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I have a childhood friend.

We did stupid things, made the adults angry, were put to cleaning the toilets together, complained it was a pain and went off to play, only to make them angry again. When we were kicked out to sleep in the shed, we made a ruckus all the way through the night, received the iron fist to the head, and grew older together.

That friend became the hero and saved the world.

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Ore no Yuusha
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07/25/17 Yoraikun Translation short story
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New Meloman
October 6, 2018
Status: --
Loved it!

cute, simple, fluffy.

friends forever.

no drama or angst, just warmth.

a short story for when you want a “chicken soup for the soul” type read.
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arashi-chan12 rated it
July 25, 2017
Status: short story

I went in not knowing what the story is about but I have absolutely no regrets about reading it!

Basically it's about two childhood friends, one is a normal guy and one is the hero chosen to defeat the spirit king. It's very narration based (character summarizing events) but that doesn't take away from the story, because the point of the story is to explain why the childhood friend sees the other as their hero.

Don't worry if you're not into BL/Yaoi, this isn't that Type of story. The guys have such... more>> a nice bromance though, I was surprised at how touching this story actually is. ;-; Anyways, give it a shot. I did and I wasn't disappointed. :3 <<less
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SayMrrp rated it
July 26, 2017
Status: --
The writing isn't anything special, but the contents of the story are awesome. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy~

An attempt at a summary:

Two childhood friends (same gender, not homo) go on a trip in the hero's party to fight the Spirit King. The story is told from their perspectives and focuses more on their relationship than on any action or side characters.
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MyRAMEN rated it
June 25, 2018
Status: short story
I wasn't expecting much from this when I found this because of no cover image but I for sure not regret reading this short story. It was one of the most touching short stories I have ever read, and was really touching and warm to my heart. I encourage people to read this if you happen to be on this page. After all it is just a short story and wont take up your time so please.
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MitsukiKanou rated it
January 3, 2018
Status: --
Ack, I didn’t mean to cry. The story is about the male hero (Yuusha) and his non-romantic but very close relationship with his male childhood friend.

Geez, their relationship goes deeper than any romance or friendship.

As you read the story from their points of view, you’ll get to rethink the possibilities of what it means to be a hero and a friend.
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Garknight rated it
October 13, 2017
Status: short story
I've stumbled upon this great heartwarming story while pressing the random button. But, boy! I did not have any regrets reading it.

Sometimes, stories like this heals the soul and warms the heart.

And I'm pretty sure after reading this. You would be basking in the afterglow of the story.
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FattyTabby rated it
September 6, 2017
Status: short story
It was a short, simple and sweet story of two guys (bromance, not Yaoi/BL though) as told from their own perspective. Two childhood friend on their journey as one became the hero and the other accompany his hero as they went to fight the Spirit King.

It almost brought me to tears.

I couldn't help but let 'awww~~' at the end.
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March 17, 2018
Status: short story
Great short story. Gives a great but quick narrative With an interesting perspective twist.
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Vi2 rated it
July 12, 2018
Status: --
What a touching story! The first part is quite funny and over the top. You get to see the childhood friend's struggle and strength. The second part really takes it to another level though by adding a serious twist. A short read, but well worth the time. I want more, but I really don't think this could get any better.
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