My New Life, Won’t You Please Become Peaceful!


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I was reborn in another dimension where magic, princesses, princes, dragons and wizards exist. Everything is fine except for one thing: the world I was reborn in was a BL Game! There is only one choice: to become a man among men or a man under men. God….I want to die again.

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ชีวิตใหม่ของผม ได้โปรดจืดจางลงหน่อยเถอะครับ!
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Aria rated it
January 4, 2018
Status: c100

Don't let the first few chapters fool you, this is not a typical nice&fluffy story, each and every one of them is not right in the head and the story gets darker with every chapter passed

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Friederike rated it
December 28, 2017
Status: c40
LOL this is probably my bias speaking, but I love this novel so much! It just touches on those self-indulging spots I have for yaoi, causing me to partially scream every time there's an update. By the time this review is written, only 24 chapters are out so I can't say much, but I really hope everything else gets translated! Anyways, unto the review~

Edited as of CH. 40

... more>>

【written as of c24】

Let me preface this by saying that Nigel is great. Nope. No. There are no two ways about it. Nigel Gawain is who I consider best guy and no one can say so otherwise. I dunno... he's just-- his two-faced b*tchery is just way too succinct and beautiful you gotta hand it over to him to act like that. And I love how he's still super skeptical and he didn't change in like within five minutes of meeting Gil. Hell, he even called the guy s*upid. I love Nigel and although the NiGil ship isn't faring well right now, no one is gonna stop this fujoshi.

Ah... Haref, Haref, Haref. The elf-like guy with the multicolored irises. I didn't really hate him, but I didn't like him that much either. It's more of a so-so. I mean, he's cool and all, but his sadism is way off-charts (lol) and Gil can't catch a break. Best possible ship to become canon. Has most probability so far. Maybe there's some kind of development in the future? I'm not too sure. But yeah, sad*st Route for Haref.

Salsaal is a giant cinnamon roll douche bag and I can't believe someone can actually be described that way. Anyways he's like sassy and smol at the same time?? He acts like a tsukkomi to Gil when circumstances arise and I love him for it. He's also pretty OP, but he has this giant weakness that balances him out. So, he can't immediately conquer the world like he wants to (LOL). Sucks to be him but that's what you get for making Haref and Nigel suspect Gil you giant dummy.


I'm waiting for the secret yandere route lololol that's basically I'm reading all these anyways and yes Nigel has the best possibility so I like him fite me. All in all, though chapters are short, it's still pretty engaging because it's yaoi and we're all here for the yaoi. I'm waiting till translations catch up to the current 132nd chapter. TT I love this sm--

【written as of c40】





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Wynnfield rated it
December 25, 2018
Status: --
Honestly I made an account just to review this novel, because this is a must read for any BL/Isekai fans! (And I needed an outlet for all these feels) It gets really dark after a while, so if that's not your cup of tea I suggest you stop after chapter 20, because it only gets darker afterwards... And really angsty too. If you don't mind dark and deep stories, I really highly recommend this novel for Romance lovers out there! It starts off really slow, but after a while you... more>> will realise the romantic attribute of this novel is what makes it so beautiful. (There IS in*est (bits and pieces) in this story, just a warning for people not fond of it.)

I've read till the latest available chapter, and here is a summary of the characters for people who didn't read the raws. Please be aware of all the spoilers.

The characters are all really well written, and the author is a huge blessing to my life. She wrote the story in different povs and it makes you realise that it takes two hands to clap. The story is really well written and insightful. Again, below contains spoilers for the raws which I had only summarised for people who did not use MTL. I highly suggest reading the story first because it deserves to be read!

For the Main character, I found him the most complex and hard to understand. He seems so adorable and innocent that you can't help but like him.

Gilbert is a really deep character. He doesn't mind hurting people because he just 'doesn't care' anymore. His perception of death and how it is 'too kind' as a punishment really made me deluge into his character even more. When Kass (Protagonist/ his younger brother) hugged him and told him, "Big Brother I have grown up", that was the first time anyone saw him really cry. He did everything for his family, but ran away from people who wanted to shower him love. I think he was scared of receiving love, because he didn't want to be left behind (again). The few moments I saw him really happy was when he was with




Nigel is honestly the character I pitied the most. He is so twisted and dark, but his love was so pure.


