My Engagement was Annulled (lol)


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Elise von Schwarzwald’s engagement gets annulled but she’s got bigger things to think about. She just regained her memories as Yuriko Satou and she wants to cook & eat delicious food!

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Anra7777 rated it
August 9, 2018
Status: c20
I'm giving this a three for now, but I might slide it to a two if the story continues on its current trajectory.

The first chapter was very promising, albeit admittedly the generic engagement break up trope. I enjoy this trope because every author tends to bring something different to the story. It's similar to how fairytales are always being retold, but we love the retellings just as much as the originals because something new is added. The biggest problem with this trope is, if authors aren't able to add their... more>> own sparkle to the story, the stories start to blend together.

This story hasn't quite degenerated into something blur worthy, but there are problems, which mainly revolve around the reincarnation portion of the trope. To me there are three problems which I'll discuss in detail below in the spoiler section, but in summary: food, personality, and lazy writing/pseudo retconning.


1) Food. I've developed a bit of a trauma about protagonists wanting to introduce "good" food to their new worlds because of Shinsori's other series, Tensei Reijou wa Shomin no Aji ni Uete Iru. I can handle it when it's only a minor portion of the story and/or there is little emphasis on it, but currently the story looks like it might be headed in the same only-food-matters way as Tensei. It's too early to say, but I am feeling discouraged.

2) Personality. The main character reincarnates, but it feels more like she's transmigrated. She treats her pre-remembering self as a completely different person, and an inferior one on that, despite what little we know about her old self seems potentially interesting. She seems to have trouble accessing her old memories, but shows no distress and little confusion about this. Her family seems curious about her changes, but nothing more.

3) Lazy writing/pseudo retconning. In chapter 19, she tells her family that she has memories of another world, but without seeming surprised or with any questions, they accept this one statement and move on. They have no reaction other than to say, "oh good thing you haven't told anyone else." In chapter 20, it's explained that the MC has been saying odd things her whole life—again, the MC has no memory of this—without the memories of the other world. It seems she subconsciously has been talking about sawdust and refrigeration while shipping and the like her whole life. Beyond remarking that, "oh that must be knowledge you got from another world, huh, " there's no other reaction from her family. After chapter 19, I was surprised that her family, if they believed her, didn't pester her with questions about her memories, such as how she got them, why only she had them, what the other world was like, whether she had memories of other worlds too, etc. Chapter 20 felt like a retcon to explain why they weren't curious in chapter 19, but seriously, it really doesn't explain it. If your child has been inventing things her whole life, then one day said it was because she had memories from another world, I'd think you'd have questions, no matter how accepting of it you were. The only reason not to ask questions is if you a) didn't believe her (doesn't seem to be the case), b) was a very incurious person (again, they seem like quite curious people), or don't care about her (they care).


In short, perhaps I had too many expectations as chapter 1 seemed promising. But the flaws of the novel started appearing in chapter 2, and the story has been increasingly disappointing me with each new chapter.

Update for 46.5:

There isn't an actual 46.5, I just decided to stop reading this story in the middle of chapter 47. Basically, my fears seem to have been realized.

Since my review we've had a "Food is all important!!!" episode, followed by a weird BDSM episode, followed by, again, a "Food is all important!!!" episode.

I just can't take it anymore. I would have tolerated the first two described episodes if the story had spring boarded elsewhere from there, but if this is all this story is going to be about, I just can't. I might come back at a later point to check reviews to see if the story improves, but for now, I'm done. <<less
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Cryarc rated it
August 3, 2018
Status: c30
As per usual of Shinsori's pick: it's fluffy, childish, and free of any serious coflict slice of live webnovel. On the downside; as usual that everything is cliche, everyone is dumb, the plot is very simple.

If you liked the other stories Shinsori picks, then most likely you won't have any problem reading this one.

It seems even shinshori has dropped this WN due to it's low quality...
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Fourthaid rated it
August 4, 2018
Status: c11
I tend to enjoy these broken engagement stories, despite them being very similar and interchangeable. However, this protagonist is beyond irritating to read. If this was a third person POV or we weren't so intimately into her very deranged commentary to everything it might not be so grating to read it.

Still, this is a guilty pleasure sub-genre of mine so I will give it a decent chunk of chapters before I pass final judgment on it.

However it is coming dangerously close to one of my least favorite tropes of isekai... more>> stories.. Recreating Japanese cuisine (and in particular miso, soy sauce and acquiring rice are the best examples of this) which if it becomes a major focus is a huge turn-off for me with few exceptions. <<less
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Akitake rated it
December 30, 2018
Status: c39
The first few chapters were promising... but then it just went downhill from there. The title was really interesting and the parts up till where I'm reading doesn't really live up to its title. The protag justs want to get good food and I understand that and it says it in the description but I was expecting more of the "engagement nulled" plot to show through. Rather than the protag just thinking about food. So really the title let me down. I needed to see more action between the royal... more>> family and the protag, rather than a girl cooking potatoes. I think it's ok to read if you're into the really slow paced story go for it, my dude. Your tea might not be my tea, but my tea might not be your tea. Have fun~ <<less
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