My Husband, the Commander of Imperial Guards, Wants to Divorce Me, But I Don’t Want to Part With My Angelic Stepchild.


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Three years ago, Yurika had a political marriage with the Commander of Imperial Guards who was with a child. She was getting along well with the stepson, Noah, but one day, her husband brought up a divorce to her. But, what will happen to Noah if they divorce? Fii, Yurika’s childhood friend, got in contact with the worried Yurika…

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admira rated it
April 22, 2020
Status: c42 (mtl)
Rating: 2/5 (poor)

The chapters are really short and the writing is missing something; I was intrigued at first, but quickly lost interest. This story tries to do political drama and romance, but the author doesn't get the reader invested in either, so it just sort of flops.

Sort-of spoilers on the not-really-developing story:
... more>>

The story opens with the MC's husband telling her that he wants a divorce, no real justification offered. She just decides to obey instead of demanding more explanations and confides in a few people to no real effect. (I might have missed it, but I didn't see any mention of where she's go after the divorce, probably because the author already knew that it wasn't happening.)

That's right, the divorce doesn't happen, but only because her husband supposedly elopes with the maid that she's close with. From that point on, the author starts political conspiracy tidbits, but the whole thing comes across as flat instead of thrilling information.

(They eloped to a foreign country. The maid was actually a spy. Maybe the husband is selling state secrets. The husband hated his father because of something relating to his deceased foreigner mother. [insert flashback/"when I was a kid..." narative dump here to explain preexisting relationships between all of the characters in the story except the MC]. Maybe the husband wasn't sleeping with the maid, but he's still ran off with her for some other reason.)

As for the romance bit, the MC's childhood friend Fee conveniently shows up just when she needs a shoulder to cry on. He's related to her husband through implied family relations that boils down to "MC's stepson's uncle." And he tries to woo her while she's probably (or ought to be) emotionally vulnerable at the occasions when she takes the kid to visit him.


It fell short of my expectations for what it seems like it's trying to accomplish, so I dropped it before I could resent the characters any more. <<less
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ByleeM rated it
July 13, 2020
Status: --
This whole story was a traumatic read. I really like to give most stories a chance no matter how bad they are but WOW! Its the first time Ive ever been bored reading the first page of any story. The relationships a dryer than the Sahara and as interesting as watching paint dry. I really didn't get the motivation of anyone doing anything in the story and the MC is just another shoujo character we've all seen before. Even the parts with the kid which are supposed to makeus go... more>> awwwwe! Just make me yawn. The 2 stars is for the translation. <<less
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Alumis rated it
July 21, 2020
Status: --
It seemed like a good read but it is not! I tried chapter after chapter but it just feels dry the characters are so one dimensional I couldn't even ghet mad at the husband.

for eloping

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Philipas rated it
October 2, 2020
Status: c49
I've given a three star rating for this novel mostly hoping it will get better to the end, although I doubt that. There are some bad reviews already, and while they aren't wrong, they also don't show the good parts, the tiny good parts.

My suggestion, for those that want to read this, is simple: made sure all chapters are available for you, leave any expectation outside, and rush through.

From this point on, it's just my bitter ranting. I checked the reviews, I shouldn't have had any expectations, but I failed,... more>> and now I'm feeling sad.

This story is like a full course meal, but after the appetizer which was kind of good, the next meals are all delayed, and when they arrive, you only get a taste before it's taken away, and by the middle point you realize you didn't receive any drink. In other words, it shows promise at the start, then it tries to get complicated, only to leave you with dissatisfaction. I didn't reach the end, but looking at the chapter titles it doesn't seem like any kind of happy ending.

The main issue I felt reading this, something others pointed out in their reviews, is the pathetic storytelling. I'm quite sure the author got a decent start, but tried to complicate things needlessly and overdramatically, while inexperienced with more complicated stories, or just didn't care much. I would describe this novel as a chaotic mess of a stage play, and not a fantasy world with decent plot. Actually the world building is so poor, it's better to ignore it.

I feel bad for the translator who worked on the entire series, who I hope got something out of this. <<less
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Ya Think
Ya Think rated it
April 3, 2021
Status: c102
This could be a good story if it was narrated well. I can't tell how many times I got confuse, and in the end, I ended up skimming and speed reading.

The romance is ok, I guess. But the explanation for the conflict what ruin the story.

why it's confusing for me? There's quite a lot of nameless characters that goes with "the third prince of country A, first prince of country B, the fiance of the duke, maid of fiance of the duke, etc." I get that the author tried to... more>> put mystery by making reader guess who they really are.. But god, it was confusing. I don't know who is who.

I sure still don't know why Fionne is suddenly the prince.


And tbh, I like the setting that author gave to her (ex) husband.


her husband basically live his life with unsettled vengeance in his heart. It's true that their marriage was arranged, but he loved the warmth and serenity everytime he go home (albeit RARELY) that comes from his second marriage with FL. (he is described as workaholic to the core). However, his vengeance is more deeply rooted, so when Anne comes, he finally see the path to settle his vengeance. So, he abandoned his wife and used Anne as the stepping stone for his vengeance.


What I don't like is the inconsistency of his character.


for me, someone with deep rooted vengeance won't easily change their goal. BUT, when FL was kidnapped by one of his men accidentally, he suddenly decided to treat her nicely and wanted to reconcile. He even do drastic measure of abandoning Anne (his ticket to his revenge) to prove his words, WHEN HE STILL HAVEN'T GET HIS REVENGE YET [For me, it's like author just wanted to add 'rival' for the actual ML.]

And of course, in the end... It was all a bagsh*t MISUNDERSTANDING (Japanese seems to really love this. A prolong misunderstanding that goes on for decades)


I think, maybe the saving grace of this story is her cute step-son. Such a shame the author didn't make their relationship the highlight of the story. <<less
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