He was the first to realise he was in love, the first to accept it and confess it. However the situation was never right. Gilbert never believed in Nigel's love. He always thought Nigel only loved him because of the 'blessing', hurting him even more until


Nigel attempted su*cide


For Haref, although I am attached to him, he was my least favourite member of the childhood friend troupe. He has his reasons for doing things, and he was the one with the most awareness out of the trio, but he realised it too late. Although depicted as sadistic, Haref remained the purest out of the three after many years.


Borrowing [lil sis's] words, Haref is a coward. Readers could see he was in love, but he never admitted it until later in the story when it was too late. He was too perceptive, and knew about Nigel's love, but he either had too much insecurities, and did not dare to change their relationship, or he placed his family name as a Lancelot of upmost importance. He was the most righteous of the trio, so he hesitated a lot. Does he help his friends? Or does he help his people? Haref matured the most out of the trio. He was the only person who dared to forgive and apologise for all his actions, but again, he is a coward who had the qualities needed, but never took action before it was too late. Compared to Nigel with Gilbert, Haref learnt to accept the fact that it was too late for Gilbert to look his way, and gave up pursuing him and moved on, a proof that he had grown up from the selfish him.


However, the Author had wrote an omake of how if Gilbert did not end up with Salsal


Salsaal, the tyrant prince is part of the reason why everything went haywire. His plans to kill his father involved so many people. Salsaal had the powers to see into the future (40 ending routes), so he was confident in himself. He is a result driven man, and even when faced with shocking news, could still remain calm. Personally I think the reason why Gilbert fell for Salsaal is because they are different, but their way of thinking is too similar. Salsaal accepted the dark parts of Gil which he never showed the rest. He found it interesting and wanted to use him, but who knew that he would've fell for the idiot. Salsaal disliked Gil calling him Salsal because that was what the King called him when he was younger, but he still allowed it because he held affections for Gil. The road to their happiness was really rocky, and Salsaal was easily jealous. He was competitive and it was really cute to read. However it was really short lived because they were short handed and both of them were captured. Even though they had such a short happy time together, Salsaal was satisfied with the time he had with with Gil. When asked by Duke bedivere if he would die for his son, Salsaal replied a negative, because he is sure that Gilbert wouldn't do the same to him. For them, their own lives was the most important. "Love yourself most", Salsaal respected Gil's way of thinking, and Gil respected Salsaal too. However at the end of the online chapters, When we all thought they were going to die together, Salsaal made a deal with the King, putting all the blame on himself. As he controlled Gil to behead him at his execution, he whispered his last words to Gilbert. "I love you. Loving you, made me feel as if Im really alive". Afterwards, Gilbert escaped his death penalty and was hailed as a 'hero'. While everyone was celebrating Salsaal's death with fireworks, Salsaal's magic breaks and Gilbert screams in silence over killing his lover. Salsaal's greatest wish was never to kill his father and take the throne, but to be acknowledged and live a happy life with Gilbert.

(Yes I cried while typing Salsaal's summary out) The online chapters ended there (Cliffhanger..) and unfortunately I cannot read the book without MTL, but from what the Author says, it is a Happy Ending. I wish that everyone got the happiness they deserve.

That's it for the main few casts, there are still other important characters like King Author, Excaliber, Kas and [Lil' Sis], but the review would get too long. Hope everyone enjoyed this as much as I did. <<less
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Wanderingson rated it
June 21, 2020
Status: c46
I was fooled by the author, or at least that's what it felt.

Let me explain. At first it was good. Very, very good.

At a glance the writing is the usual non-descriptive, staccato sentences but quickly enough you realize that the seemingly one dimensional, flat characters have unusual hidden depths to them. It's amazing to see how the dark society the Princes and dukes-to-be are raised in negatively affects them.

It can be weirdly philosophical ... more>>

(as in Nigel's discarding of the self for the betterment of his country), uniquely disturbing (the Lancelot's documented predatory behavior) and genuinely tragic (every one of the main characters introduced so far have invoked this description at least once).


