My Lord is A Stone


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One day, Emperor Wu Ling discovered, every night he would become a stone, kept on the jewellery box of a lady, embarrassing beyond embarrassing.

One day, Zhao Jin Yu discovered, the stone on her jewellery box could actually speak! Awkward beyond awkward.

This stone had a malicious tongue, harsh, two-faced and indifferent, Zhao Jin Yu itched to throw it smashing it to pieces…, who knew one day, wanting to save herself she used it to block a sword, it really did shatter, she cried for a very long time.

Again one day, Zhao Jin Yu was drafted into the palace, she discovered unusually, the emperor was like this he had a malicious tongue, harsh, two-faced and indifferent…

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Hanawie rated it
July 28, 2017
Status: Completed
After finishing this novel, I realized that the summary is incorrect at certain parts: she didn't break the stone while blocking a sword nor did she "discovered unusually, the emperor was like this he had a malicious tongue, harsh, two-faced and indifferent".

... more>>

The stone actually shattered itself when it jumped up to block an arrow from killing her. Also, she realizes that stone=emperor before she even steps one foot inside the palace (like in the streets, right before she enters the palace). The emperor is completely in love with her at that point too so there's none of that harsh and indifferent treatment. The author probably wrote the summary early on and forgot to change it.


This novel is mostly focused on comedy since one of our main characters is a part-time stone for the bulk of the story after all. However, there is a lot of old-fashion historical family drama mixed in that I felt was kind of redundant. If we take the talking stone out, the entire story would literally be family drama after family drama.

The author says that the female lead is a time-traveler from the future in chapter 2 but there was literally no point to it AT ALL. Her time traveling-ness does nothing for this story. Zero, zip, nada. So, just forget about it and treat her as a girl born and raised in ancient era. In fact, this novel shouldn't even be bothered to be tagged transmigration since I'm pretty sure the author herself forgot the whole time-traveling thing.

The male lead was pretty funny, managing to bypass my anti-emperor bias (only a teensy-tiny little bit though, I still hate all emperors with a burning passion). However, I definitely liked him more as a talking stone. There's just something about stone-form emperor that is so much more cuter than human-form emperor.


Also, for all the talk about how he avoids and punishes his harem, WHEN THE HECK DID HE SUDDENLY HAVE A DAUGHTER!?!? I felt so lied to. I thought this novel was about a cold emperor's first love or something but instead we learn that he had previously liked someone else before! Author tries to excuse him by saying that his feeling then is nothing like what he feels for the female lead now but I'm calling out this BS. The whole daughter thing made me feel like I was reading about a single dad hitting on a teenage girl. *Shudders*

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onelovestorie rated it
May 19, 2019
Status: c79
Edit: I went back to complete the story since I hate leaving things in the middle. After finishing the whole story, I still think I felt betrayed as a reader because ... more>>

the whole daughter issue was literally dropped from the sky so late into the novel. The Emporer loveing another woman was so casually briefed over also felt like a betrayal of everything we, as a reader are made to believe about the Emporer never loving someone so much as the FL.


I dropped this at chapter 66 after I read another review on this about the



Even before I dropped the novel, I was finding it super hard to like the story. I originally started this story because I loved the concept of the Emporer turning into a stone. And so it was a novel idea in the beginning. The banter between the ML and FL was fun and interesting. However, as soon as the FL's family is introduced, the ML takes a backseat for the rest of the story until the very end of the novel.

I was reading this novel for the ML, not the s*upid FL who is apparently a time-traveller with no personality of a modern woman stuck in the body of an ancient woman. She was brought up as an ancient woman and thus behaves, thinks and acts exactly like an ancient woman. So, my question to the author, why exactly did you make the FL an ancient woman? What purpose did it serve in this novel? As a reader, I saw no reason to make the FL a time-traveller.

Also, the family drama went on for about 70% of the story and the ML had little to no hand in any of those events other than a few words of caution for our FL from time to time. The summary is hinting towards a grand romance, but truthfully, there is very little interaction between the FL and ML after about the 20% mark till about the 90% mark of the story. And the ML only interacts with the FL as a person and not a stone until the chapter that I dropped this story, which is about 10 chapters away from the ending so you can do the math on how little screen time the two have together as people and not as a stone and person.

