My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World


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Centuries ago, Daoist Jing Yuan died from lightning. A millennium later, he comes back to life, but discovers that the stars have shifted and the world has transformed by leaps and bounds.

Marketplace: Selling herbs for 10 coppers each, alleviates fevers and detoxifies, reduces swelling and relieves pain.

Jing Yuan: Isn’t this the main precious herb used for Foundation Establishment Pills?

Auction house: Advanced level cultivation method starting at 30,000 spirit-stones!

Jing Yuan: Isn’t this the tr*shiest cultivation method you could find anywhere on the streets?

Art gallery: “The 100 Influential Figures of the Cultivation World”

Jing Yuan: Aren’t these my good friends A, B, C, D and old enemies 1, 2, 3, 4?

Bookstore: “Jing Yuan: A Biography“, “Memoirs of Jing Yuan“, “An Intro to Daoist-Master Jing Yuan’s Legendary Life“, “Honored Master Jing Yuan Teaches You How to Guide Qi into the Body“, “The Seven Habits of Founder Jing Yuan”

Jing Yuan: ?? Isn’t this me? Wait, when did I gain seven habits?

The companions he once journeyed with have long passed away, and not even 1/10 of the formerly glorious cultivation legacies remain. Yet, in this world without him, his legend still exists. This kind of feeling, is a bit embarrassing…

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New Yenna2 rated it
June 10, 2024
Status: Completed
At first I didn't like it because it's kinda too OP for me and illogical at the beginning. But then I like it and that feeling disappeared. I thought maybe I adapted again in reading cultivation novel after not reading them for so long. And it was quite a journey. I had really fun reading this. At one point I even cried because the writing felt beautiful and profound.

... more>>

But I'm kind of not liking it again because I feel the character of MC changed when they were drag to the small world. He became more petty and less of immortal like he was that I liked. I know characters changes, but this doesn't make sense and kind of ruining the story for me. In that arc, I feel it focused more in face-slapping which is not the way if MC's cultivation to Dao. If it is back then, MC will only ignore them and kind of let the karma the fate bring justice. Now when a cannon fodder got lucky, he has to snatch something from them.


I'm still not finish reading it, I just want to rant review. I hope it will only be better from now on.

Edit: Forget my rant I think I just realized Jing Yue characterization.

Edit: I just finished reading this and it's so awesome. MC is OP but he has many characters that can match and surpass his prowess. The romance is good but what I love the most or rather who I love the most is Jiji. Jiji left now crumbs and sold this novel to me. I also like the setting and arcs, of course. To sum it, everything us wholesome.

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Attica rated it
September 21, 2018
Status: Completed
(Disclaimer: This novel got pretty difficult to read at times, so I did quite a bit of skimming.)

My Legend Still Exists in the Cultivation World reminded me quite a lot of classic Xianxia fantasy (just with extra BL elements). A reborn protagonist who grows at an extremely OP rate, who runs into a plethora of different characters/factions/timelines, who consistently shows up and face-slaps those who look down on him. It's a novel with a truly astronomical amount of content packed into it--for better or for worse.

1) Plot

It's hard... more>> to pin down a single primary plotline in My Legend Still Exists. It's a very character-focused story. Of course there's going to be a final battle against the Xianxia equivalent of the "Anti-Christ incarnate", but every single arc is extremely different: from small city politics, to academy exams, to getting stuck in a time-warping mini-world, to infiltrating the monster kingdom, to getting transported millennia into the past... yeaaaahhh the story took a while to get going. In addition, the entire novel absolutely loves the idea of reincarnation as a way of reconnecting with one's lost past (again, for better or for worse).

Sometimes it does feel like the author wrote down every Xianxia plot idea that has ever existed, and then started pulling ideas one at a time out of a hat. Don't get me wrong, every idea was really different and unique, and it did make sense how the characters transitioned from one arc to another. But at a certain point, the sheer number of side stories made my eyes glaze over at times (especially since I'm not a native Chinese speaker lol). I've always nurtured a dislike for filler, and this story definitely has a ton of unnecessary detours, plot points that are only useful for a little while before being discarded, etc.

Overall, though, I would say you don't really read this novel for the plot--you read it for the two main characters. That brings us to...

2) Characters

Luckily, the 2 main characters are wonderfully badass/intelligent, with distinct strengths and flaws.

