My Mom Is My Guardian Deity


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“I was able to miraculously regress at the brink of death, but that’s not the problem right now.

[Guardian Deity ‘Sung Hyun-sook’ sends sponsorship package to ‘My son ♡’!] [Package list: (Korean) Breakfast Package] “M-mom?”

My mom who passed away long ago became my Guardian Deity”

note: The literal translation of this novel’s title is actually “My Mom is my Constellation” and the word constellation is used in Korean novels where the main character, usually in an online game setting receives support, or/and is controlled by an unknown/known, real or spiritual being.

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My Mom is my Constellation
Stellar Mom (manhwa)
엄마는 내 성좌
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Fluffums rated it
April 25, 2022
Status: c7
Everything else is fine, but I do wonder how a guy can regress after dying helpless and alone after being abandoned by everyone,

and still come off as an entitled brat immediately after.

Oh well, he's OP and there will be plenty of battles and face-slapping, so if you don't care about your protagonist's personality go ahead and turn off your brain and read it.
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