My Fiancé is Breaking our Engagement Every Week, but…


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The fiancee of Judith, the daughter of a Marquis, is Crown Prince Orlando, who is blessed with golden hair and refreshing green eyes.

Once Judith marries Orlando, she believed that she would eventually become queen…

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Konyakusha ga Shuu ni Ichido Konyaku Haki wo Sengen Shitekuru no desu ga......
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09/05/21 Cotton Candy Tea oneshot
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kawaii12345 rated it
September 7, 2021
Status: Completed
The premise seems to have been lifted from the "Villainess can find happiness" series of mangas so 3.5 stars and round down for lack of originality.

The story does a solid job of conveying the setting and characters even if it doesn't manage comedy. It was readable but nothing great.

Bottom line: It's better than nothing but not much
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Lynkaster rated it
September 5, 2021
Status: oneshot
the setting could have been fine material for a fluffy story but... it was hollow. Absolutely nothing interesting, felt like I read nothing after finishing...

3/5 (that's the rating I give to story you can at least read), not really recommended
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