My Disciples Are All Villains


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Lu Zhou wakes up to become the world’s most powerful and oldest villainous Patriarch, and finds that he has nine notorious disciples who are full of evil. His eldest disciple is the leader of the Nether Sect with thousands of minions, and his second disciple—Sword Devil—always slaughters others at the slightest disagreement…

Without his cultivation base, how will he handle these evil disciples?

His eldest disciple, Yu Zhenghai, said, “I’ve never had a rival in my life, and no one but Master can make me bow my head.”

His seventh disciple, Si Wuya, said, “We can’t eat or sleep in peace as long as the Master is not dead!”

His ninth disciple, Yuan’er, said, “I’ll remember what Master said and be a good person.”

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My Apprentices Are All Villains
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kkgoh rated it
September 14, 2020
Status: c70
A disjointed, nonsensical novel that copies the recently popular misunderstanding tropes of protagonists transmigrating into OP evil arch-types with "evil" underlings. See "Running Away from the Hero" (2014), "Experimental Log of the Crazy Lich" (2014), "Overlord" (2010).

Completely broken writing and garbage plot logic.

(1) Author has no idea where he wanted the novel to go
The MC's System is a decent plot device, granting the MC "merit points" for whatever random subjective acts it deems as "good", thereby pushing MC towards a good alignment.
But the absence of System rules and structure for the awards broke the whole novel. MC becomes a headless fly and has no real plan for developing it other than adopting a wait-and-see attitude. There are so many possibilities to game the system but MC doesn't bother exploring the limits of the system (unlike most other System novels).
Plot developments occur entirely randomly.
e.g. A traitorous disciple randomly creates a poor convoluted nonsensical plot to lure a fellow disciple (with the end plot being the lure the MC), but the MC comes out ahead of time by chance, but the disciple has an even bigger "fool-proof" trap for the MC, but suddenly it's revealed that MC knew all along what was going on... huh??
The deus-ex machina always appears at the last minute with the System giving MC some s*upidly powerful ability to break all plots against him. Lame.

(2) Conversations are so broken that you have no idea what characters are thinking or talking about
Disciple 1 says A-B-C.
Disciple 2 retorts B-F-G.
Disciple 3 responds B-C-F.
Everyone constantly has different conversations going on at once, talking over each other with multiple connecting sentences being skipped. Makes it quite unreadable when paired together with rapid, random perspective changes (MC viewpoint -> Disciple 1/2/3 viewpoint -> Enemy 1/2/3 viewpoint -> Disciple 4/5/6 viewpoint... sometimes within the span of a single chapter)

(3) No humor, with s*upid filler
The genre is supposed to be humorous. It's about an MC transmigrating into an OP/disabled body but constantly having to keep up appearances and show of strength, while desperately trying to regain his powers.
And yet it's utterly boring with no jokes. The "evil" disciples are supposed to be ridiculously strong and cunning, creating powerful evil organizations but are entirely s*upid dunces and one-shotted by the MC within 1 chapter of him appearing in non-comical scenes. The only joke is people pointlessly reacting to MC's OPness. Holy sh*t how is he so OP/still so OP/still so so OP? Repeat every dozen chapters with multiple chapters of everyone commenting how inscrutable and OP MC is. Huh??
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Dancing_Rain rated it
July 7, 2020
Status: c600
I love it sooo much. I think this novel had the same premise as History's Number 1 Founder. But in more OP way? The MC had already stand at the top of the world when he was reincarnated. Even if he was known as the most evil because he had 9 powerful disciples who are villain and villainess with kinda twisted/weirdo in personality.

Very interesting. You will fall in love with every character be it MC or his disciples.

the character development of the MC's disciples or the surrounding people will attract... more>> you.

Even though the original body was powerful he was already in his end years. People cannot live passed 1000 years if they did no breakthrough to 9leaf. But even in legend there was no one who actually breakthrough. That's why many masters try to killed MC. Because he is so closed to the 1000 years mark and they believe his strenght had deteriorated. They all wanted to rob his treasure in the name of killing MC for righteous. When MC reincarnated as the Master he had to faced the siege of 10 master and the betrayal of his 4 remaining disciples. This is a humorous cultivation novel where MC bullshitting his way through and maintaining his hegemony in the world while correcting his disciples.

