My Fury Will Burn The Heavens


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A young juvenile’s dantian was sealed since childhood. He can learn all elementary laws and master all martial art techniques. Various Kings strive to reach the heavens, new warlords rise together simultaneously, great races stand with thousands of numbers. From the moment that youth awakens, Everyone will shiver in his presence…….Humans unfair to ME, millions of corpses on the ground.


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Fen Tian Zhi Nu
Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
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athlonkmf rated it
March 7, 2016
Status: --
Finished the book.

It starts ok, even for like 60% of the novel. But then author falls in the "repeat mode". MC gets stuck somewhere while dangers lurks for his loved once and he comes back just in time to save the world. To annoy another strong enemy and gets on the run again. Rinse and repeat.

After staying a virg*n for the first half of the story, the MC finally gets his action. Building his harem, forcing s*aves into an*l s*x, etc.
The girls who once were important enough for him to kill entire villages and realms, won't get much screen time anymore. In fact, some are blatantly killed off.

The last arc was completely unnecessary, and I believe the author sees that himself, as he flashed through it in a few dozens of chapters. Even though the same formula (annoy, run, danger, save the day) was good for entire volumes before...

Overall: nice build up for the first half, then it gets repetitive very soon.
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DripsLikeRain rated it
March 10, 2020
Status: c500
I regret reading this piece of shit. The author could make the story have suspense but too much is just pure bullshit. Jiang Yi is always risking his life because of his s*upid women who can't even bother trying making themselves to be useful at least once. First, the story plot is basically Jiang Yi trying to save his little sister from every sh*t coming to her. She got kidnapped goes for about 100 chapters and get poisoned that goes for another 100 chapters to get the materials for her.... more>> Second plot goes to Su Ruoxue also getting married to another man and Jiang Yi can't do sh*t about it since he is so weak and this goes for another 100 chapters where Jiang Yi gets ret*rded inheritance instead of actually cultivating his skills. After that is another whole 200 chapters of getting chased by the peak experts of the continent and trying to get back at them.

This doesn't include the thing that made me drop this sh*t off. Ji Tianyu is one of the things that made this series uncomfortable to read than anything in the novel world. She was a 'friend' that betrayed Jiang Yi but was actually pardoned by him since they were 'friends'. Ji Tianyu is actually never a friend of Jiang Yi. She just profitted an insane treasure from Jiang Yi when dao inscriptions appeared on a dan that he had sold to her. That's how their relationship started and that what it is for the most part.

This woman then disappeared for quite a while then appeared at the 400+ chapters having insane hatred to Jiang Yi who actually treated her as a friend. First she killed Jiang Yi's senior and plotted to kill everyone related to Jiang Yi. I don't even understand how she came to get so much authority when she is only smarter than most people. Jiang Yi then tries to kill her and author is basically trying to make this woman survive like a c*ckroach. I don't even think that she deserves this much plot convenience. Author is basically trying to force 'someone' to be Jiang Yi's rival but this woman doesn't deserve it.

After the final battle against the Martial Hall (which is actually just a side branch hall of a larger authority. What a load of bullcrap that it is so obvious since the start. This martial hall should be related to a martial sect or some shit.), Jiang Yi goes forth to get chased by another powerful experts since he destroyed this branch hall. He didn't even manage to kill Ji Tingyu after all of that sh*t and his woman, Su Ruoxue is kidnapped once again to the East sh*t Continent.

This novel is ret*rded and I wasted time reading it. The plot would always be related to women. It will be either Jiang Yi's women will be kidnapped and poisoned so Jiang Yi have to search the whole universe OR Jiang Yi will be plotted against by women and will be chased around to the point that it will be literally the plot of the novel. Yup, even his mother is literally plotting against him since she left her child to rot alone. Just don't read this piece of sh*t and waste the time of your life just like me. <<less
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March 3, 2019
Status: --
This is so cringy the MC family is so much bullsh*t even if have a good ending still makes this novel pretty terrible.

The problem is MC have a grandfather that cares for him but he left to search for a way to unlock the seal on his cultivation and the family treats him like garbage after that since he is waste even with the grandfather making clear to treat him well. They even try to kill the MC at some point but grandfather returns and destroys the family for this.

This... more>> is just the start of the novel but it's terrible and the worst part guess who seal MC cultivation? His own mother, why didn't she just cut both his arms while doing that in this world where your own family will treat you like a s*ave if you are weak. <<less
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ashuraking rated it
November 12, 2015
Status: --
To the readers who rated the novel as 2 or 3 because of translation errors, just wait a bit I will get an editor soon.
And Chapter 1 editing just completed.
It is easier to understand and story is simple right now.
Till now story progress is a bit slow, but it picks up later very quickly.
And those who gave it Rating 1, I cannot do any thing for you all as you say its a MT and you don't know how much time it takes to translate each chapter.
I am not saying my translation is best, but it is good and easy to understand.
Soon I will get an editor and the translation will become more fluent.
Try to give me a little credit and give a good rating to the series as this series is really good.
Till then be a little patient with me and don't give up on the series...
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JAD92 rated it
November 15, 2015
Status: --
Story starts a bit slow, but got a good flow in it.
Looks promising for the future.
Just like ATG starts slow then moves with a bang....
Translation is simple and easy to understand.
Thanks for the series.
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Allex2001 rated it
February 14, 2022
Status: --
I truly don't know, my dreams are more entertaining than most of the novels I read, I have more fun asleep than awake when I read these novels, my brain creates stories during my sleep with more common sense than these, like if you want MC doing ridiculous actions that would have been avoided by anyone with any bit of intelligence, go read it
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guih34 rated it
August 28, 2016
Status: --
Although I've read everything to the end and enjoyed, I've to point it out it's heavily repetitive and the main character doesn't grow much through the entire series.
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zeshan105 rated it
December 17, 2022
Status: c110
It has been 110 chapters and the story has been centered around saving the damsel (His maid sister) in distress. He some how lived 16 years without being killed or crippled. But as soon as the story starts he constantly being bullied to a point where he is left half dead and his maid in a coma. The plot moves on he moves to a new city and the old enemies (Jiang Clan Leader) are not even dealt with. Chinese novels suck in the first place because of excessive filler... more>> and info dumps. Top it off with the most cliche troupe as the main story pot and you have the worst novel written in the literature history.