It also seems to use genuine stylistic features which is kind of surprising. BL transmigration stories are notoriously rather dry in that respect and I'm not sure if this perhaps is the TL's own special flavor added to the translation.

It's really well written and emotionally gripping which is why despite it's many pitfalls I still considered it good. Or at least, for awhile until it became littered with issues.

One such issue is, no novel should have a main character with such a poor characterization. This is especially strange because the world itself and the deuteragonists have very rich and explored backgrounds, but the main character himself seems to have very little in the ways of interests.

The moment, so far, when Gilbert went cosplaying is one of the most clear cut examples of us, the readers learning more about himself as a character. Also, him saving his baby brother and convincing Nigel to live for himself.


The rest 30+ pages he is dragged into Arthur's power struggles after which he is amusingly reduced to a background character save for when he isn't being called an idiot or weak. His flashbacks with his sister only emphasizes that even in his old life he has no presence or personality to speak of on his own and he has no hobbies.

The fujoshis' and himself are all just archetypal caricatures of the otaku culture without any defining characteristics of their own

(notice how after Prince Arthur's escape Callis only returns as comic relief despite being an extremely powerful individual).


Also, there's an extremely disturbing habit of the author to trivialize the mol*station of little boys. This would be bad enough, but they do so in such a way that it damages flow of control of the plot and the established character settings.

For example, after being fondled by Merlin, it makes no sense that the particularly ruthless and vengeful Nigel and Lancelot would so easily let him off or not alert their parents. It also throws the entire question of the relatability of the MC and the fujoshi, who are supposed to be representatives of 'our' world.


In fact, by the 46th chapter I am quite certain that the entire character setting has collapsed.

Arthur's desire to take over the kingdom has seemingly vanished into smoke as he becomes concerned over his lack of muscles. The others of the Round table barely have as much presence as Callis and the supposedly straight MC who was going to align his brothers on the 'correct path' casually announces that he would much rather mol*st 10 year old boys rather than flirt with those of his (biological) age all the while toying with the feelings of psychologically disturbed teenagers as revenge for the actions of one person's cruelty at the behest of his, in his own words, psychopathic (or psychotic, can't remember the exact quote) sister, once again proving he has absolutely no sense of independence or will or actual moral value that he and the author, insist he has.


If you can turn off your brain or have a strong stomach, by all means give it a try. Personally though, it's just another seemingly well written light novel that fails to properly plan out their story goals and thus can only degenerate further and further into nonsense. <<less
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Cello rated it
August 10, 2019
Status: c52
I am sadness. I read BL like I drink water, and that’s a lot. So there are not many that I can honestly say I liked ready a lot but I really enjoyed this I would very much like to enjoy it some more but then... I came back here to see if there were anymore chapters and there WASNT. It hasn’t been updated since 2018, 2019 gon be over in 4 months. 4. I implore the yaoi gods to send a kind hearted translator this plzzzz
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lumiere rated it
November 24, 2017
Status: c3
I personnaly find this novel very fun to read, even thought I read only 3 chapters.

The translation is well done, a very smooth read, and the MC is funny in his own way:

... more>>

It's a story about an MC who gets reincarnated into a world and then discover that it's a BL game world♥


I love the MC's reaction, it's so funny.

Even thought it's a reincarnation/otome game/BL I just don't find it to be a copy paste of any other novel. So I can say that's it's original in it's own way.

All in all, I would definitely recommand it, since it's in the way to become one of my favorite♥♥♥ <<less
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linnil rated it
January 26, 2020
Status: c138
I am Thai and read the original of this novel it reach 138 chapters now. (It's second volume) The author say third volume is the end though.

Its first begin with standard reincarnation into the game world as idiot MC begin their struggle agaist fate of their character in the BL world but become harem route instead. But after 57th chapter, it shift the tone to be darker with betrayal.

... more>>

MC look like idiot because he did not beleive this is real, he think this is a game world why bother trying to live life to fullest? He act like that because he think this is not real. But after seeing his fujoshi sis in this game world talking to him, he take the situation as real now. So he reveal his real self that did not care for his friend he made on this game world. He plan something unthinkable to Nigel & Haref and end their friendship that way.

