My First Trip was to Another World


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A high school student, who likes to camp solo, travels around the other world freely!

One day on his way home, he is summoned to a different world.

After graduating, he decides to go on a trip somewhere far away, and he thinks, “This means I can go on an indefinite wandering trip to a different world in the style of medieval Europe”.

He decides to return to the other world after enjoying the unknown world of swords and magic, and blends into the other world at an astonishing speed, using magic and physical enhancement at will.

What’s more, it seems that the magic he can bring to life by utilizing his knowledge of survival on Earth is far beyond the common sense of people in other worlds.

What kind of magic was that? The original, improved magic?

Ko, a traveler who has become the most powerful without realizing it, now begins his free exploration of the other world!

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Hajimete no Tabi wa Isekai de
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New DeirdreH rated it
May 25, 2020
Status: c10
Pronouns are such a seemingly minor part of a language. It's hard to appreciate just how important they before you try to read a story where each pronoun that appears has at best a 35% chance of being correct.

As of the tenth chapter it's barely possible to understand what is happening in this story because it's extraordinarily difficult to decipher who is talking and to whom they are referring. The dialog is basically incomprehensible.

it's a shame because this story is otherwise off to a decent start.
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