For any readers who worried this is a BL, I assure you it's not. And there is no romance yet found in the novel. I mean the original body was already in his end life so MC appeared as old grandfather even though his soul is in his prime. Who will be attracted to old man with long white beard?? Lol. I especially felt satisfied because the ratio of man and woman in this novel quite balanced. I like the female characters. Their are portrayed as strong woman who cannot be look down upon or bullied easily. They will not seduced man they met for the sake of reliance.

Don't mind my grammar. <<less
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Tsukkin rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: c759
I would be a sinner if I didn't review this novel well.

Fyi I really love History's Number 1 Founder and this novel has the same theme, but this one the MC is already a strongman from the start of the novel, ofc he's actually weak but he can do tricks with system and bullshitting everyone like in HN1F.

What I love about this novel is that THERE IS NO ROMANCE! (It's not completed yet but I think there won't be) ... more>>

there is actually traces of O!MC (the real Ji Tiandao) is having a lover from a chapter about jade disk or something, but after MC transmigrated he found out that the lover is already dead years ago, and that's it, the MC also have no attachment to any past feelings, so that's the reason why I think there won't be any romance in the future


How great is that, right? Well, I personally think that xianxia novels without b**bs, asses, and jade like beauties are so rare, so this kind of novel are very precious to me.

The plot is quite good, typical xianxia, finding a way against heaven (while educating children lol), with lots of mysteries. The face slapping is not too much nor too few, just the right amount. I have to say the comedy isn't as good as HN1F but it's quite funny. What other reviewer said about "too much talking than fighting" is true BUT don't worry the plot is fast-paced and won't really irritate you with cliffhanger.

Overall this is a good read, you should try it. <<less
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7starkiller99 rated it
June 16, 2021
Status: Completed
For people thinking of reading this and expecting a cohesive novel: DON’T

This is a weird case of the author literally giving up on the novel and rushing the ending. Author does not resolve Mc’s disciples, Mc’s identity, nor even the system or the point of the novel. The ending is the most rushed tr*sh garbage since Avalon Of Five Elements.

Please, don’t suffer reading 1000+ chapters to find out the author screwed around and didn’t plan an ending and blames it on being their first book.

... more>> seriously: you’ve been warned.


Now for the novel:

Author could never decide if MC was OP or not.

MC is weak/strong fluctuation ever since MC leaves black lotus world. There are a few fun bits as MC picks up his disciples, but near the end it’s a dragged out moronic waiting period of MC needing to power up to fight a final boss he smacks easily.

Sigh, really don’t expect anything good here. You’ve been warned. Also no romance. Sigh. <<less
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Kezmark rated it
January 10, 2021
Status: c378
Actually one of the more solid novels of this type.

First thing you have to understand going in, is that this is a power fantasy. The MC is unlikely to lose any time soon, if at all, its more about how he'll win then if he'll win, and whilst things won't always go as planned he does come out on top every time pretty much.

The bad : Inconsistencies in writing, the MC especially who early on does things that make no sense for him to do as the transmigrated guy with... more>> a system, and would have been more appropriate if he was an actual old master, this kind of turns in to how he generally acts later on, and honestly its much, much better story wise, but it makes little sense because of who he actually is.

Poorly thought out bits of backstory and initial setup. Looking back at it from the point I'm at now, just some of the things the original master did make 0 sense, and also the way he acted kind of conflicts with other revelations of his past and its just kind of feels like nothing was really planned all that well and the author makes it up as he goes. The noble path sects and their assaults on him also made little sense considering how the power levels are shown to be and how monstrous the master was supposed to be, and in general the power structures don't seem to work with how weak the noble path is to begin with.

The good : The interactions between characters, its actually well written and makes sense, especially lately between master and disciples and master and other old masters. The MC especially as it goes on is more and more the wise old master and not really a transmigrator, which makes no sense writing wise, but makes for a far better story, in fact take the system and transmigration out of it and you would have a much stronge story then what is present now.