The main character is Jing Yue (previously widely known as Jing Yuan in his last life), one of the founders of "modern-day" cultivation before he died 10, 000 years ago. While his new reborn body basically has to start cultivation over, he advances at a frankly "ridiculously overpowered" pace because of his previous experience lol. His personality is an interesting combination of both warm and cold: warm to those he cares about (especially his disciples), harsh to everyone else (especially those who get in the way of his cultivation). His drive, cunning, and ruthlessness all make him feel larger than life. He really seems like the type of historical figure who would get legends and songs written after him, millennia later. At the same time, his fondness for his sect, his disciples, and his love interest give him a cute human touch--especially when he struggles to understand his personal feelings and then reconcile them with his grand ambitions.

This brings us to the love interest, Qin Yanzhi, a once-in-a-generation talented sword cultivator. He starts off as somewhat on the stoic side since he's devoted to the path of the sword and all. But it's an absolute joy to see him open up, show his affectionate side, and always kick ass. Qin Yanzhi is my favorite character in the novel, and one of my favorite love interests in Danmei :D

Unfortunately, none of the side characters really stuck out to me. The vast majority of side characters only appeared for one arc before never getting mentioned again, kind of like microcosms within the immense world of My Legend Still Exists. This is "realistic", but it means I can't even recall a single likable side character off the top of my head. Even the recurring side characters weren't that compelling either. And yeah, the villains weren't memorable at all lol.

3) Overall Enjoyment: Hmm... this novel was pretty fun overall I guess. The heartwarming relationship moments between Jing Yue and Qin Yanzhi were 100% worth reading. Everything else... was skimmable I suppose. It feels like the author was getting paid by the word when writing this, so the novel truly went all out with the filler.

Perhaps if someone picks up this novel for translation, I might appreciate the subtleties more. Until then, I'd probably give it a 3.5/5.

Qin Yanzhi is best boy though~ <<less
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xiin rated it
May 11, 2019
Status: Completed
An extremely good cultivation novel with an incredible amount of plot, great characters, story development, and world building. Romance is very slow build but satisfying~

It's infused with hints of modern/amusing elements to lighten it up. These things don't detract from the plot (and aren't jarring at all) but rather make it a bit easier to read and acts as hilarious ways to lighten up the mood.
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poyopoyo rated it
May 8, 2021
Status: Completed
(I thought this was fully translated aaaaaa going I'm insane QAQ)

Good read!!

My favourite thing about this book is the world building. Sure, cultivation novels are built on the same foundation but I really like the lores in this one.

... more>> This isn't a lovey dovey book. In fact, you have to wait until after dozens of chapters for them to actually interact but nonetheless, the CP would truly be a power couple once they get together (soon, I hope hahaha).

It's really good though! I like the plot progression and reading about MC's progress is really satisfying. There aren't many characters that stand out but they're still lovely.

I just can't believe it's been 59 chapters and the most romantic thing the main CP has done is ML looking at MC warmly XD The slowburn is truly magnificent hahaha

It's pretty slow and mellow (not that I mind) so if you're looking for something exciting, this is probably not the one.



thank you author for making this book considerably easy to MTL.

that being said, oh wow I was wrong, there are so many adventures here. the main CP kept getting lost in secret realms with Very Serious Plot Development left and right but everyone thought they're hardcore double cultivating lmao it's the funniest thing.

also, the twists and story progression are very satisfying. they really said time is relative and reality is a social construct.

the side characters' stories are great too especially WZ and RJ's story... (;∀;)


wait sh*t I think there are like 5 couples where the other half dies


lore heavy and the romance is slow but once they develop Feelings™, muah chef's kiss. very good read. 10000/10 will read again <<less
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Devrai rated it
November 29, 2023
Status: extra 3
Entertaining enough, intricate world building but somewhat episodic.

This novel is better than most but can't hold a candle to the really good ones, like legendary masters wife.

The world building is good and the story is well planned out. The characters are likable. The main characters are fleshed out nicely but lots of the side character are rather 2d.

... more>> Romance is a real slow burn and not the main point in this story, but it is OK. It's still entertaining.