Authors of such novels should be jailed banished to a mental asylum so the rest of the world wont waste their time and precious brain cells on these piece of sh*t novels. <<less
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Lazy Dude
Lazy Dude rated it
May 11, 2021
Status: c14
i dunno if the translator was drunk translating this shite, but from what I read, sometimes the novel is coherent other times its... ugh WTF. aside from early info dumps, the ranking system of levels used by the author is shite. I'm reading early chapters and there is already fillers...I'm already lost as to who is the protagonist is as there are POVs from some and then another then back again... WTF.

i give this a WTF rating of 1. the runaround of this novel ain't worth it... even if it... more>> is 1000+ chapters. i'd rather have a freshly baked cake with no icing rather than a week old cake with great icing. <<less
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EnuoFH rated it
December 22, 2020
Status: c1486

Changing from 4/5 to 3/5

Ever since MC ascended he and everyone else went full ret*rd. MC got a skill that is able to weak netheworld enemies, it can also purify people that get corrupted by that aura, noone have this ability even when he was much weaker he was able to purify the sovereign of the Earth domain from being corrupted by the Netherworld King, what do the characters do? Treat it as something minor, don't give him new resources, don't give him better cultivation techniques, don't give him... more>> better weapons and make him go risk himself for the sake of "tempering", he si af*cking adult already ffs he already went through temepering you don't just risk someone with such a good skill like this


The story is simply, its pretty cliche and have most tropes you will se out there but I'm enjoying it.

The author is pretty consistent different from some (I'm looking at you ASD Author and others), and the enemies and even MC allies aren't completely braindead in fact those enemies will often make MC suffer by plotting with him, too bad for them he is the protagonist.

The author does forget some stuff though, for example MC got a special inherintance skill that made him able to amplifty his divine sense to extreme levels even when he was mcuh weaker he was able to scan his whoel continent, later on there is moments that his divine sense is supressed and covering a much smaller area but he doesn't bother to use his skill to scan a large area

About the protagonist:

Yeah, he is the stubborn, ruthless, honest kind of MC, but he is better in my book than others. He is quite chill and friendly even the author did say that he isn't the most intelligent. While he tries to use his brain and be cautious, he often gets outsmarted, and people around him need to help him think about situations. Bonus that up to the chapter I'm in there was no r*pe or whatever even though there was an aphrodisiac moment he was able to stop himself, there was another one that MC had to have s*x with a heroine (because a skill of her), but neither the MC and the heroine were out of their mind and had full control and they already liked each other, so they both did it willing

I also like the author actually tried to explain why MC can asspull comprehend powers in the middle of life and death situations by giving him a special bloodline

I do have a problem that the author keeps tensions right all the time. Some people might complain, "oh but he wins all the time, someone help, bla, bla" bah that happens in pretty much all these novels, but later on, the situation gets complicated, and even if you know that MC will win in the end it's still pretty tense because of how bad things went. I think people need to enjoy the process more rather than the outcome <<less
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k-r-i-s rated it
October 18, 2020
Status: c157
I guess stubborn now means ret*rded as well. The main character is so annoying. He starts fights with everyone over the slightest things. He doesn't really understand tact.

... more>>

Also him jumping whole levels to beat people is so cliche and dumb. He can beat people from the purple stage or whatever from the mid range level of the first stage. I thought the black energy wouldn't be that bs but whatever.


I just honestly can't deal with this dumb story line where he annoys someone stronger, hides somewhere, and comes back more powerful to kill everyone except someone who'll comeback to get him to start the cycle again.


Also, how is this person honest. He wanted to become friends with Mentor Su to get help for his servant girl. He doesn't tell her this later when she'll accept the request. That's not honest. Honest in this thing seems to mean he'll kill you if he wants to without hiding it. Unlike other characters who try to kill him in the shadows or out in the open.


I also don't understand how any girl falls for him.


How did Mentor Su fall for him. She's like 22 and he's 16 or something. It's hard to keep track. Dumb story line again.

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Adyanthaya rated it
January 23, 2020
Status: c60
At first it went alright with the usual cliches and plot. Its got BTTH novel's Vibes all over. MC supposedly a genius as a kid but then turns out to be tr*sh cuz his dantian is sealed. Ofcourse you have a usual lil servant girl whom MC has to protect. Initially his character was good and shrewd, quite mature for his age but then once he got out of his town he just regressed back into a kid. Kinda disappointing how its going so far. Hope I don't drop it... more>> eventually. Caution: There's lot of bickering and antagonists who get in the way of MC. <<less
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