My Mother Is the Banished Villainess


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“Your identity must never be revealed. Your eyes and your hair would inconvenience both your mother and the people of the kingdom…”

The mother of Ashley, who is a fifteen-year-old girl, was called a villainess, got prosecuted, and then kidnapped. As result, she has conceived a child, Ashley, who was later told that she shared the same eye and hair color as the man who had kidnapped her mother. She wears glasses and an Alice band that use the power of magic to make her look disagreeable in others’ eyes, and thus gets called an “ugly four-eyes.” Unable to make any friends, Ashley used to lead an academy life of loneliness and solitude…

However, after her encounter with a mysterious creature, the crown prince grows interested in her…?

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AvatarGallia rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: c10
This is the only concept that I can found throughout all the other Villainess tropes, that I wish this was being picked up for and it really shows upon this genre. Sadly can't read the Original Novel due to being deleted.
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