After reading until the end of second volume, you will find another land mine.


It become super dark later too as there is an indication that this world will become something like virtual reality or some kind of experiment. Every thing will become really unreal as a real game world though.


Let's me tell you, for the latest chapter, this is not harem route. There is 1-1. He end up with...



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Angrydevil rated it
May 28, 2018
Status: c139

This f*cked novel makes me piss off. The beginning is good, but then as you go deeper into the story it gets darker and darker. The characters that were "childhood friends" begins to get back at each other because of not communicating or what they each consider "betrayal" and thus it is justified to get revenge. They then all die, reborn, does some things differently but die anyway, rinse and repeat. It's beautiful, but so F... frustrating!

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Pixil rated it
December 15, 2017
Status: c17
I love this! The MC is the son of a Duke. The Dukes' surnames are the same as the Knights of the Round Table's. As well, they are loyal to the king/dom. Iirc each ducal house is normally associated to a certain god and blessed by them. Also, they are known for a certain quality they have. Gawains are the leaders, Lancelots are powerful, Bediveres are loyal, etcetera etcetera.

Interesting premise, exasperating but adorable MC, and pretty great leads.

... more>>

I say great but great in that "damn, they're f*cking twisted" kind of way. They're so twisted oh my gOD. I was so shocked when Nigel turned out to be a two-faced bastard. I prolly should have been suspicious but, eh. So now there's a predatory bastard, a two-faced bastard, and a dark-humoured bastard. I'm pretty sure they're gonna be Gilbert's but I'd really pity Cass if he gets them because they're twisted as f*ck. At least Gil's kinda aware (though not about Nigel hahahaa)

Sorry 'bout the swearing, I'm staggered by their damn twistedness.


I quite like them. They add to to the story in an interesting way. I can't wait to see how it develops. <<less
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Arina-chan rated it
November 26, 2017
Status: c5
There is only a few chapters out, but this far, I love the flow and the translation is top notch. I think it'd be a reverse harem, but in the end it would be 1v1 with Haref. There has been too much focus on Haref for it to be a total harem route, still not sure though. Can't wait to see the school arc already. XD
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SleepyMintii rated it
March 1, 2019
Status: c52
I never read stories with annoying/practically useless MCs so I was gonna drop this but I'm glad I didn't.

There's a lot more to the MC than meets the eye. The story is hilarious but it does switch to a more serious and dark tone little by little which I'm excited to see more of if it's ever picked up again.
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mmem rated it
May 31, 2018
Status: c41
This gets seriously dark, all the characters seem a little broken and now the cracks are showing. Can relationships so torn apart be repaired, it's like a vicious cycle growing worse and worse. I don't know were this is going, and the humors still there, but I seriously love this story and the translator so I'm not going anywhere.
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Mary Gimarangan
Mary Gimarangan rated it
July 15, 2021
Status: --
This novel is so good

... more>>

From the point of the current translate novel, the situation escalates to pretty much a war between the "light" and "dark" magic.

The current king, or Sal father, actually have the memory of every "reincarnation" of himself. He is basically living his life over and over again, so each time he will try to kill Sal (to see what would happen, and later, for his own entertainment.)

So the light side is the king and every knight, while the dark is Sal and our Gilbert (who choose to go with Sal sometime after the Nigel betrayal ark.) The light side goal is to kill Sal, while Sal also wants to kill the current king. Gilbert is actually the one who give the dark magics followers all the ideas on how to hurt, poison, and destroy the city (at first all Sal followers thought he is just a pretty face).

Gilbert's family is captured and sent to execution as punishment for Gilbert's betrayal, but Cass actually summon the "light goddess, " which turns out to be Gilbert's original sister (who died in the real-world) and she saves them and helps them get to Sal base.

During the war, Sal and Gilbert become an official couple (with a smut extra), while the light side keeps gaining advantage since Haref has the Excaliber sword which could purify the dark magics. Gilbert is actually sort of happy during this time, as he has his lover and his sister.

