My Engagement Was Cancelled So I Will Stop Pretending To Be a Fool


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“Lady Olivia Atoir. Despite being engaged to the Crown Prince, you have disregarded your necessary education as the Crown Princess of our nation. That is your sin. That’s why the engagement between Olivia and His Highness the Crown Prince is now considered cancelled. Henceforth, my well-educated daughter, Tiana Lemone will replace you as Fiancee to Prince Alan.”

When Olivia was suddenly summoned to the castle, she was stunned at Minister Lemone’s words. Next to him, her fiance, Prince Alan and Tiana, Count Lemone’s daughter were also there. Even though it was Prince Alan himself who told her to [Pretend to be an Idiot]

“What you can’t understand the situation with that s*upid head of yours?” Did Prince Alan forget that it was him who told her to act this way? Then, the 2nd Prince, Cyrus suddenly appeared at Olivia’s side and proposed to her!?

What is happening? She still can not grasp what’s going on but there is one thing she can say.

‘Your Highness, I don’t have to pretend to be a fool anymore right?’

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5 Reviews

Dec 06, 2021
Status: c10
Honestly I think I would just leave the kingdom, a crown prince who forgot he told you to act dumb then ignored her. A king who finds everything entertaining doesn't really care which won becomes king as long she's queen. Queen who doesn't care about the impact her son has already cancelled the engagement but wants them to get back together so her son can be an idiot on the throne due to a bet with the king. Then a prince who fell in love apparently honestly considering everything that's... more>> all ready happened I mean even when the engagement is cancelled she's still doing the crown princes work if he couldn't do it tough he already dug his grave live in it the kingdom obviously doomed.

I just don't get why she still willing to put up with all the shit. It is still early to tell I guess. <<less
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Dec 25, 2021
Status: b2c4
Reading from MTL

The plot is fun but illogical. Characters are unbelievable and two-dimensional aside from, surprisingly, the initially s*upid crown prince (and barely that, he is pretty much the only character who experiences any character development up to the point I gave up on the story). There is almost zero world-building. Conversations are fairly painful affairs, with very bland thoughts and dialogue.

They could have done more with the initial plot point but the character execution makes it rather 'meh'. Every character feels like it was put together with the minimum... more>> amount of effort.

Honestly, with the initial premise, I would have loved to enjoy this story and did for the first few chapters wondering where it would take me, but was rather disappointed by the almost summary-like way the story is told.

Overall, not the best execution of a story, though the initial plot is fun. <<less
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Mar 22, 2022
Status: c52
The story is a bit draggy and a slower pace. It's a lot of he said, she said, he thought, she thought. Barely any world building or much happening outside of the palace and her home.

The FL is a genius that since childhood, has learnt on her own or with private instruction from tutors that her father arranged. She acted like a fool because of a comment made by her fiancee who is himself a prideful idiot. The Emperor, the 2nd Prince, the duke and a few of the high... more>> ranked officials are the only ones that know just how clever she is.

The Emperor doesn't really care which of his son's will inherit his throne, he just wants to make sure that the FL is the queen. She has the title and the brains, so the kingdom's future is guaranteed with her doing the hard work. He would prefer his 2nd son to be the next king, and uses the fact that he likes the FL as bait to get him interested. The Empress wants the first Prince to be the next king and once she finds out how smart the FL really is, she wants them to get back together.

The Royal couple have a bet on which son will become the crown Prince. Which, sounds insane, however, if you consider that they both have a favourite child and the FL is a genius, the hard work would be taken care of and have all the support needed to keep the kingdom on track.

The Duke can't really do much to stand in the way, even if the FL is his daughter. The opponent is the king. Not really someone you can fight or doing much against without serious consequences.

The FL has a high IQ but low EQ. She has been acting a fool since 8 so doesn't have friends or many social interactions with her peers. With most of her time in books and doing official work, along with being raised with an arranged marriage and the knowledge that those of high rank don't usually marry for love, she has never really needed to be socially and emotionally aware of her own feelings, let along of those around her.

She works because 1. She can and 2. Because she was raised knowing that with the power and money that comes with her title, there are also obligations.

Personally, she feels a bit like a sucker. But whatever.

This isn't going to be one I would recommend to others or keep track of to see how it ends. <<less
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Jan 14, 2022
Status: c8
No offense to the translator but I find the characters s*upid. I don't know which one I'm most disappointed in. If I had to pick one, the FL's duke father - He's a duke but can't even protect his daughter lol. The king is probably the biggest scumbag in this story considering he's the highest in power but happily allows all these s*upidity to happen. FL is described as genius but has no (?) EQ. At chapter 8 I can't seem to remember what her dream/ambition is. So what does... more>> she live for? (I'm so angry I can't be bothered to check/re-read 😅. Correct me if I'm wrong. Ty.) <<less
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Mar 26, 2022
Status: --
Olivia's brilliance shines even more, having 2 idiots offsetting her.

The King and Queen are a little childish, and act like the kingdom may very well be a chessboard of sorts.

To be honest, during the first volume Tiana was a pretty fun antagonist, precisely because of her foolishness and reluctance to accept her failures. She insists on lowering Olivia and heightening herself, but no one takes her seriously. Unlike the typical new fiances in noble girl stories, she does not have a reverse harem nor does she wield much power, so... more>> her attempts are basically what adds the spice. <<less
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