The general actions and reactions of characters later on make more and more sense, with little to no annoying cliches.

I like the direction the story is taking.

The characters are fairly well developed and interesting in their own way, surprisingly the initial disciples with him are the worst in this area.

Action is ok, the setups for it can be quite entertaining at times.

So yeah, I wrote a lot without saying too much as I tend to just spew garbage when I start typing like this, but as long as you go in it with the understanding that this is a power fantasy and you're fine with that, you're likely going to have a fun reading it. <<less
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Arrange rated it
July 18, 2020
Status: c60
I like how the romance is inexistent in the novel so far. The dynamic between the MC and his disciples isn't immediately full of trust and loyalty, and rather, often it was the opposite. Everyone doubted each other (apart from the little ninth disciple cause she was the youngest and not yet influenced too much by the past body owner of MC), many betrayed him and this a journey of an educator striving for good even though he's surrounded by many evildoers.

I was skeptical at the beginning because I thought... more>> that it was going for that "now we are good people" trope. Fortunately, it didn't stay the same. MC taught (forced) them to do good, but it was hard for them so their "good" is often really whimsical. However, I must say that it was a quite enjoyable read. Serious when it needs to be and humorous enough to lighten up the mood. 4/5 <<less
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Molenir rated it
December 18, 2021
Status: c961
I enjoyed this novel for quite awhile. Not because it's good, but rather because it's a mindless power fantasy. But after reading so much of it, I eventually got too turned off by the MC.

He is completely amoral. He cares about nothing but himself and his disciples. If anyone crosses him, its death. For a guy coming from our realm, it's hard to connect with a guy who has no problem mu*dering anyone.

What finally stopped me from reading further, was when he mu*dered a woman who had saved... more>> one of his disciples life. Yes she had ulterior motives. Regardless, this made me lose whatever remaining interest I had in the story. The MC is just tr*sh. <<less
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Wife of Sovereign
Wife of Sovereign rated it
April 5, 2022
Status: c1434
It's SO GOOD!!! I got little sleep for the last few days purely to just catch up to this novel. I can't put it down at all, I stop focusing at anything and only loyally read this novel.

The world building is BEAUTIFUL, I really love the system of domains and the difference of power levels between each domains. I also love that's it's color-coded, heh. I also like it that the MC initially didn't put much thought on his disciples and only view them as target for missions to get... more>> points for missions, however later on as he relied more on them and learned more about their history of life, he began subtly become protective of them. It's realistic af. He adapts fast with the world's rule and is not naive, he's not entirely nice but not amoral either. His real self and the villain's memory assimilated in a way that makes him able to be ruthless but not completely lose his moral either.

The disciples in here are GOOD. I love them all without reservation

A little less for the tenth disciple because she appeared way too far into the story for me to bond properly with her, but I still like her


The characters are all unique and their developments are SO GOOD!!! I recommend this novel 10/10 if you want great fantasy and adventure type.

Also, I have to disagree on @Molenir as I said, MC is not without moral. In fact, it's quite realistic. He kills people who might as well kill him if only he's not strong enough. It's the survival at the fittest. Most of the times, the enemies are the ones who are stubborn. Literally, 70% of the antagonists here has God complex, people like that HAS to die.

Also, one more thing that's wrong from @Molenir 's review. It's the context. Zhao Yue (Number 5), the disciple in question, was the one who was stubbornly distrustful to everyone that are not her people, fellow disciples, or master. MC only arrived at the nick of time where Number 5 would have been whisked away or killed. He didn't see the woman trying to valiantly save Number 5 what he knew was the woman was a part of the group that tried to harm his disciple.