As the war progress and more people are lost, Gilbert starts to become more and more heartless (his strategy now involves killing innocent people). Gilbert is captured and tortured by the king-side, after he returns, he summons the "Dark God" or Arthur Pendragon, who is Gilbert's "big brother" from the real world. The plot is revealed that this world is actually an "artificial world" created by a team of Vivian (who is the "Lady of the Lake" in this world), who invited Arthur to join as a tester for her project. Vivian becomes obsessed with her project and refused to let Arthur out of the artificial world, which is why he came up with the plan to have Modred kill his father (Arthur). Arthur comes back to the real world, but his brain is actually damaged by the program, which Vivian become a vegetative (her consciousness is still in the "game") The project is shut down before a Japanese woman in the team took the part of the program to make a BL game, so both Vivian and Arthur still have access to the world of the new game (and current world Gilbert is in). Gilbert told his brother that he wants power to revenge. Arthur give Gilbert all of his dark power (include the ownership of Excaliber), and when Gilbert wake up, he went to take the Excaliber sword, which refuse to go with him, so Gilbert sister reveals to her that the name "Gwen" that Arthur give to Excaliber is actually Gilbert name in the real world, and that Arthur never loves her, he loves the real "Gwen". So even if she won't come with Gilbert, Excaliber can't be used to fight him anymore.

At some point before that, Haref used Excaliber power to deleted his own memory of Gilbert so he can kill him (without his personal feeling getting in the way). Gilbert fight with Haref and Nigel, almost kill each other, Cass try stop Gilbert, but to no avail, so he actually went to join the light side as in "I love you so I need to stop you."

A lot of fights happen, Gilbert's sister disappear somehow. It is revealed later that Calis (Merlin's son) is actually Vivian. Vivian use Gilbert's sister, the goddess of light, who is actually the "health" of the Excaliber to make Gilbert walk into a trap willingly to save her. When Gilbert reaches his sister, she declares that Gilbert is actually "the True King" before she is destroyed by Vivian.

The dark side lost the war, Gilbert and Sal (who is both heavily injured, missing several limbs) is capture, Excaliber returns Haref memory.

Gilbert actually got new limbs reattached by Excaliber light power, dress up in nice clothes, and is told that he is going to be taken to the execution ground. Gilbert is feeling relieved that he will finally get to die, but the scene actually turns out as Sal father declare Gilbert as "Gwen Pendragon, the true king", Haref kneels to give Excaliber to Gilbert and force him to pick up the sword, showing the miracle light TM. People now look at Gilbert worshiping while a dark, deformed body is dragged to the front of Gilbert. The body is actually Sal.

Sal uses the last of his magic power to control Glibert body to kill him. This is the plan that Sal (and the other 3 who "love" Gilbert) come up with, they will make Gilbert kill Sal and become the new king so that Gilbert's name will be clean and he can continue to live. The new limbs that are attached to Gilbert are actually from Sal's. Gilbert later noticed that his experience has to turn into that of his real-world body, which looks a lot like Morgan Larfay (since Arthur uses Gilbert as the Model to create that character).

In the back, Arthur is talking to Vivian. Vivian asks Arthur why he let Gilbert's sister and Sal died even though he can actually save them. Arthur says that it doesn't matter, since when Gilbert woke up in the real world he won't remember any of this anyway.

In the real world, Gilbert's sister passed away in a car accident. Since Gilbert is so heartbroken, Arthur thinks that if he creates an artificial "sister", then he can make Gilbert happy again. But Gilbert actually doesn't want that, but when he tells Arthur to stop, Arthur answers him with "Don't worry, I will make this 'thing' perfect, so you can talk to 'it' if you get lonely." Gilbert realized that his brother is sick in the head (in the influence of diving in the artificial world, and Arthur "god" complex which builds while he is playing as the King Arthur.) So, Gilbert actually tries to commit su*cide, while Gilbert is dying, he told Arthur that it won't matter since Arthur can create a new "Gwen" anytime, play with it, and just love it as he loves him (As in to say that he will not love Arthur and would rather die than stay with him). Arthur decides to keep Gwen consciousness in the game world while they heal his body. The reason Gilbert can't remember how he comes into the game world, in the beginning, is actually because Arthur deleted his memory. He plans for Gilbert to experience the game and remember the love between him, Gilbert, and the sister again, to revert Gilbert back to the "happy old time", but Sal happened (XD), Arthur is jealous and plan for Sal to have gruesome death, he tricks Sal that while everyone will be reset (as in every reincarnation), Gilbert will disappear is he died, so everyone needs to do everything to keep him alive. Vivian asks Arthur for the soul or "code" of Sal and sends him to a new reincarnation with a happiness boon (Sal really is her favorite character, as she have said when she was Kalis).