All in all, this story started off strong but lost all its lustre in the middle and the ending is getting to be a big disappointment. <<less
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June 9, 2018
Status: c29
The storyline of the novel - young woman (supposedly a time traveller) loses her family due to political trouble but somehow ends up with a pebble which contains the soul of the emperor part of the time - is not quite as unbelievable as my description implies.

That is the miracle of this novel - the author is actually able to make this seem probable. By including long portions of each character's inner thoughts, the author allows the reader to skip over the unbelievable aspects right into accepting them. In fact,... more>> the main plot point - the soul in the stone - reminds me of the famous Sherlock Holmes quote, ""How often have I said that when you have excluded the impossible whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

As soon as you accept the soul transference, the rest of the plot falls into line. The Pebble King is basically a mole inside the camp of his enemies - but he only gets half of what's going on (because he's only there half the time) and each step he takes to prevent or solve problems (when he's in his Emperor form) is not fully effective because he doesn't want to alarm his human carrier/companion. I get the feeling he's not the smartest Emperor ever but he's luckily found a kind and pretty heroine to hang around with. I'm looking forward to when all the puzzle pieces fall into place and both girl and Emperor realize who is the other person in this weird relationship! <<less
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Czarinananana rated it
May 19, 2018
Status: --
Funny but inconsistent. The Author has amnesia all the time making things up in this chapter and changes it in later chapters. Does the author think us readers are s*upid? Don't believe me? Try and read it. I. DARE. YOU.
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MangoGuy rated it
June 25, 2019
Status: c79
My initial rating was 2, but after finishing this novel and giving it some thought, I feel this is more of a 3.

Let me make it very clear: This is a very, very ordinary novel filled with loose endings. I can only think that this is one of the first works of the author or something, looking at the work.

I like the character of the female protagonist. And that is tough. She is well written, and a modern woman who also understands the condition of women in the ancient times.... more>> She is willing to let women go through it if they want, but she is clear about herself.

The emperor is also quite a fluffy character, especially so when he is in the stone form for like the first 50 or so chapters. However, after that, it is all ordinary.

My first concern with this novel is how unplanned it is. In the ending, it is clear that the author planned for another arc but abruptly cut it short. And this happens multiple times. There are useless chapters around that aren't even filler.

There are some cute elements here and there but it is strictly ordinary. Considering the similar novels on offer, I would say that this is not Mango approved.

Maybe if it was condensed to some 65 odd chapters with a more tight plot, it could be getting a 4.

Beware, this may have some cute moments but not comedy. Also, if you want to finish it then you have to power through it. <<less
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Quhon rated it
April 20, 2018
Status: c16
I do like this novel quit a bit and waited until there were more updates its funny and interesting. I'm looking forward for the time the ML meeting the MC.

I hope it will not be abandoned.? That would be great??
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wispybits rated it
January 2, 2021
Status: Completed
The story was actually good well before the FL entered the palace. Like I enjoyed the premise of the story wherein the emperor turned into a stone and all that. Because it became somewhat of a lesson to him to not be so arrogant and violent. The character development was really good in the case of the emperor.

The FL on the hand, seemed to have downgraded as the story progressed. I do understand why she has some worries and fears regarding the emperor's feelings but the emperor has long proven... more>> that he was sincere and his intentions were true. However girl, a relationship is supposed to be a mutual effort between two people but from what I see, since she entered the palace she treated the emperor like sht. I especially hated her when she suddenly defended a woman against the emperor acting as if she knows the law and all. Like girl, sorry to burst your bubble but you're only there because the emperor loves you. Then she goes ahead with her pride and won't reconcile with the emperor even when she was the one in the wrong and she suddenly acts like a victim saying otherwise. Respect your spouse gurl the fck. She's too stuck up honestly.

She goes ahead defending a sect when that sect deserves to perish. Did she forgot all the evil deeds they did. The FL is such a hypocrite honestly.

I would recommended reading this story up until she entered the palace lol. Trust me. It's a much preferred ending.

Speaking of the ending, the hell was that, it ended so fast I was shocked it was even the last chapter. I feel like the author just ran out of ideas and just ended it there and then.

