My Husband Thought I Was Dead And Became A Tyrant!


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Serienne was a commoner maid who worked under Count Tremain. One day, her lost memories of the past 10 years flooded back to her.

Her original name was Ashella de Ach. She was not a commoner, but a lady of the prestigious de Ach duchy, a household framed for an incident she barely escaped death from.

After recalling her memories, she vowed to find her family and return to her beloved husband, the emperor of the empire, Lahadelt…

“If you want to live, don’t say a word or even take a breath that I can hear.”

However, he became a crazy tyrant feared by the entire empire.

He was definitely the cute scaredy-cat she had loved, so what in the world happened in the last 10 years?

“There’s a rumor that the emperor lost his lover and went crazy.”

There’s no way that’s because of me, right?

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내가 죽은줄 알고 남편이 폭군이 되었습니다
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Jazdm rated it
July 6, 2021
Status: c12
Soo... This s*** is great. For the people who don't know, this is a story were our FL, Asha, was married to her chilhood friend and ML, Hadel, who was [blind (?) ] And was the emperor's (discarded) Child. He was called to the impirial palace because they had found the cure for his eyes, so he went there without Asha, who was attacked and as a resault she lost her memory for ten years. When she came back (per sey) she will go to meet him, BUT because, eventough... more>> she has blind feith in him that he will recognaiz her, he never soo Asha's face so it's going to be a bit more difficult. Altough they do meet reather easely.

Anyway it's a grat storry and it's true that I only read the firts 12c. BuT it's so good, I already cryed, screamed and was on edge the entiere time

Ah! Yeah here's the wattpad acc that already has so meny c. : @/zardelia <<less
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Mashiro-chan rated it
May 15, 2021
Status: c2
So far, the story is very interesting.

It starts with giving us a peek of the very loving relationship the adorable couple have, then Asha recalling her memories after 10 years. Her dear husband is a well-established tyrant by then. Lol.

But there's an unexpected twist and so, we're not sure how long it will take Asha to get a chance to talk to Hadel and if he would even recognize her as his long lost wife.

Translations are great so far, too. ^^
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Manhwaria rated it
November 10, 2021
Status: c11
I saw that this webnovel doesn't have much reviews so I'll review it I guess (I'm really bad at reviewing so pls don't come at me) so I'm pretty sure most of you know about the trope 'Tyrant ml' or 'obsessive ml' both tropes are same to me and I don't really like this trope due to the fact that most novels using this trope has mls whose a d*ck to everyone for no logical reason and the author justifying it by saying he has a traumatic past but he... more>> should be able to differentiate between trauma and logical reasoning right ? I mean I haven't experienced abuse firsthand but please do not address abuse in such a way as it's not a light matter anyways before I go off on a rant I'll start the review.

Plot-It's pretty generic but they gave some uniqueness to it like not making the FL go back in time and stuff to gain back everything (the only other novel I could think of that has this uniqueness is 'two-faced princess') I also adore the fact that ML and FL are already in love but I can't really comment on the plot much as it only has 11 chapters at the time of me writing this but lemme say this, this has a lot of potential and I mean A LOT.

Characters-Asha (fl) :She's a determined female lead and does not let her emotions make s*upid decisions. She also does not believe in rumors blindly and be scared rather she feels nervous cause she wonders if ML would recognize her or not (she really wants ML to recognize her) and I would say she's really a likeable character.

Lahadelt (ml) :He's a really pitiful character and there's a very good reason as to why he became a tyrant and it's because he wants revenge on all nobles as they're the ones who killed our FL and it's also really sad how he looks at the moon and imagined how Asha looked like because he had never seen Asha cause he was blind, the only information he has on her looks was that she had silver hair and silver eyes. He had also been cast away when he was young cause he is an illegimate child and also cause he's blind back then, our FL was the only one who offered a helping hand to him and became friend and then to best friends and then to love- (you get the point) anyways he's a really good ml.

Overall-It's really good and I hope it won't go to sh*t and I'm giving this a high rating so that it may become more popular also the translation is really good. Thank you lilac novels for translating this :). <<less
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Lemur rated it
August 15, 2022
Status: c26

  • The couple is very sweet and adorable. It's a pure and genuine love with no toxicity or abuse.
  • Both FL and ML are intelligent and capable characters. Neither of them make brainless or idiotic decisions that make you want throw something at them.
  • There are no prolonged or stretched out misunderstandings for the sake of pointless drama.
  • Throughout the story there are occasional flashbacks to the couple's childhood memories, which are really cute and it helps make their undying love for each other more believable.
  • The story doesn't rely too heavily on overused clichés. I especially like how this isn't just another transmigration or reincarnation story where the character's lives are completely reset (that plot device has always felt kind of cheap/lazy to me). Instead of being reborn, FL lost her memories and was missing for 10 years. Which means that there are actual negative repercussions to her absence, such as missing out on seeing her younger siblings grow up.

  • I really don't have any complaints other than the fact that at the beginning of the novel, all of FL's memories abruptly returned randomly after 10 years for no apparent reason. It would be nice if it wasn't so rushed, and her memories returned back gradually or something.
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Cute05o3 rated it
March 26, 2022
Status: c19
I liked this novel from the first chapters, and by the nineteenth chapter my love for it intensified. I really love FL and the way she talks about her husband (ML) with such love. To me I am very sorry for ML because he lost his beloved for 10 years. For ten whole years, Carl! He suffered so much.I so wanted him to quickly understand that FL is his Ashella alive. I care so much about their relationship. I bow to the translators, thank you very much🛐🛐🛐
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Zureah rated it
February 8, 2022
Status: --
This story is one of a kind, it made me cry, laugh and filled me with sweetness. At first I was hesitant in reading this, but I still tried because the reviews were great, and I didnt regret it, my only regret is why did I read this when the chapters were still short. Its a wonderful story, the translations were also great, thank you for that.
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R34der rated it
August 17, 2023
Status: c33
It was nice seeing it start at regaining memories instead of the whole ordeal of 'You're my lover but something happened and you lost your memories!' kind of thing. They also quickly solved the misunderstanding and let them have their cute moments.
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