The only who can intercede in that situation is Number 5 but Number 5 was already disappointed and her trust issues had flared, especially when later on it's discovered that the woman had secretly stole Number5's Great Void aura, Number5 had even less reason to trust her. Again, the MC didn't see the valiant rescue, what he saw is the woman being a part of the group that WANTED to harm his disciple. It makes sense the MC was ruthless and careless to that woman as well. The crux of the problem lies in Zhao Yue's willingness to intercede and trust. Unfortunately for that woman, Zhao Yue already picked the option of distrusting everyone except her fellow disciples and master. Especially, at that point of time, she had discussed with the strategist of the group, the seventh disciple, Si Wuya, and Si Wuya also had told her to not trust those people from foreign domain as it brings more harm than good. Zhao Yue, as one of the weakest link of the group at that time sans Number 8, listened to her smartest brother was just desperately defending herself.


This argument can also be easily dispelled if you read further over chapter 1000.

MC had sworn to kill members of Win Clan because their young master trespassed into the golden domain and killed MC's ally sect members. However later on when MC moved to the green domain where Qin family is, he decided to forgo his own promise and show mercy because the head of the family admits his mistake honestly and sincerely wanted to make up the dead young master's mistake without any pretense. This makes the MC sympathize with him and they even became allies for the next hundred chapters.


Some other reviewer also said the characters are s*upid, I agree, some antagonists are s*upid. But not everyone. Some were just densely confident and arrogant. And the methods of convincing themselves that the MC is weak is also realistic. Imagine living your entire life (hundreds and even thousands of years) adhering to the 'normal' rule and then suddenly there's this one guy who barged in and defies everything in the rulebook despite you repeatedly confirmed that he's also a player in the game, which means he's also supposedly adhering to the rule.

And there's a limit to the system. It didn't mindlessly make the MC strong and peerless outright. There are several limits that the MC had to scheme around. For example, the system provides insta-kill card that can kill anyone in the lower domains. The card is expensive af and each purchase can possibly raise the price, not to mention the MC also had to increase his cultivation which ALSO requires the system's merit points, he can't cultivate through conventional methods at the first hundred chapters, he HAD to buy it step-by-step from the system. In regard to this, he's not completelu untouchable (dumb af if you say the MC is not weak just because he had insta-kill card) the author had nicely put the balance of things. The MC has advantage, but also many disadvantage. In fact, in much later chapter, 800+ he can't easily use those cards again to just kill the boss.

What I love about this novel is each of the main cast is really charming, I usually got impatient when the focus got away from MCs for a long time in other novels. But here, it's refreshing. I cheer for them, cry for them

mfers, I cried. Fck me, I cried. I never cried for wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan!!!!!!

and the relationship between each of the main cast is beautiful. You can FEEL that they their own people and not just some extension of the MCs to boost the MC's existence. The last wuxia/xianxia/xuanhuan novel that feels like this to be is History Number One Founder, which I also love. But this exceeds my expectation, I can actually say I love this more than HN1F.

Read it. I can't believe there's so little reviews about it here in NU. There's no romance here but the adventure was crazy good and from the improvement of the MCs and his disciples I can't imagine any female leads that won't destroy the perfect balance this novel has executed.

Also, the author is a master of weaving his story, istg. The transition between domains are smooth, you always have a mystery that connects the plotline that has repeatedly chained me and makes me unable to extricate myself from it even though I only got two hours of sleep the night before and should really sleep early the night after it. <<less
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Valixiant rated it
January 26, 2022
Status: c560
Novels a mess. It's a power fantasy without the good part of a power fantasy. Main character is evidently overpowered, but the author keeps trying to make it seem like hes not. Main character literally has cards that give him temporary immortality and instant kill attacks, and the author tries to make it sound like hes not invincible.

Furthermore, every single character in this novel is mindlessly s*upid. It's so irritating watching as tons of "minor clues" to resolving a "mystery" float around when in reality its blatantly obvious whats happening.... more>> This gets worse and worse the longer the novel goes on, and I can't help but feel like they are just trying to include filler. This becomes readily apparent when random small sects decide to attack the main character despite him being the most powerful cultivator in the country. Over half the enemies the main character fights are pointless, their motivates are extremely s*upid and their methods are even worse. The logic they use to convince themselves that the main character is actually weak makes me lose IQ.

