of a trauma. That's fine but it's hard to believe he still keeps that mentality when there's a girl, having the same voice and personality as his waifu, devotes her life to him. Seeing him treating his waifu/fiance as 2 different person just... more>> make my blood boiled.

- FMC does not feel like real people. The way she acts and talks when they're at home feels like some overdone tsundere/kuudere cliche, making her the exact person the MC always wants: a 3D girl with a 2D personality. Also, to me, some letter of encouragement is not enough to devote your life to someone you just met.

You most likely go into this for some romance and fluff but there are series out there with better execution with similar premise. <<less
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Jun 19, 2021
Status: v2c1
So I'm a fan of fluffy and cute romcom stories with minimal drama and this fits the bill quite nicely. Whilst a lot of people may dislike the MC at first, by the end of the first volume, he's a whole lot better getting to grips with his feelings for the female MC and truly helping her out by the end of the volume.

If you're a fan of fluffy romcom series then you should give this series a go!
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