My Little Sister Can’t Be My Girlfriend


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Sakuraba Fuyu is the cutest sister in the world. Although she is a junior high school girl, she is a beautiful girl who looks like a model, her breasts grow perfectly, and she has a good personality.

“Let’s play a game! Today I’m going to mess with my big brother!”

“Fufufu, how about you? I choose the clothes that my big brother seems to like.”

“Big Brother, let’s take a bath together? Sometimes it’s good ♪”

However, She’s still a kid at home. For me, She’s a cute little sister forever, and I just enjoy the skinship of a brother and sister.

I thought so…….

However, one day, the fact of the shock was revealed that we were not real brother and sister! My sister couldn’t be my girlfriend … but this is a different story !?

No matter what, in the end, a romantic comedy that is “absolutely” tied to my little sister!

Associated Names
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Imouto wa Kanojo ni Deki Nai no ni
妹はカノジョにできないのに (LN)
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My Little Sister Can’t be My Girlfriend (WN) (Web Novel)
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01/14/23 Zetro Translation v1 illustrations
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04/12/22 Sugoi Translations c2
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