Overall, the writing is rather inconsistent, plot makes very little sense, characters are atrociously s*upid, pretty low quality. <<less
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NRL.LS rated it
December 21, 2021
Status: Completed
The story is ridiculous but pretty. The story is not really messy, the MC is blessed with the strength of an optional op, the story is pretty smooth from the beginning to the end may not all like. Reading the epilogue is quite surprised, are there many novel writers who are sick, I salute this author can still complete his novel. Thanks
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PasserbyStreet rated it
January 28, 2021
Status: c1243
The type of novel that you read when you have too much spare time.

+No harem (Or collect poke- I mean girls)

-Inconsistent writing and plot, the early chapter and the latter chapter (300++) don't connect or how the MC and the plot construct is disconnected

-MC reliant to System, and it kind of nonsense with the enemy most of time killed with prop from system and the MC relies too much in system for cultivation. And it kind of tasteless when MC like to act so proud and arrogant in front... more>> of people who was strong because their own cultivation and by normal mean it suppose to be more stronger than MC in cultivation level. MC super OP (not recommend if someone search for cultivation novel). MC never accept friend only subordinate.

-The humor is gone after 300++ and kind of become generic. Pattern: MC meet some strong people -> Some in awe because MC cheat and become subordinate or hug MC thighs -> some become cannon fodder for showing MC System might. <<less
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Queen77 rated it
September 14, 2022
Status: Completed
It comes 2nd on my Favorite novels, that is, second after Lord of the mysteries.

Great storyline, great characters, A cool villain (... more>>

when Ming Xin died, I felt it was too easy and a little rushed. Also some questions were left unanswered :) bruh I have a lot to say about this novel, all good things


Some may not be able to get through the first 200 chapter, as it really drags but trust me, it get exciting as MC goes to the other domains

It is definitely, my type of book, No romance, more fight scenes, great plot, gets your blood BOILING LOL.

Overall 10/10

Lu Zhou, our MC transmigrates as the evil patriarch and boy he does act like a evil patriarch.

Urgh I love it

I do recommend, for this who enjoy martial arts and, Xuanhuan genre and cough* No silly women here, or that many female characters, they are also written very well <<less
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Pixeldrum rated it
November 17, 2021
Status: Completed
My Disciples are All Villains is a better version of History #1 Founder. Both maintain the same base story: MC gets a system that relies on his disciples to get stronger. Both novels are disciple nurturing novels, and despite My Disciples Are All Villains being a bit simpler overall, it's able to maintain a consistent quality.

I think what a lot of these disciple nurturing novels tend to forget is how these disciples blend together like NPCs if they aren't featured or explained enough. My Disciples Are All Villains actually does... more>> an OK job of describing each disciple and their personality. It is 100% true that the characterization could be a lot better, and a lot of disciples get different amounts of attention, and some straight up have little to no relevance to the story. That being said, I do enjoy quite a lot how the disciples frequently go on their own missions and aren't just together with the MC the whole time. This, in my opinion, is what separates all of the bad novels from this one. You're able to actually see the disciples of the MC do their own thing for a decent amount of time. That being said, it could be a lot more. I'd actually wish if 80% or more of the novel was just depicting the disciples

Of course, the main story can be a bit repetitive. Guess what, our MC is pretty OP. Who would have thought? Guess what, the main storyline formula is definitely people thinking Lu Zhou is a weakling before being proved wrong. However, while being a bit formulaic, each arc still has its own charm, and it's just fun seeing the reactions no matter if you know what's going to happen or not.

Is it a masterpiece? Obviously not. It's, however, much better than other novels of the same genre that I enjoy a decent bit, and as such, it warrants a 7/10.

12/18/2022 edit:

Finally finished this novel. As with basically any webnovel involving cultivation, the ending gets out of hand, rushed, and overall quality drops immensely. Similar to Library of Heavens path-- where the novel was mainly comedy-- once this novel turns into serious story that lacks the cookie cutter comedy that the novel was relying on to have readers be interested, the series takes a huge nosedive.

The final ending arc (at around 1500+) suffer an immense drop in quality as I mentioned before. The scope gets out of hand. Rather than moving mountains and rivers, it's moving galaxies, changing laws, and the whole scale of things gets messy to the point of not making any sense at all. The ending is rushed overall, and while there were some things that could have been interesting, like the Merit Stone, most of it is swept under the rug. Every single character but the main antagonist is under Lu Zhou's whim, and characters that are supposedly super powerful don't impact the story at all. Interesting characters that seem to be more than they're letting on don't impact the story either.

