My Father Wants To Kill Me


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Young Master was born after I was. Everyone loved and pampered Young Master, even my father. I didn’t like Young Master…

That day, he lost everything. I was supposed to be freed, yet still somehow got stuck with him. Then, on a cloudless but rainy (?) day, Young Master climbed on my bed?

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This person is dying
This person is dying rated it
May 24, 2022
Status: Completed
This is a really good and cute short story.

Don't look at the rating! It's probably don't have enough genuine raters and more trolls.

But don't expect complete 3D characters or high plot, it's not the intention of this story. It's perfect on its own way.

This deserve more than 4 stars, so to balance it out I'll give 5.
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Ouryane00 rated it
April 30, 2022
Status: Completed
It’s a cute, very short story. More like a summary or narration of what’s happening.

The title isn’t really that relevant to the story too, it’s like just a scene that happened.
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Staringatastar rated it
May 3, 2022
Status: Completed
This was a wonderfully sweet story. I usually don't like characters that have downgraded statuses, but this worked perfectly. The ML is clueless in a silly sort of way.
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