The thing that I dislike is the episodic story.... I know there need to be different arcs but I find it kind of annoying if one arc emphasizes on pill refining and then they switch to formations and the things happen and you will not read anything about this for eternity. While the storyline itself was well planned out, I feel that this meeting of skills throughout the story was lacking. It felt a bit like checking a todo list.

If you like cultivation novels, you should read this at least once. You won't get bored and have enough action. The writing is ok and the translation is pretty good. <<less
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ansusta rated it
May 9, 2023
Status: c164
First of all I gotta say how much of a xianxia fan I am, cultivation novels always fascinate me, ik that it mostly has no plot and the MC it too op and there are too many face slapping scenes but that's the point of it, just for that cheap self satisfaction and gold comedy so if u don't like the genre don't read, I will be judging the novel not the genre so here is my opinion :
Ok the first thing that stuck out to me would be the character writing, as I believe if u were a seasoned web novel reader u'de notice that danmei mostly has the worst character writing, weak pathetic MCs and overbearing confident ml, now I'm not talking about strength but characters, when I say "weak mc" I don't care if he achieved the final layer of heavenly level or sm I'm talking about having a weak submissive character and always depending on ML in difficult situations instead of surpassing them with his wit
which is why I was actually pleasantly surprised when I found that this novel which I haven't heard anyone talk about could have better character writing than most famous danmei, and I mean it for both MC and ml

Like most cultivation novels MC used to be a super strong cultivation master but died and was reborn in a child's body with no cultivation, he uses knowledge from his past life and his connections to climb the cultivation ranks little by little, this point I really liked bcuz it made me feel like I was reading a proper xianxia with a normal MC and not a "gay" one, ya apparently the gender of the love interest changes ur personality and makes men go cute and feminine in danmei, luckily this one was written properly

Back to ml, I like that his character was also explored throughly, he had a personality, likes and dislikes, and expressed emotions, he liked swords, he got surprised, he got sad and got angry Altthought he was aloof he was human, and it was shown of us, his personality wasn't based "what an interesting guy lemme just be obsessed with him" although he was curious
Their whole relationship wasn't based on it it was the addition of all the life and death experiences they got over together
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Knightime rated it
September 10, 2021
Status: --
I absolutely LOVE this story. It's very entertaining- just when I think I know how the plot will go, it very subtly makes fun of the standard cultivation tropes and goes off on its own tangent. The author is amazing and the translation very well done as well.

P.S. My favorite character has gotta be the chicken. @_@
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WallEyeKnee rated it
April 18, 2022
Status: c150
It's a good Xianxia novel for sure. I am not sure about the BL department it's kinda dry to me.

I like how MC is a legend came back and starts over step by step, he even have his status back. But people look down on his and he is able to face slap them every step of the way, it's not like he used op cheats. He is kind, decisive, strong person. Well like every MC the love part their brain go haywire. I don't how ML who is also... more>> a emotional robot got to confess first and figure out his feelings. ML is kinda cool but very dry and boring. When you ask me to describe him, I can't even say he has a personality sometimes. It's more like he's playing a love game with MC sometimes rather than actually loving. The whole 2nd disciple story line was left too late, if it was reveal earlier to ML than the emotional parts would've better feelings towards it, instead it left MC confused till the part I left readings, hell even I am confused on what part does the 2nd disciple plays for ML. It just left a bitter taste in my mouth.

But I love the structure of the novel, the time jumps is really reasonable 100 years in seclusion, I wish other people do this too instead of like ' hey 1 day power up ! 10 days you beats everyone cheat"

The chicken keep spouting nonsense, I really skip most of his dialogue because it makes no sense, sometimes it's funny 90 percent is just garbage talk. No one even notice it most of the time and I certainly didn't care for it because what is he there for? Comic relief didn't work for me. This part could've be done better.