The 10 disciples seem to lack any sort of personality and their only purpose is to fulfill their role as one of Lu Zhou's disciples, rather than them having their own impact on the story and flair. This was one of my favorite parts of the novel to begin with, so the fact that the disciples are basically disregarded kind of destroyed the novel for me. Si Wuya's the only exception, where he serves as the guidepost for the reader. Since things don't make a lot of sense and a lot of events get rushed, Si Wuya explains most things as an info-dump so that the reader doesn't get lost in the random sh*t that happens. Overall, an extremely underwhelming end in an extremely mediocre cookie cutter comedy/cultivation webnovel. It really was a chore to finish. I would not recommend this to anyone. 6/10 <<less
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tweprebet rated it
May 25, 2021
Status: c217
I probably should have checked this page before I started reading. Despite the decent average review score, the fact so many include explicit praise for a lack of romance... probably says something.

Anyway, it's not a great novel. There's a lot of things that don't track, or make sense. It might be enjoyable for some at various points, but that's the most you can really say about it. For example, the MC is supposed to be a transmigrator. His first real action was a bit of mass mu*der combined with regular... more>> mu*der. There was nary a single thought about this, ever, from him. He lacks so much introspection he never even realized it didn't bother him. And it's fine if it doesn't - there's plenty of room for excuses like he got influenced by the memories and traits of the original dude or whatever. But to not even address the fact of it not bothering him?

And this sort of thing just happens throughout. As time goes on he gets more and more like a regular villain, and there's no acknowledgement of it. I came here hoping to figure out if it was a plot point or just yet another aspect that was totally ignored. For example, he goes on and on about these 'merit points' and how much he needs them. At first he'd think about getting his disciple to do good things to get points. But not so much later, he's doing things like sitting around watching a city get attacked by an army and saying things like "it has nothing to do with me." Which might be true, except for the merit points. But it's fine, he goes on to lament how much he needs them just a chapter or two after he passed up such a good opportunity without ever noticing it.

What broke the camels back for me, is him getting into a weird and bad situation while cultivating, and his disciples all band together and break into his room to try to save him. The situation isn't exactly what his disciples thought it was, but they had good reason for believing he needed help. It's also not clear if they ended up helping him or not. Anyway he went off and punished most of them. He left off his favorite because she "couldn't have been the one to make the decision." Though he also punished a disciple even weaker and less likely to have any influence in the group than her. So he's now basically showing extreme favoritism and punishing his disciples for giving a crap about him and trying to help him.

... All this with a system that gives him *merit points* and missions to reform his disciples. Yet he's just acting more and more like a typical idiot villain. And there's nothing to suggest this could even be some kind of point-point or some kind of trial the MC has to recognize and overcome. It seems to be exactly the same as when he arrived and immediately started mu*dering people without ever thinking about it again.

You really do need to turn your brain off for this one, and get rid of any expectations for... anything. There's some funny moments with some of the characters, but that's it. The rest is just... lacking. At best. <<less
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Ironman96 rated it
March 5, 2021
Status: c485
If this was 100-200 chapters ago, I would've given it a 3/5, however, I have noticed some improvements in some places that was lacking which is rare to see in novels so I'll give it a 3.5-4/5.

In terms of being a sect leader with a system, my rating goes like this: History's Number 1 Founder > Master of Untold Daos (more action and comedy focused) > My Disciples Are All Villains >>> Library of Heaven's Path (started of well, but too repetitive and tr*sh)

Let's start with the negatives and... more>> how the author has improved them:

