My Fiancee is a Cool-Headed, Peerless Angel


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There was an angel sitting in front of his house.

When Koujiro Isshiki returned home from his school, he found Shiori Nanasegawa sitting in front of the house where he lived alone.

She has an exceptional figure. She has a beautiful face with long, fine sparkling hair, a slender body that makes you want to protect her, and clear skin that has been described as angelic beauty from the heavens.

However, She is an expressionless girl who doesn’t talk much, and you can’t read what’s on her mind. Still, she was extremely popular among the boys.

In less than half a year since entering high school, the number of confessions she has received is said to be in the double digits.

However, all of their confessions have been rejected by her. Thus the nickname given to her is…

‘The Cool-Headed and Peerless Angel’

Her nickname comes from the fact that she calmly analyzes her opponents, breaks down their arguments, and then rejects their confessions, as well as her angelic appearance.

‘Why is the cold-hearted and merciless angel in front of my room?’

“You’re going to live in my house?”

“That’s what I said”.

“I’m going to ask you a simple question. Are you sure?”


“You’re going to live with a boy, who’s also part of your class”

“Nothing’s wrong with that- after all, you and I are engaged.”

This is a girl who’s cool and quiet, and as you spend more time with her, you become more and more attracted to her.

And you watch her change little by little. and the ice around her melts down.

-This is a story about such a situation.

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Ore no Iinazuke wa Reitetsu Muso no Tenshi-sama
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ExtinctDragonOG rated it
January 23, 2023
Status: c127
I feel kind of embarrassed writing this review but I want to hopefully, bring more attention to this amazing novel and also hope that this continues to get translated more. Keep in mind I've been MTLing since Chapter 69 (nice) all the way up to c127/c197 so far and it wasn't too bad of an experience with my very basic knowledge of Japanese.

The novel starts off pretty good but after about 20 chapters or so it starts to feel like a slog. The way I would describe it is it... more>> feels like the author didn't have a further story in mind but that quickly changes after another 10-20 chapters and beyond. FMC is great and likeable, has good chemistry with the MC, it's quite grounded actually. The few side characters are great, this isn't a novel that has 10-20 different characters, instead it fills out a comfortable 5-6 (including the MC and fMC) with great development and they feel quite human, the teacher being a standout case imo until the later chapters in which, the other characters start to pick up.

It's a cute novel that really starts to pick up around the 45-60 chapter mark and holy sh*t does it just skyrocket in rating for me. I don't want to spoil much but around the 100 chapter mark the series shocked me with the sudden change in tone (You'll know when you get there). I discuss this in the spoiler section


I absolutely f*cking love this new arc that it starts to tell, so much so that I had to take a break so I wouldn't get too emotional reading it. The arc starts to expand on the situation of both the MC and fMC's family (parents on both sides are alive btw!) and I can say that it does an amazing job of gripping you and really feeling for the characters involved. I related to a bit of it, especially the fMC's internal monologue in Chapter 125, so it got me quite emotional. I'm not even done with the arc but it's incredible on its own so far, the interactions during this feel so human. I feel for both sides of the conflict, the character's actions are painful yet real and human. I understand what they're trying to do despite, in my opinion still being wrong to a degree. I really feel for Shiori here, she's been basically abandoned all her life by her parents. But the reveal that they weren't just being awful parents, they had a reason despite me not completely thinking it's a valid reason to neglect your own daughter, it's very human. Shiori's reaction to this is chilling although the anger comes from out of left field but I think it can be described as just an absolute ton of bottled up emotions and feelings and that's also human. I can feel for the parents for both characters completely yet I still disagree with their actions and I love having characters like this, it's peak character writing to me. Both Shijo and Touma are great characters and I love them, all of the character interactions are just great and feel natural. I feel bad for Shijo as her love situation is rough to say the least. Touma is the typical quirky bro character and he gets some development as well. Minami-sensei is great aswell, appears first as a flirty teacher character but quickly is given development and turns out to be one of my favorites. Legit all the characters get some love from the author and it really fills out the story nicely without feeling forced at all. The other two film club members interactions are funny and great, I want them to get more love from the author although they're such minor characters I doubt that'll happen.


The fact that I could write this much and still write more should express how much so far that I love this new arc and even most of this novel. I encourage you to pick this up and read it and see what you think and I would love for this to continue to get translated! If that doesn't happen MTL actually isn't too bad in my opinion and the peak of the novel so far hits super hard even with sometimes having to fix an obviously wrong translation. If you're looking for a cute romance this is a good pick. However this also stands out amongst that crowd because of the great characters and a certain arc mentioned in the spoiler section. It starts great, starts to fumble a bit but quickly picks up and really hits in the feels after you get through the rough section. I'm really looking forward to finishing the rest of the chapters as I'm not completely done yet at the time of writing. It's still ongoing as far as I can tell though. <<less
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