My Fiance Told Me He Had Found His True Love and Broke off Our Engagement. It’s Too Late To Ask Me To Get Back Together Now!


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Suddenly one day, Mariabelle’s fiancé Edward broke off their engagement, saying that he had found true love.

His new fiancé was Annette, a commoner who had charms that Mariabelle did not have.

However, Annette’s education as Crown Princess was not going well, and Mariabelle was asked to be her teacher.

“You are the most perfect lady of all.”

Edward had no ill intentions when he smiled and said that. He was just insensitive to people’s feelings.

After turning down the offer to be Annette’s teacher, Mariabelle was offered another marriage proposal.

But when Edward found out about it, he somehow pressured her to get back together with him…

“It’s too late to ask me to get back together now since you broke off our engagement after telling me you had found your true love!”

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Shinjitsu no Ai wo Mitsuketa to Iwarete Konyaku Haki sareta node, Fukuen wo Semararetemo Imasara Mou Osoi desu!
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09/11/21 Lupus Sensei c1
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evanesco99211 rated it
January 10, 2022
Status: c86
MTLed the WN to the end.

At first, it seems like another cliche with 2D opponents but nope, it is actually full of politics with interesting characters and enough romance to not make it educational. The motivation behind the key characters was properly explained as well. The ending is a bit weird though. Maybe it's because I MTLed it but the ending doesn't feel like an ending. And it seems like hinting that there will be a continuation. Overall, it's a good read, I think.
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