    1. The System does everything. It solves all of his problems (I typically don't like systems that much so take this point with a grain of salt).
        • His disciples are disloyal --> system shows how loyal they are (first of all, you can't really measure loyalty with a number, secondly, think of how much better this novel would've been if you had no idea how loyal the disciples were and if they could betray you at any time. It would've given a lot more tension and worry because they were stronger than MC).
        • He has powerful enemies --> hands out one-shot cards, binding cards, and 100% defense cards.
        • He has nothing to do --> gives him quests
        • He can't fly --> gives him a legendary mount
        • He needs items/powerful weapons --> gives him heaven-grade weapons and allows him to refine any weapon.
        • He ignores his disciples --> gets free points for accidentally teaching his disciples once so he starts teaching them more.
        • He one-shots too many people with his cards --> Increase the price so he can't buy cards as often.
        • What's the point of leveling up your cultivation if you're never gonna use it and keep using cards by the system (it literally takes 300-400 chs for the MC to start fighting using his own abilities and not the system)
Improvements: MC has started to rely less on his system and a bit more on his cultivation now. The author hasn't mentioned loyalty percentage in a while also.

    1. Characters are weak.
        • I don't really know our MC. What is his personality? Is he the calm and cold-hearted person, is he an emotional person, does he ever get angry? We don't really know because we don't get much of his thoughts. He pretty much only speaks in one-liners like 'Scram' or 'Impudent' as he has to act as the old villain Ji, but whats the real him? Only in chapter 400+ does he say that the memories from Old Ji is affecting his real personality but that was like one paragraph saying that and we don't really know the real MC.
        • Most disciples are not likable.
        • The 1000 year memories could be a great way to move the plot forward but its used more like: who is that person? Lemme look into my memories and oh its Leng Luo, an old villain that I knew from 300 years ago.
        • There has been little to no foreshadowing this novel. Things just pop up and MC solves them.
Improvements: Characters are starting to get more fleshed out and we are starting to learn more about MC's disciples, but there is still a huge room of improvement for character development. Characters are also starting to interact without MC involved and some things are actually getting foreshadowed.

    1. Dialogue is weak.
        • MC has some cringe dialogue moments or says one liners. Here's one of them I copy pasted:

          Lu Zhou stroked his beard and said, "I'll give you an opportunity to atone for your sins." His tone deepened as he continued to say, "First, destroy your cultivation base. Second, answer my questions honestly. Third, as long as I'm here, all of you will do my bidding."

        • Our MC barely gets a chance to talk as his disciples will 100% say something first. In fact, he barely talks in this entire novel.
        • The humor, if any, doesn't really click with me, could be translation or not, but I think I've only laughed once or twice while reading this.
Random person meets MC.

3th disciple: How dare you talk like that to our master.

4th disciple: Why don't you get on your knees and beg for your life?

9th disciple: Our master is amazing!

Mc: "..."

Random person: 'sweating' How could I forgot, this is the most evil dude, I could get killed at any time.

Improvements: Dialogue is a bit better, MC is starting to talk more and disciples aren't being as annoying and interrupting MC. Other characters are also starting to talk between themselves which is nice.

Final thoughts: I like this novel pretty much because of the setting, I love sect leading and kingdoms building novels a lot. This novel still needs work, but in the recent chapters (400+) there has been more world building and a bit of mystery which the novel didn't really have before so it has been improving and I hope that the quality is actually improving and that I'm not just in a good arc. <<less
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CaptainButtshark rated it
November 5, 2020
Status: c200
TLDR; it's decent, maybe ~3.5 but definitely doesn't deserve the 4 star rating it has now

Basically, our MC gets reincarnated into the body of a 1000 year old evil grandmaster who's on the verge of dying. Apart from his 9th (and youngest) disciple, the original body has apparently greatly abused all of his previous disciples and now MC has to fix it.

The Overall World Setting is honestly not too well defined. From what I understand, it's a classic Xianxia type world but Cultivation also involves these Avatars. Uptil the point... more>> that I've read the story, avatars aren't really defined too well, despite MC having a bunch of them. They raise cultivation but are also a combat ability?

This is a system novel but it (thankfully?) lacks the cliches of those i.e. There's no gaming the system, no sassy remarks from the system, etc. System works on a merit-point basis which is very loosely defined tbh but it seems to work out for the MC just fine.



