My Neighbor, the Most Beautiful and Innocent “Blind Girl” in School Moved Next Door to My House


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One day, for some reason, a beautiful girl named Sayo Misumi, whose parents live in a shrine in the countryside, moves next door to the apartment where I, Souta Tsushiro, lives.

Misumi has been suffering from “psychogenic visual impairment” for the past year due to the stress she is experiencing, and she has almost no eyesight.

She could barely see and could only see 10 centimeters in front of her.

“As neighbors, if someone is in trouble, we must help each other.”

I couldn’t leave Misumi alone, so I started helping her in any way I could, and she started cooking for me in return.

Fellow people living alone, we help each other in daily life, and Misumi’s ordinary words and actions make my heart flutter and I feel embarrassed…

But, I’ve decided not to believe in love.

I will never fall in love with Misumi…!!

The cause of Misumi’s stress had been revealed.

And if it could be cured, Misumi’s vision could return again.

Therefore, I must help her sincerely without having any ulterior motives.

“For some reason, I can calm down when I’m with Tsushiro-kun…”

As I spent time with Misumi, my distrust of love slowly started to fade—

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Momoku Bishojo
Otonari ni, Gakkō Ichi no Seiso Karen na “Mōmoku Bishōjo” ga Hikkoshite Kimashita ~ Ren'ai Fushindearu Hazu no Ore ga, Rinjin Tsukiai o Shiteiru Uchi ni Kimi ni Koishiteshimau no wa Jikan no Mondai Kamoshirenai ~
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April 6, 2022
Status: --
I know Japan is obsessed with stories of high schoolers living alone, but come on there's got to be a limit.

Here with have a 15 year old blind girl going to live alone in a town she did not previously live in and is totally unfamiliar with.

Who in their right mind ever thought that was a good idea? This setup only exists so her nice guy neighbor (the MC) has an excuse to constantly help her out and of course grow closer. It's so transparent it kind of takes any... more>> fun out of it. <<less
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Unianonanymity rated it
September 1, 2022
Status: --
Well, here we have a completely nonsensical story, with a plot that makes absolutely no sense, as well as not leaving much in the way of possible character development. I cannot understate just how nonsensical this is. As the other reviewer (only one other at this time) has mentioned, a blind girl living on her own, in a completely unknown city, with no one to, in the beginning, help her (until simp-kun shows up), is a terrible way to start a story. Is this author even trying? Do they think... more>> suspension of disbelief will always work? Us readers are looking for a good story, not some "oh, girl can't see, let's add a gary stu character and just go with it" story.

On a brighter note, the translator isn't too bad. There's a few mistakes, but it's readable. <<less
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