I didn't make it to the end, because I think I kinda knew what's going to happen next anyway. Base on reading it, I just felt it drag out too long, and I know there's no much threat left at the part that I left. I got tired of reading and didn't have expectations, so I didn't drag myself to the end. <<less
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rhianirory rated it
September 16, 2020
Status: c31
it's a better than average start, though there are a few logical inconsistencies that stand out ... more>>

i.e. The MC is a 10 yo child and has to pay an adult fee to enter the town but Lil Pebble, also a child, is free to enter. In the town he is sometimes treated like a little kid and at others he's treated as an adult, even before he cultivates much. The author also sometimes calls him a child and then turns around at other times and calls him a teenager or even a young man (and he's treated as an adult and not a 10 yo child) ; it all seems to be at the authors whim or which way the plot is moving.

it's not really a spoiler IMO since it's in the first two chapters but some people are picky about stuff like that so I put in a spoiler tag.


so far this is more a cultivation novel where the MC happens to be gay, rather than being a romance novel set in a cultivation world and that's just fine with me. The MC is interesting and I can't wait to read more.

this is a genre I never MTL because there's so much specialized language that it's impossible to work through with more than a 50% understanding at most (usually it's much lower). So thank you to the translator for picking this up! I'll probably stockpile for a while and come back when the chapters hit 100 or more. <<less
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xianaddit rated it
September 19, 2021
Status: c65
  1. The beginning was entertaining for a while but I got quite bored reading up to chapter 65. Characters get introduced left and right then goes to the sideline. At time, I could barely remember who is who.
  2. The story just wasn’t exciting enough. The comedy got quite dry and everything goes well for the MC without much effort. Lots of scenarios are repeated.
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November 25, 2023
Status: --
First of all, the world setting for this story is simply amazing.

For the romance itself, this story takes the slow burn route (actually ML won't even appear until chapter 40 or so??? and yes, I personally don't really feel the importance of ML existence until they reveal all the plot about their relationship).

The only weakness of this story may lie in the lack of exploration of the world/story itself.

As I said before, this story has a very extraordinary setting... but even though much of the story is explained slowly, there... more>> is still a lot of plot that could still be developed more widely by following the existing of the story setting.

We can say this story is good, but not perfect... Because there are many plots that have anti-climax.


For example, in the ends of the story MC will kill the demon seeds with the sword revolution, but at the beginning of the narrative it is actually explained that the MC wants to attack the demon seeds with the swordsmanship of Canglan.

There is also a small world that owned by MC which does not have definite clarity about its development at all, and several characters who have an important appearance at the beginning of the story but have nothing at the end such as the character of a two brother in the ML sect who are called geniuses, and many others characters which have a strong influence in the beginning of the story, but disappeared nearing the end.

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Ouryane00 rated it
April 23, 2023
Status: c158
If you’re looking for pure fluff, this ain’t it.

This novel mainly focuses on the cultivation world and how the righteous sect fights the upcoming war.

It’s not that plot heavy but it can be a bit long winded. The story is on MC’s POV but its really more about the cultivation world which is also good for a change.

The love story here is non-existent for like 100 chapters. The ML doesn’t even appear after like 20 chapters and when he did, he just got to say 1 sentence lol.

But in its own way, the love story between MC and ML is also very interesting. I love chapters 130-150 because — although their love isn’t really blatant (the story is still more about the culti world) when we get a bit of fluff, it’s really the sweetest!!!!!!!!

Like the ML would just say a lil sweet words but because it’s unexpected or rare, I feel butterflies in my stomach!!!

Another thing I love about this is that ML is the reincarnation of MC’s 2nd disciple but MC treats them as different people which to me is really good cause in most novels, they treat the reincarnation as the same person but here, MC doesn’t.

+ thing that I like is that ML and MC doesn’t get together in an instant, there are a lot of time skips when they go into seclusion so like


ML confesses and 50 yrs go by without MC giving him an answer

MC says he’ll think about it and another 100 yrs go by

Etc... So ML’s patience is really something! Plus I love how excited he was when MC promised to be Dao partners finally


One red flag about this story is (not really a red flag but its bitter)... there seems to be side cps but before those side cps develop, they end in tragedy 🥲 it’s interesting to read about the side cps stories but its so saaaaaad huhu


like the Snake Emperor x Traitor Monk, Wei something x Rui juan, the Snake Brothers etc


Anyhoooo, this story is a good read (just don’t expect too much fluff. There’s little fluff but it’s the sweetest)