No cliches
It's true. I mentioned the system ones before but there's also nothing like face slapping, pointless harems or the whole world calling you tr*sh despite being the strongest one in it

No Romance
We all know CN authors can't really handle romance. Thankfully, the author didn't even try, with the MC being a 1000 year old geezer and all. No inappropriate relationships with disciples, no r*pe, no harem




Poorly Explained Cultivation Method
I still have no idea what the cultivation method is, or how avatars work in this thing. The stages are all just names, no depth to them at all. I don't care if it has a fancy name like Divine Court or Sense Condensing, it really means nothing apart from a generic level-up

Poorly Explained System PowerUp
The system works on this merit point basis which is supposed to be a good/bad thing but it's really inconsistent. Eg. MC gets merit points for both saving normal people and punishing his disciples. Why is punishment a merit? He also gets points when he subdued a violent gang to do work for him. Again, how tf is that a merit?

Subpar WorldBuilding
As of c200, I have very little knowledge about the world. I only have a vague idea about some Yan Kingdom that has 3 (?) Princes, the mountain that the MC stays on and that's pretty much it. I don't know anything about the general situation in the world like what sects we have, are there any major conflicts apart from Righteous vs Evil (they call themselves Evil btw. No alternate ideology or rebel kingdoms, it's as simple as Good vs Evil 🙄)

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BillionJellyfish rated it
July 28, 2020
Status: c60
This story reminds me of History's Number 1 Founder and Library of Heaven's Path!

The main theme of the story is to rein in the nine villainous disciples and increase their loyalty to the MC. The MC isn't exactly trying to turn his disciples "good" like orthodox sects because the MC is willing to kill when necessary. There is also a system that gives out missions for the MC to complete. At the moment, the MC is pitting himself against both orthodox sects and the "evil" sects because before the MC... more>> transmigrated, the previous owner of the body made a lot of enemies. Basically, the MC is like a nanny that is cleaning up after the previous owner's mess.

So far, the story is fun! <<less
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sanushilshad rated it
July 12, 2020
Status: --
This was an excellent read during the fist half of the novel.

When I started to read this, I thought it would be like LOHP, but this is different, this webnovel is heavily laced with mystery.

... more>>

One thing that I don't like is how the MC makes promises to his fellow cultivators to come and visit him in three months or four months and failing to meet them. And even allows his disciples to egg the visitors even when it is his fault.

He knows it is his fault and makes note he should change it, but for the 590+ chapters I have read he doesn't change it.

4 Likes · Like Permalink | Report
It's not a comedy. If it seems to be heading that way initially, that impression soon drops off. The world building and plot is fairly interesting, though, and takes a lot of inspiration directly from the Classic of Mountains and Seas.

One advantage, I guess, of the protagonist being stuck in an elderly body is that it influences his personality too. I really don't mind reading more stories driven by grumpy old guys.
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Gsichtselfmeter rated it
July 21, 2021
Status: c731
Marvelous! One of the few exceptional novels around.

  • A smart MC that acts his experience, age and wisdom.
  • A slow pace and an interesting world with lots of secrets and plots. Give it some time and it will draw you in.
  • Unique, breathing characters with complex inter-personal relationships and multiple POVs.
  • A fair and balanced "system". The author quickly abandons "sub-systems" that don't work and would ruin the plot and also "patches" plot-holes and possible abuses.

    Cards get more expensive, no more "loyalty", failure rate, luck points and unlucky draws,...

Of course there is stuff that I would have liked improved, but when a novel manages to get me to read 3700 pages in a week, then those annoyances kinda don't matter!

  • Boring fights. All group fights can be skipped.
  • No good explanation of the cultivation system. Only after ~500 chapters...
  • No good villains. The MC usually resolves stuff in a few chapters. This makes most schemes a bit boring. I guess the term "always happy-ending" applies?
  • Too many random characters in the group (non-disciples). Introduction of random char X, high-interaction, then forgotten. (This is why I usually like solo-stories better).

In the end, this is a big treat if you like to read inter-personal stories in a slow pace, sprinkled with a bit of "OP'ness" and martial arts/cultivation. This novel has its own style and charm 5*!
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