My Mind Goes Straight to the Sea


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This is the story of a sea tribe person living a low-key life on land.

She comes and goes freely in the sea, talks about ideals and life with the ocean baby(animals) if she has nothing to do, and occasionally changes her attitude to study the big problems of how the sea races and humans can thrive.

She possesses a kind of black technology that can merge the soul of the ocean baby(animals) with objects and turn it into a mobile phone, computer, or even an iPad…

Grandpa Turtle mobile phone: Give me the Internet, and I will be omnipotent.

Killer whale electric bike: Install a dummy for me, I can pretend to be the god of the Akina mountain bike.

Clownfish iPad: There is no way to extricate me from indulging in idol dramas. From today on, I will be an NC fan. Huh? Who is my idol?

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03/24/22 A Dreamer’s World c2
03/17/22 A Dreamer’s World c1
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