Anyway, It's a three for me, It could be a two but I enjoyed the first half so yeahhh. <<less
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Bookworm_Sueweetie rated it
March 28, 2020
Status: Completed
Honestly, the first half was good and the development of love between leads was also entertaining.

However, author was inconsistent in the 60++ and succeeding chaps... and added twists which was mood-breaker making me want to stop reading it.

... more>>

The Emperor has a daughter which was only revealed on chapter 71.. only briefly mentioned the mother of the kid which was the previous empress..

I just don't get why the Emperor acted as if he didn't experience love before even asked a eunuch about wooing a woman and even questioned the Ningguong Princess' love for her son when he also got a "supposed" daughter who he also doted (?)


There were so many loose ends. Last few chapters were so rush to solve the issues which became the downfall of this novel... making me only rate this 3 stars. <<less
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Jden rated it
September 29, 2019
Status: Completed
I must say, the beginning was incredibly confusing, I had to skip a few chapters because I honestly couldn't understand what was going on. There were different people's perspectives all over the place and the whole thing is complicated. I enjoyed the middle portion of the story, as I began to understand what was going on but then my small sliver of enjoyment were completely destroyed by the female leader's feminist sjw narcissistic attitude. I was a bit discontent with the ml's viciousness at the beginning but understood later his... more>> story and sympathized with him not to mention he is an emperor, he has to be cruel and unlike other notorious rulers he was good to the commoners. Once the FL entered the palace she was annoying. She trampled over the emperor's feelings and never gave in when they argued, it was always the emperor bowing his head down and apologising. Most of the time her reason was justified, but the few that was not were extremely important especially as the emperor was, well you know, the EMPEROR. She kept acting infallible to the point I wanted to slap her face. This is not her world. She can't go into it expecting her standards to be met. Furthermore, he's a superior, he has the right and lineage to act like an oppressive sovreign. Little does she understand, that he has actually done so much and gave in to her misgivings on numerous occasions to he point that it affected his reputation. Even the eunuch was annoyed at how much control she had over him. And yet she doesn't appreciate it and instead thinks he's being o oppressive and acts too overbearing. In her mind she believes she shouldn't give in even when she's wrong because if she coaxes him once she'll have to keep coaxing him. Well God forbids the sheer hypocrisy she pukes out. Clearly she's got it muddled, it's the emperor who is always coaxing, not her. Gosh I have no good feelings towards both of these main characters honestly. The emperor is s*upidly in love not that I can blame because he has never felt such warmth so he's continuously clinging onto because he never experienced it. But honestly he's really needed to reign in his feelings. He is a ruler. Being a ruler means sacrifice. He cannot let someone continuously distract and prevent from making wise decisions.

He should have realised this when she s*upidly pitied that girl and even tried to meddle in politics. She thinks she hates the sect even more that him? What kind of delusional drug is she on? Can the death of the grandmother she only met for a year or so amount to the monstrosities he faced from a kid to an adult. For goodness sake his own mother gouged her eyes out and drinks blood while blaming him for it and spreading rumours about him. That's just a small piece of the pie you know.

I don't recommend this. But if you have nothing to read, this is ok for a casual read. It has a happy ending and all so wasn't actually that difficult to read. The translation is decent too. <<less
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cap.toon rated it
April 24, 2018
Status: c1
The sentences are run on. I am getting use to it and understand it, so personally I am not demanding for a change in this area. I enjoy the plot so far. It can be quite funny.

The novel is written in such a way that we are given enough peek into side characters' personality and role. How things unfold are pretty interesting too.
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September 5, 2021
Status: Completed
This is more of a 3.5. Started very promising but ending was rushed and disappointing with many plot holes or ends which could have been better filled. Nevertheless still a decent read fluffy and sweet in parts.
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May 23, 2021
Status: Completed
This is hilarious. FL & ML's personality is slightly hateful. FL is very stubborn, she likes to push her own opinion to other person especially to the ML. She abides by her own principles. Sometimes though it's a good thing. The interaction between the two, especially when ML is still a stone was very cute. A lot of angst. Seriously!

and Lastly,


QH is a woman! There should be a story about her! I knew one way or another something will happen to them. I wanna read her story!!

