My Debauched Devotion


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After transmigrating to the Zhenling Continent, Xiao Ran became the Direct Disciple of a known beauty of the cultivation world, LingZhou Yue, and bound himself to the Supreme Devotion System—he would only get stronger by treating his master with filial devotion.

From then on, he began serving tea, giving her massages, coming up with gourmet delicacies, and even scouting pretty girls so his master had someone to talk to… Xiao Ran was always either carrying out an act of devotion or was on the way to do it.

One day, his master who wanted to take advantage of her disciple, found out that she had been exploited by her disciple and scolded him while blushing, “Ignoble disciple, your devotion is debauched!”

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我的孝心变质了 (Old title)
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