My Girlfriend is a Mahou Shoujo!


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“I don’t like you anymore.” Broken-hearted, Zhang Shaoyu went home with a sourness in his chest. It was the Nth time he got rejected by a girl, but little did he know his rather ‘ordinary’ life changed later that night. When he was sleeping, he was suddenly woken up in the middle of the night to see a beautiful girl floating in front of his balcony. Before he said anything, the girl vanished and began to battle someone high up in the sky–

The next morning, Zhang Shaoyu woke up on his sofa, remembering nothing of what happened that night, and went to school normally. However, later that day, a mysterious girl suddenly appeared before him.

“I want to be your girlfriend!”

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Rafu the Shield Slayer
Rafu the Shield Slayer rated it
May 5, 2016
Status: --
After reading the latest translated scenes, I could say.. It’s a fresh concept gone wrong. The only thing I remembered while reading this is the manhua ‘Tale of Eun Aran’ but I can say that Tale of Eun Aran is much better than this.


They have the same way of acquiring their powers

Things that I found nonsensical in this story so far is..


When they ate outside, at a soup house. The FMC insulted the store’s food, and they are bent to kill the MC and the FMC. I can’t see any sense on that. They even accepted the help of a stranger just to kill them. They trusted a nobody just to kill the two? The heck? I think it’s too absurd. They even tried to chase the MC and the FMC to the ends of the world just because the FMC insulted their store’s ambiance and food. To think the story tells that are old people but they act like a bunch of sore loser children who can’t act their age. It looks like the author inserted them just to create comedic scenes, but giving a very weak reason for their actions just ruined it all.

He even tried to insert some unfunny ecchi comments, just to make it more comedic. I always notice his pattern. He likes to use ‘Crowd commentators’, which some of them isn’t really funny.. Well In my opinion at least.


(“This is unbelievable. From how those three oldies run like that, won’t their old bones break under the strain?”

“Look at that. That Zhang Shaoyu (MC) guy runs so fast too, even when he’s carrying a girl. If he were empty handed, wouldn’t he be faster than Liu Xiang?”

“My goodness! Could they all be Liu Xiang’s reincarnation?”

“Hey! Liu Xiang isn’t dead! How can he be reincarnated?”

“Yeah! Liu Xiang can’t be dead! I remember at the last Olympic Games, when he was forced to leave the competition, my girlfriend cried the whole morning. If he died, wouldn’t she cry for the whole day?”

“Wait, from what you said, it sounds like Liu Xiang had relations with your girlfriend?”

With those words, the audience burst out laughing. It looked like the guy would be awarded the title of Nan Jiang’s NTR’ed successor.)

Like that line. Yes, the Chinese readers can understand him (I even tried to search who that Liu Xiang is, but even though I did that, I really can’t feel his joke.

The only thing that compelled me to read this continuously is the MC and the FMC (I like their romance which can give people diabetes.

The FMC is a girl clueless of modern society because she came from a magical place and her main motive is to regain a stone which our MC acquired.

I like everything about her, actually.. She’s the MAIN REASON THAT I’M STILL READING THIS.
She asked him to be his girlfriend so that she could do that. The MC, which is weak to beautiful girls, accepted her. The FMC’s feelings developed really fast, but can’t decide if she’ll act against her mission or her feelings. Her actions are cutesy, which is annoying in a cute way. Most of the time, she drags the MC to trouble because of her ignorance to modern day technology and the difference of lifestyle between normal humans and magicians (like elevators, cooking food, etc.)

She’s also glutton, which is rare for a female main characters of her small body built (I find most of the glutton FMC annoying, but this time, I find this FMC cute in her own way.) (She reminds me of Est)

She can’t be categorized as tsundere, since she’s pretty active on making their relationship work and doesn’t make harsh remarks towards the MC.

I pray that this girl won’t become a ~just an add-on~ character later on.

The MC is a very desperate guy who is rejected by more than twenty girls. When the FMC approached him, he found it strange, but accepted her and vowed to protect her from anything that would make her unhappy. He thinks that if he did that, the FMC would appreciate how much he could give for someone who gave him a chance to show his dedication towards their relationship. I think that his attitude and personality has some loopholes, but I like how he thinks rationally and appropriate to his age. He has the potential to become OP (I can’t be sure if he will do it properly, but I pray it’s the case.)

For the side-characters (which is easy to forget), I’ll stay away from them. I can even describe them in one word: Nonsensical.

Most of the time, the MC and FMC misunderstand each other’s thoughts, which drags them to trouble. Some are funny, but most of the time it’s pretty boring to read.

I don’t recommend this for people like me who read novels while running their common sense. It’s a good read for people who doesn’t care about details and wants to read just for s*upid comedic acts. In the other way around, I recommend this for people who looks for something that could give them Diabetes. My Final Rating:

Story’s Common Sense: 1/5

Female Main Character: 5/5

Male Main Character: 4/5

Sub-Characters: 1/5

Story: 4/5

Overall: 3/5
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Reugros14 rated it
November 12, 2015
Status: --
This novel is neither xianxia nor Wuxia, but somewhat more like Modern Japanese genre with an MC whose got secrets and will become OP (probably). This novel, as of Chapter 9, has been going good, in humour, personality of MC and FMC.

I would recommend to read this novel if you have nothing else to read because currently just not many chapters have been translated.
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poli rated it
July 2, 2016
Status: v1c21
It has some funny jokes and generally above average writing, but on the other hand the way events unfold is often incredibly immature and badly illogical. While there are some endearing parts to this, you can put this one in the pile of "s*upid plots where one guy has to go against the entire world just to get to second base" (and in this case... maybe even first base :|)
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