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chande rated it
January 30, 2021
Status: Completed
Actually, the premise is quite interesting. But unfortunately, it's badly executed.

    • Let's start from her status as time traveler. It feels like the author made her a time traveler just so she's not afraid of the talking stone (maybe the author thought if MC was purely an ancient girl, she would be afraid to death or maybe she would think that the talking stone is some sort of witchcraft). But as a time traveler, sometimes she's so naive. Yes, ancient time and modern time are vastly different but didn't she read some novels about ancient times back in modern days? At least she would know what to expect, right?
    • The princess (emperor's daughter) who came out of nowhere. The emperor never mention to MC about his daughter. He always acts like he never fall in love with someone before meeting MC but somehow, that's not the case? So who is this woman who once loved by the emperor and what are their story?
    • After entering the palace, MC is so annoying. She often acts spoiled and doesn't give the emperor face at all. She uses the emperor's affection to act wilfully without afraid of being punished. I don't like how she critizes and rebukes the emperor in front of so many people. It's okay to have a disagreement but at least she could say it privately and doesn't embarrass him in front of his subordinates.
    • Su Qing Chen and Qing Hong's vague relationship. So, Qing Hong is actually a girl in disguise? But why could he have a wife and also concubines? And did the emperor aware of his gender?
    • Where is MC's aunt? It's like she vanished into a thin air. She didn't appear again even after MC entering the palace.
    • The ending is so rushed. The author mainly focused on the princess and forgot about the actual MC and ML.
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XiaoFanTuan rated it
August 8, 2020
Status: Completed
The story was okay. It started out as sweet but went down the confusing what the heck happened lane. Another thing was the translation. It was just like a level up of an MTL. You’ll know once you read it. I also thought it would be like Why harem intrigue when you can adopt a dog but it disappointed me towards the end.

Honestly, just read this if you really don’t have any choice.
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dramamonster rated it
January 12, 2020
Status: Completed
Every night, the ruthless, powerful Emperor becomes a helpless stone in a transmigrated girl's poor home. He is arrogant, bloodthirsty, and cruel. She is kind, strong, and resilient. Over time, he learns humility and she learns to rely on him. There's humour, adventuring, and pampering.

The first third of the story involves the impoverished, abandoned girl living with the stone and how their relationship grows ... more>>

(aka A Stone and a Struggling Girl Go On A Trip).

The middle third of the story turns into a complex-multi-generational aristocratic family battle over an inheritance (aka Family Infighting Over A Fortune With A White Lotus). This middle arc was confusing for me because there were suddenly so many new characters introduced with similar names.

The last third of the story takes place inside the palace and truths are revealed (aka Palace Drama With Scheming Women).

Turns out the Emperor is covertly fighting a religious sect that kills and maims people, and his reputation (including the first chapter) are shown to be the Empress Dowager trying to frame him. He's not as evil as shown initially. The Emperor is 25, and he's had two concubines and an Empress over the past decade, so he has a little daughter already.
The heroine goes through a few transformations herself. She starts as an adopted daughter, turns out her adoptive family is descended from the religious sect, then she is the last child of a famous family, and of course, she ends up as beloved Empress.

It's a happy ending and there are two epilogues for two side characters.


I really like stories where Emperors transform into helpless objects and have to learn life lessons (such as Why Harem Scheme When You Can Just Raise A Dog Instead?). This story was alright, especially the stone arc and the palace arc, but the transitions are a bit abrupt/glossed over, and there are loose threads everywhere. The plot could have been more cohesive and tighter, and it could easily have been expanded in more depth as you could see the basic framework for more story. Guard Su Ching Chen had quite the storyline going along too.

I'd recommend giving this story a try if you're looking for something new. <<less
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Bkgksan rated it
December 11, 2019
Status: Completed
Very satisfying. It has all the things I like - a strong (but sometimes s*upid) FL, doting ML, transmigration, comedy and just the right amount of romance as well as mystery.

There are things that get left unexplained or not explored enough but this is not a 2000 page saga so everything cannot be covered.

Translator did a good job!
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Icepride rated it
November 24, 2019
Status: Completed
Not the greatest novel but a good plot. The development of their love was the strongest point in this novel and worth a try.
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