Back to Gilbert, who is now the new king, locked himself in the castle. Gilbert asks why he must live now that he lost everyone he loved, Haref tells Gilbert that he needs to live in this agony to atone for every "crime" he has done (wow....), he can't die, and can't escape his duty as the king. Sal's father killed himself, Cass leaves, Nigel declares that he loves Gilbert, while Gilbert turns him down again saying that he can only love Sal. A lot of years later, Nigel died of old age, followed by Haref. At Haref dead bed, after Haref took his last breath, Gilbert say that he actually loves him, and thank him for staying with him his whole life even just as the right-hand man of the king.

Gilbert died, Arthur comes to pick him up and tell him that they are going home, but Gilbert actually asks to continue to stay in the game world and reincarnate with everyone else when the game reset. He told him that he is not mad at Arthur anymore, but he will never forgive him either. Arthur asks why Gilbert doesn't love him anymore, and Gilbert answer that, his real brother will never hurt him. Arthur is too obsessed with the game and sees everyone's life as a toy, which is why he hurt Gilbert. Gilbert asks Arthur to give him this one wish so he won't have to hate Arthur anymore then he already is, so Arthur agrees. Gilbert is sent to reset with no memory and begin the game again.


(1) The story introduces "Gwen", Gilbert's twin brother. The Gwen is engaged to Haref since the first time he met him, he thought Haref is so pretty and propose to him. Gwen also has a best friend, Nigel, who likes to sew voodoo doll of Haref to curse him (This vinegar jar..)

Gwen went to the palace for the first time and met Sal, before tripping and hitting his own head. Gwen wakes up again with his old memory back, only to know that Sal also has his memory, they declare love to each other and while Gwen is proposing to Sal, Haref comes out to take him away and also reveals that he and Nigel also have their past life memory. (Vivian actually help give them back their memory, saying that Gilbert deserve a happy life).

A couple of years passed. everyone reach their teenage year, Haref and Sal continue to fight for Gwen, while Cass turns out to be a second original Gilbert since he doesn't grow up with Gwen spoiling anymore. Gwen gets drunk, woke up finding out that he papapa with Nigel last night, and so he decides to give Nigel a chance and settle his life for a harem.

(2) Haref POV of the last life, showing Gilbert's life as the "Vile king", up until the new reincarnation of when Gwen proposes to him.

(3) Nigel POV of the last life

(4) 3p smut NigelxGwen (Gilbert) xHaref. Vivian and Gwen talk that maybe Haref is in love with Nigel, so they lock them together in a room and say that they (Haref and Nigel) need to make out or they won't let them out. Both refuse and just continue to sit there doing nothing, Gwen lost his patient and get into the room only to be locked in there too, the condition also changes to that they need to papapa or Vivian won't let them out. Smut happens, afterward, Nigel reveals that it is actually him mimicking Vivian's voice, and the room is not locked since Gwen gets in the room.

(5) Vivian extra, she decides to reincarnate as one of the princes (Sal little brother)

(6) Arthur extra, telling Gwen's promise to him in the real world (before all the tragedy happen)

Comic extra

Arthur also copies Vivian and reincarnate as one of the princes, he tries to get close to Gwen. They both have a fun day together, before Gwen telling him at the end of the day that he had always known that he is Arthur, he can give him this one day, but ask him to never come back in his life again.


Yes Arthur is totally an obsessive, yandere bro-con, and the true boss of this story. <<less
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oire2113 rated it
June 15, 2019
Status: c55
Loving sibling? Check

Dark Past that Actually Have Valid Reason to be? Check

Complicated Relationship? Check

Make my eye tear up? Check

Seriously this is a great read.

