My Little Grand Duchess


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“The Northern Duchess.”

A ruler who dominates the frigid land with an iron fist. A ruthless slaughterer who spares no one, whether they be demons or humans.

There’s something peculiar about the way she looks at me.

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나의 어린 대공녀님
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6 Reviews

Jun 08, 2024
Status: c78
The first 70 chapters were pretty enjoyable. However, as of chapter 77 the author decided to turn it into a R-18+ mind break novel? I don't know why the author decided to throw away the wholesome fluff just like that. Spoilers ahead, though you might want to take a look to know what you're in for:

... more>>

Adrielle's father the duke, gives Adrielle a bunch of bd*m books her mother wrote. They then proceed to gaslight Alice into thinking that a 12 year old knowing intimate bd*m material and practicing it on her is okay. As of chapter 77, Alice decides to let Adrielle put a dog collar on her and then grope her in bed in the following chapter. Also keep in mind that Alice was a 20+ year old man that genderbent into the teenage Alice.


I personally don't think I can proceed at this point, I don't know why the author decided to go down this route but its fairly disturbing, especially with it involving a minor. I totally recommend the book for the first 70 or so chapters, it was a great read, just get prepared for it to get really weird later. <<less
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May 01, 2024
Status: c47
It's similar to "The villainous daughter's butler" where the MC raises the child with love and care and makes the 'villainous girl' fall in love but this novel is more emotional and more caring, we see a lot more parts of the 'love and care' compared to the novel 'The villainous daughter's butler'

I don't know why the author thought the our MC should be gender bended into a woman but nevertheless, its a good read.

This novel is "We should kidnap the author and translator and force them to create more... more>> chapters." Level good.

Overall, This is a solid 4.5/5 or even a 5/5 for people who enjoy such stories. Highly Recommend! <<less
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Mar 18, 2024
Status: c4
The story just begun so I cant say much but the plot is interesting (totally not biased). MC is a smart person, s (he) understands the situation very fast and can think ahead. All in all its very interesting though the wait for each chapter is agonizing (even though its only 1 day)
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Apr 27, 2024
Status: c43
Enjoyable! Gotta love the villainess troupe. Typical scenario, villainess is mistreated during her childhood then grows up to be the strongest main villainess, MC transmigrate when villainess is still young and takes care of her as her only personal maid.

Also, misunderstood father troupe, tho he’s still a jackass. I get you want villainess to grow up strong but sending your soldiers after her at night and letting her starve is not it man!

With MC by her side now, she’s no longer has malnutrition and is growing more confident.

Recommended! Villainess is... more>> still 9-10 years old so no romance for a long time unless there’s a time skip. <<less
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May 26, 2024
Status: c68
Love is the strongest emotion

Edit : Ch.80 This isn't a wholesome childcare novel anymore, so don't expect it. Currently it's almost an R-18 mind-break novel, also 6 years age gap, and a s*xual relationship with a minor 💀

Previous Review :
Alright, before we dive into my review, let's quickly go over the summary without any major spoilers.

The story starts off pretty cliché: our protagonist works at a café, dreams big, and loves reading web novels. He thinks one novel is garbage and comments on it, but doesn't actually send it. Somehow, the author sees it, gets angry, and bam, he gets transported to that world. And oh, he gets gender-bent and becomes a maid. Knowing it'll get dangerous, she (formerly he) snags some items that won't affect the protagonist's mission to save the world. She gets strong enough to be a mid-boss, insults a duke by accident, and ends up as the personal maid to the young duchess. They bond and trust each other—a really cute relationship.

Now, onto the review. Not much has happened yet, but we see our female lead interacting with people around her, and the story is heartwarming enough to give you diabetes. The interactions between Alice and Adrielle are adorable, with Alice acting like a mother figure. But, Alice is oblivious to the fact that Adrielle is becoming overly dependent and showing yandere tendencies. Despite their six-year age gap and Adrielle being young, she's got some very very ecchi thoughts about Alice. Adrielle's thirstier than a camel in the desert, and Alice, dense as a rock, doesn't notice because she thinks Adrielle is just a pure child.

Alice is strong, but Adrielle is a combat genius. From the way the story's going, Alice is definitely headed towards trouble, raising so many red flags. The world-building is mostly centered around the mansion due to Alice's maid duties, but we get glimpses of the outside world. The story itself is solid and enjoyable with great character interactions. While there might be some action scenes, the main focus is on childcare.

Long story short, it's got amusing characters, a good story, and decent world-building. It's light and not too serious. Plus, we might see some time skips in the future. Will definitely read more chapters in the future.

PS. I know it's good and all, and I actually enjoyed it but why does it feels like I'm reading the early chapters of an adult novel? Anyways for some reason Adrielle is really le*d and h**ny, bro she's only 9 or 12, she is already planning some messed up stuff, especially anything related to Alice, holy god... I really hope it stays as a childcare...

Also here's the list of the major characters so far, I might've forgot some but I'll still write it here anyways :


•Alice - Maid, Dense as a Rock, Quite Strong, possibly one of the Strongest. Good at brewing Tea, Has high Dexterity, Quite Dumb sometimes

•Adrielle - Grand Duchess, Showing signs of Yandere, Possessive, Incredibly High Talent for Combat

•Arvian - Duke, Typical Villainess' Father, Currently in a Redemption Arc

•Lucy - Original Protagonist, Saint, Kinda Sus (this is just on me, she's sus because one of her dialogues just screams SUSPICIOUS, idk)

•Chloe - Elf, Star Seer (or something), A bit eccentric, Fortune Teller, GL enjoyer, maybe?

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May 26, 2024
Status: c50
Follows the template and unfortunately generic.

If you love the generic tropes this follows then thats exactly what you will get and its not really bad but its also not really good. The story is fine but doesn't really make too much sense ... more>>

MC gets offered a lot more gold than he was supposed to be hired at because the one hiring loves his tea skills so much, which also he worked at a coffee shop why is he a master at brewing tea???

and fails to really make it realistic in many scenarios.

The characters themselves are fine if not predictable, painfully predictable that at around C50 there was a twist which I was surprised about because there was no set up at all before the time skip and it simply happened because its a trope.

duke ends up falling in love with MC

One could argue there is some setup in the way of building trust between MC and duke but there is absolutely no romantic inclination except basic respect.

I predicted most if not all of the story, the side characters are extremely forgettable to the point there was a bully character that I had to be like, Who is this again?, This character was also wasted completely some very simple character development of the duke. Unironically the most non-generic character is the duke, which is still very generic strong rich man with showing no feelings.

I am just disappointed because it could of been a lot better than what it was to be honest if some care was taken to do so and make consistencies. For example some small ones are Make the MC instead of having worked at a cafe he worked at a specialist tea place in a city, MC while he likes money show him valuing relationships more because this causes a issue with character consistency later when

MC buys potion for the little girls scars but then refuses to let duke pay for it out of spite even tho MC has shows to be very greedy and its supposed to be a character trait

, I don't remember exactly however I have no idea why MC is strong and knows how to fight, I don't think its explained or if it is its very shallow.

If you want a basic feel good read that follows tropes and the only surprises are because its shoe horning random scenarios to fit the tropes then sure give this a read, otherwise I wouldn't bother. <<less
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