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naomisugoon rated it
December 27, 2020
Status: c52
[status c26pt2, 12/27/20]: Hehehe just recently made an acct so had to come to review this. I love it very much. This is the only web novel I am actively checking for new updates on and continue to read. Absolutely I recommend it. As for now, there has not been any interaction between the MC and ML, I only have a vague guess as to who the ML will be. But honestly, I do not really care too much as I know it will be a slow burn romance, especially... more>> because the MC is in the body of a child around the age of 10-12. Most of all I just love the xianxia part, the main part. After I initially read through what was available at the time I initially found this, there was a cliffhanger that felt very huge, then the next chapter kinda just deflated, but I don't even mind. It was just the cliff hanger made me expect a large face slapping which only turned into a small face slapping. The MC is pretty calm so I did not get as much face slapping as I had wished for in that scene lolol. I feel one with Ji-ji (the little blue chicken "system") to say that lol. Anyway, I am excited to see how the romance will be integrated later on, and I am very much enjoying reading this. [status c52, 4/15/21]: Really fun to read still, MC and ML have met, ML is who I thought it would be lolol. MC and ML are on friendly terms and slowly getting closer which is really cute to see.///. The body MC is in is still a preteen so I'm not expecting romantic development anytime soon unless there's a big time-skip somewhere haha but it's still really nice to see them getting along and I'm having fun with the xianxia plot hehe, I'm really happy to find and read a novel where it's a cultivation world with a BL subplot, sometimes is nice reading stuff where it's not always the main focus <3 <<less
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Maple-Leaf rated it
December 21, 2020
Status: c25
It’s great so far. Though I have my guesses, the ML hasn’t been introduced yet. Not to mention, the chapter I’m on ended at a cliffhanger. I haven’t noticed any problem with the translation, but I’ve gotten pretty good at filtering those kinds of things out so who knows.
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FINEM rated it
April 4, 2022
Status: c120
One of the best works in a long time. Someone said that MS has no purpose. This is nonsense. He has ambitious plans. For example, to return the greatness of his sect. Isn't that enough? ML does not cause disgust, as in many other works. He is a man with principles and honor.
I haven't finished reading the story yet, but I'm sure everything will be fine. I highly recommend it to those who love the topic of cultivation. This is one of the best works.

English is not my native language. I read normally, but I'm not good at making sentences. My apologies if something is incorrect.
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ylial rated it
February 23, 2022
Status: c139
Good Novel. Has depth and written well. But at around 120s the story becomes uninteresting especially the ML. I begun to become annoyed with him. I hate him being pushy and kinda childish (but is still stoic). His personality seems 2D and ooc. He later took for granted MC's kindness by not saying the truth just for his selfish desire, making MC worried 😅

Also I feel bad for the cannon fodder Yao in cultivation world😅
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timma rated it
June 14, 2021
Status: c85
Got bored with this in part where they fell into small world. MC is a little OP. I found myself wondering why I was reading it still..
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MehrM rated it
November 25, 2020
Status: --
As someone said it's more of a xianxia than a bl

However it's good

Some chapters did bored me hence the 4*

But overall it was good the relationship between the ML and the MC was nice whether before or after they ended up in a relationship

They fought side by side

The MC admired the ML before even meeting him...

His attachment to the ML is beyond this life
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elvira12 rated it
April 30, 2020
Status: Completed
Urgh. This was a tiring story. I persisted mtling this, but man, it was a pain in the @ss.

Not much fluffiness. Not much character development. The focus was more on the background people and it may seem as if the MC and ML were the passerbys instead.

To be fair, it is a nice Xianxia novel. As for BL.. Not really. Only the blue chicken.. Oops, phoenix was interesting.
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February 29, 2024
Status: v1c3
  1. Well I am in ch3 now and am wondering.... like why tf is MC staying with the old man... at first he wanted a house to stay... but just after one night the old man lost it.... so is MC staying with him to show how awesome he is or how backward the world is... cause the desert wolf he caught casually, with only it's pelt it can be sold for about 10 silver tael.... like he can totally buy himself a new house or something with hunting and not to mention now alchemy.... so why the heck are you showing these to the old man.. he should have a common sense?... that with his current strength he might be in danger if his uniqueness attract trouble....
I am ranting it... more>> cause MC felt a bit s*upid to me after reading those steady (super duper extra cautious) MC.. but ateast have some self preservation.. not for you but that old man <<less
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yayoi rated it
February 7, 2024
Status: Completed
I love this story so much! MC is strong but not that overpowered which makes the story more fun to read. I like the relationship between MC and ML. And the plot is super fun! Totally recommended!!
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