What is this BL are you talking about
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sovereign rated it
October 6, 2018
Status: c55
One thing you have to know, if I give five stars review in a story, it's either I'm completely biased because that story hold some special place in my heart and the rating is poor (So to balance the rating to what I deemed suited to it). OR The story is really good that I just have to give it to them.

Even if I like the story, at most I will only give it 4-stars.

I have to downright love the, MC, side charas, mob etc etc. To give five stars,... more>> this thing... Took the cake. The characters are well designed and thought out. It's absolutely hilarious! VERY HILARIOUS!!!

Oh! But hilarious is not its only selling point. THE GODDAMN PLOT IS FREAKING GOOD!!! At first you would only think this is just a happy go lucky straight-to-bend plot, the MC is hilariously s*upid, good characters, light hearted. But man, aren't I wrong. The story gets darker and darker before you know it, the jokes and funny points are still there, but you would think "How in the goddamn hell we get here?" and "Holy shit! What a freaking plot twist!" to "This is just too good".

Everything is well planned, and I seriously get a whole new appreciation for Thai people. The plot is concise and won't make you bored, the characters are very deep. Everyone has their own agenda, with the exception of our careless protag. When you think, "Ah, this one is normal, " The story will do a sudden flip that will make you go "OOOOOooookayyyy?" in the best way.

Sadly the translator is quitting, I'm very saddened. But I found this one site which tried to continue the translation although not as perf.

I'll just do a recap of the story;
The world is a world of English famous tale, King Arthur and the Knights of Round Table. The MC is reborn as the in*est route chara from the otome game, The Loyal Bedivere is his family.
Then we also have other future dukes with the names of other knights of round table such as; Lancelot, Gavin (Gawain?), Kay, Geraint, Galahad, Percival, Lamorak, Gareth, Gaheris etc etc. In the original game, the 'mc' to capture guys is the second son of Bedivere household, Cass Bedivere. But let's just say the story tipped far away and many hidden agendas were revealed. <<less
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ninish rated it
December 20, 2017
Status: c20
Please read this thing. If you are a fujoshi you must read this thing. A fudanshi too should read this thing. This thing is THE THING.

It's great. Also, I love the 'adorbs' moments xD

The world and setting seems to be more serious than at first sight because we have an unreliable narrator, but when the PoVs shift we get other glimpses of reality, and they add a more serious tone and depth to characters and world building.

5 stars from me.
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RiAjAnE rated it
September 26, 2021
Status: c53
I really like this story. Basically I read most of BL and this rank in top 5.

Ya'know, when I read the description thought this was cheery, funny and slice of life story. But little did I know the more the story progress the darker it is.

However, it is also what makes this story interesting, very unpredictable, You won't know what come next. Backstories are interesting.

Would recommend fujoshis to read !!! Give 8.5/10
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mellonna rated it
August 6, 2021
Status: c40
at first it was really so much fluff going on in there, comedies and stuff. But chapter by chapter, it goes more twisted and I never thought it will be beyond my expectations [ I thought the twisted personalities are temporary / minor problems ]

i guess you could call it, calm before the storm. The author really likes torturing people with pampering them at first and then boom! They'll give you dog blood or so. They really knew how to twist the plot and make a empathetic episode for the... more>> characters and break it after.

because of too much twisted things, I thought of dropping this for a while so that I could relax a bit and read it again next time <<less
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1Sami rated it
April 18, 2020
Status: c52
This has a lot of twists and the characters aren't just straightforward cliches. They are all personalized and have well thought out backgrounds that we get to see from their POV in some chapters. I really like the psychotic fujoshi lil sis and the way the MC feels so naive but when you learn more about him he turns out crazy and somewhat apathetic when it comes to anyone/thing but his close family.
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Anikarp rated it
January 16, 2020
Status: c52
This novel is so, so much more than the description. You follow Gil (the MC) and his daily life, his interactions with his childhood friends and family; his inner struggles and thoughts that spiral off everywhere. It's lighthearted at times, but it's also very heavy and packed with intrigue.

As to genre I would say it's a multipackage deal, because you will switch from crying to laughing and just getting caught up in the mood of things.

I just love how they slowly deal with character development and you can really tell... more>> why people are the way they are through their backstories. It's truly a shame it's been dropped. <<less
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